You Know You're a Mom When...

First-time moms don't all feel like parents immediately. Sometimes it takes a few days, weeks or even months before the dawn of realization kicks in. In case you're one of those new moms, or just a mom who enjoys knowing she's one, here's a few dead giveaways that makes you know, in your heart of hearts, that..yeaaaah... I'm a mom alright:

You're Obliged to Order a Happy/Kiddie Meal
For the sake of getting the "free toy" for your eager Minions-fan kid, you'll sacrifice your usual order to switch to a kid's meal. Most commonly occurring during "need-to-save" periods where eating out is so rare you feel like a caveman.

You Talk More Like Your Toddler than an Adult
Part of your adult vocabulary are the words, "foo-me po" ('scuse me po), "tetoo" (thank you), "dawala" (dalawa or two) and so on and "anu'to yan'to?" (anu 'to? what's this?)

Nursery Rhymes Are Your LSS
"The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round...the wheels on the bus go round and round, all throuuugh the toooown!"

You Use Wet Wipes... Everywhere
You wipe your kid's face with it, then his butt and maybe his feet before throwing it out. Then you realize the table has food stains, so you pull out another sheet, and found dust gathering on the TV...and you know, what the hell, it's sanitized.

Sleeping All Night is Actually Just 3 Full Hours
And yet, it is still a privilege. By the gods, I felt so blessed during the first few months of motherhood that my child breastfed instead of bottle-fed. I rarely needed to get up because I could feed in bed...and go straight to sleep afterwards. It's even more difficult if you're a WAHM (work-at-home mom), here's a list of Signs You're Definitely a Work-at-Home Mom, hope you enjoy it as much as this post.

You Hide Chocolates and Goodies
"Nope, not sharing. For once in my life, I am NOT gonna share this bar of Hershey's with anyone, EVER! Huhuhu...I deserve this!" Because sometimes you just want something of your own, and only your own.

Your Bag Contains Food Bits
Underneath that foundation pod and your mini-planner is a hidden secret; bits of chips, biscuits and food wrappers you'd been meaning to throw out...days ago. Whenever you do get the chance or energy to clean out your shoulder bag, there's already a colony of food bits that apparently formed a partnership with molds. At least, that's what happens when you procrastinate cleaning your bag.

Remembering to Brush Your Teeth is Considered an Accomplishment
I have never successfully brushed for at least 5 consecutive days. There are nights I fall asleep without even knowing or while partially sitting up (while working on the computer) and even head straight to work without washing my face. Some days are just so hectic, if not engaging, that I even forget Miggy has a playgroup session...four hours ago.

You Jot Down Notes with a Crayon or Pencil
Because honestly, that's all you can find in your Bermuda-Triangle house, with all the toys and clothes strewn across the floor and your work space. In addition to that it's everywhere; it's evident by the scribbles and scrawls of "art" on your home's walls and doors.

You Hate Bad and "I don't Like Kids" Kind of People
Suddenly, those funny gits on TV are ass-wipes after all and the sick murdering, raping, molesting sum'mbitchiss in the news deserve burning in hell. And then, those people who "don't like kids" or who frown at seeing one or don't even say hi to yours or just downright shoos him away. Well THOSE are the REAL jerks.

The Fruit You Put Out to Peel/Cut Magically Disappear
I peel and cut apples so my son won't choke, but each time I place that or any other fruit on the chopping board it somehow disappears. Turns out there's a sneaky little hand that occasionally sweeps over the counter.

Loose Clothing and Soft Pants Are Your Fashion Statement
Tank top off, mini skirts out and bras away. Anything that's tight, irritable or thick is no longer needed. Everything soft, smooth, loose and comfy becomes your wardrobe's best picks.

You Buy the BEST... or Nice Things-- On Sale
Yeah, well the best isn't always budget-friendly or compassionate about your financial sometimes you just end up getting that unknown but seemingly high-quality brand that's on 80% sale. I mean, who're you kidding? I'm not gonna buy that 1,999 php romper, I don't sh*t money.

Grocery Shopping Alone is a Vacation
Walking around in a cool air-conditioned space with nobody tugging at your shorts to clean something up or wash another butt is the best thing in a long time. You also have the freedom to actually choose, even if that's just a decision between balsamic or distilled white vinegar.

Your Room Looks Like This
There are always toys on the bed, and the stuff from your bag are always out, no matter how many times you put them back in. And for some reason, your work desk is no longer a desk for work because of all the other "stuff" your toddler "found" in the room and put there, including your goodies stash he discovered.

You Accomplish an Hour's Chores in 10 Minutes
It's not just an ability, it's a necessity. If you don't finish enough chores in the few "window" hours your kid gives you, you'll be busy juggling everything all day. Time management skills are bound to kick in and your inner "Flash" eventually takes over, with the promise of a possible nap afterwards.

Your Have the Hearing Capabilities of a Bat
People I dine in look at me like I'm a weirdo because I'd suddenly freeze over my plate. They'd only understand later when my son comes crying out of the room or when I rush to him from two rooms away. I don't know if it's something to be proud of, but I could hear Miggy grunt from across the house and I'd know he's about to poop.

Your Levels of Pain Range from 1 to Lego
I thought this was an exaggeration when I saw it in memes, until I actually stepped on one while cleaning up the room. Words could not describe how I felt, if anything, it was: @$&I)T#FE#K:@&(&$%!!!!!!!

A Business and a Baby, Is it Possible?

We all want to earn extra cash and be able to contribute because, honestly, we all want to get the best for our families. Still, not everybody venture into a business. Micro, macro, online store or just a simple buy-and-sell business, there's always a risk and more sacrifices to make when you have a baby in tow.

Parenting as an Advantage
Most moms who put themselves out there have older kids or have someone, a nanny or relative, to rely on while working. There are also hands-on-parents and first-time parents who simply don't have that kind of privilege, and yet they manage. Yes, "Wow!" but all of it is possible if you have management skills, which by the way can be practiced and refined through raising a child... in other words: Parenthood can help build the Businessman in you.

How Business and Parenting is Similar

When you think about it, handling a business is just like handling a child, be it a tazmanian toddler, a demanding baby or a whiny teen-ager. You need elite management skills to survive:

Financial Strategy - because one wrong investment can lead to a shortage of diaper supplies, and possible loans you don't want to get buried under. Ever.

Time Management - because if you don't wake up early enough household chores and work tasks get piled up so high that a ladder isn't enough to get on top of things.

Human Relations - well, you know what it's like to negotiate with a baby, and in businesses big babies are very common. So you're left with the need to keep your temper in check and your negotiation skills at its finest.

Emotional Intelligence - because honestly, getting mad or rage driving to a meeting won't stop that baby from crying and walking out of your partnership.

Perseverance - once you're a parent you're a parent forever. Once you start a business you're it's manager forever until it dies in your arms and you mourn over the loss and rebuild a new one with better knowledge equipped.

Starting Your Own Business

Seeing that there are a couple of nifty and important similarities between a business and a baby, the main question stands clear, "Can I handle a business and a baby at the same time?" or more like, am I ready to become a parent of Two right now?
Yes, You Can!
It's possible to be a parent of two. Did you know that people who were born in the 50s had around 7 siblings at least and 12 other siblings at most. If two people can raise a dozen kids, You who have a shy 3 kids can definitely raise a business along. You might think it's pep talk, it's not. Here's how you can make it possible:

Practice or Refine Your Skills - if your business is established around your talent or skill then you should refine and perfect it. Cupcake business? or Craft business? then make sure your skills are up to date and your cupcake recipes are consistent. That's the target result: Consistency. Not great red velvet cupcake today, okay version tomorrow. It should always be the same great velvet cupcake that customers will love and come back for.

Choose and Build Your Brand - whatever business you choose, you'll always find competitors of the same genre. If you want to stand out, you need to have a clear and unique brand that people will remember.

Attend Workshops and Seminars - If you're about to venture into a business, you need to know everything you can, and I mean everything. The best way to know important factors, like how to create your product, pick a target market, manage your finances and more, you can attend business workshops. Here are some that can help boost your entrepreneurial dreams!

We often get  lots of cool IDEAS, but then have so much trouble turning them into something workable that they end up staying as just Ideas, and nothing more. The Business Canvass Workshop will help you to translate your idea into a model: something you can redesign, innovate and reinvent until it's perfected.
You'll learn to challenge a traditional business; break it down into its basic blocks and reassemble them to form a visionary game-changing enterprise.
When: July 18, 2015 Saturday (1:00 - 5:00 pm)
Learning Fee: P 1,999
PWD Fee: P 1,200

For those who are starting out or have yet to understand what they really want to do as entrepreneurs. Or for just anyone wanting to learn about how to be one for starters.
When: July 21, 2015 Tuesday (7:00 - 9:00 pm)
Learning Fee: P 500

Probably the biggest issue of working moms, ever. Since kids are as unpredictable as their bladder, this particular workshop will help you to maximize the use of all your available time. Don't we all want that?
Designed to help you discover your weaknesses and strengths, Time Management & Productivity workshop will help you prioritize your tasks. In addition to that, it will teach you some strategies to ward off procrastination and even minimize the stress coupled with being an entrepreneur. 
When: July 25, 2015 Saturday (1:00 - 5:00 pm)
Early Bird Rate: (until July 22) P 1,200
Buddy Rate: (2pax) P 2,000
Learning Fee: P 1,999
PWD Fee: P 1,200

For more Information and Workshops, visit:

Ice Sensory Play for Toddlers

Toddlers love sensory play! When they are between 2 and 4 years old is when they are most curious about their senses. It's the age of exploring and nothing can stop them, not even the heat of summer. So what's the best sensory play for a hot summer's day?

Ice ICE, Baybeh!
My son got mildly addicted to ice cubes when he realized they slid off his fingers despite his herculean grip. Surpriiiise, haha...he really was ecstatic about that discovery, so much he'd grab the ice from my drinks since.

I mentioned ice sensory play on my June post: Toddler's Guide to Beating the Heat. So how to make Ice for Play? I'm sure you already have an idea now, but to make sure we're on the same page, here's how we made Ice for Sensory Play:

Colored Ice Cubes
The first thing I tried to entertain my Nimmy with ice is to simply color the ice cubes. It's pretty darn simple, but to be safe and toddler-friendly, I used food color instead of water color or any other colorant.
It's the best way to make colored ice cubes if your kid tends to "taste-test" his toys. So food color = safe & edible.

Flavored/ Edible Ice Cubes
If you plan on letting your child go all-out on this ice sensory play you can make ice popsicles or flavored ice, which is basically frozen juice in a cube tray.
I tried this once using a star-mold tray and a sachet of Eight O'Clock, orange flavor. My son didn't taste it, even though I put emphasis on the fact that it's juice and it tasted sweet. He had that look in his eyes that said, "Ew, mom. I'm not licking that, you held that."
 I lost that photo in particular, so here's one of my son trying to be a musician instead. son thought I was trying to feed him "play things" and he proceeded to play with them til they melted and stained his grandmother's carpet. Yeay for me. . . I tasted those darn ice cubes they tasted great!... should've made some for my own.

The Hand of Els--I mean, Ice Hands!
This one is so benta (considered sold) for Miggy. I saw this online on either Kids' Activities Blog or Happy Hooligans. Honestly, I couldn't wait to try it when I saw it and when we did do it, well... I enjoyed it most, haha!
 So the key to making this is Latex Gloves, think gloves for dishwashing, if not surgical gloves. You can use plastic gloves but sometimes they stick to the ice so it's difficult to remove them, plus I prefer "re-usables" or items on sale.

What makes this particular ice sensory play fun is that you get to watch it melt and control where it melts, using salt. It's also a great experiment for slightly older kids about chemistry and...stuff. Sorry, I don't know what you call the reaction between salt and ice.
In my son's case though, he found that cars in melted ice more enjoyable. Nevertheless, he got to touch and feel melting ice and experiment on how his toy cars can "swim" through the obstacles. So, let toss in a few "abubots" or trinkets for your kids to play with on ice.

This is one of the ways our Toddler beat the Heat this summer. So, if you want your kid to stay cool, try this activity!

An Invitation to the Craft Box Party

If you have a natural love for the arts and all things crafted, it gives me great pleasure and pride to tell you that the first online craft kit subscription in the Philippines is now open and even holding a party this September!

Fresh off the box, the Craft Box is your new neighborhood workshop in Manila, and the first online craft kit subscription in the Philippines.  It's run by four young women who seeks to foster a community of people with passion for handmade arts and  crafts.

What is The Craft Box?

Remember the feeling, the frustration, of not being able to find affordable crafting tools and supplies in the country? That's what drove the makers of Craft Box to establish this brand.
There's also the strong belief, which I share, that even though it's easier to just mass produce products, handmade and handcrafted ones are always more special.

So that's the belief, and the vision is: Handcrafting and the arts can be for anyone and everyone can try it. Curiosity can become creativity and there's no late time to learn the arts and crafts. Old, young, left-handed or impatient, there's always a craft workshop that can fit your preference.

What Does the Craft Box Offer and Sell?

Craft Box' workshops will focus more on industrial products (resin, rubber molding, wood, and board model construction, etc.) with these, you can also put up your own handcrafted product business by just knowing the basics of it! 
Craft Box will also sell DIY products that can be customized or made on your own.

"Let us craft and grow together!"

An Invitation to the Craft Box Party

The Craft Box would like to invite you to the first ever The Craft Box Party this coming September 19 – 20 at the Pergola Mall, BF Homes Paranaque City
Craft Box aims to carefully curate individuals and groups of fashion-forward people, musicians, crafters, and entrepreneurs.
Shop at your favorite online store, Meet and greet your favorite bloggers and celebrities. There will be more games to join too! See chic clothes, vintage finds, and handmade crafts. Join the workshops and learn a new craft. We will offer workshops on paper cutting, jewelry making, string art, and many more. 

Stay tuned for promos and freebies to be given away thorughout the event. It will definitely be a weekend of fun activities, shopping, eating, and live music for families!

Disclaimer: all images are borrowed and property of Craft Box

For interested merchants for The Craft Box Party, inquiries or concerns, contact:


Instagram: | @thecraftboxparty


** Special discounts and freebies for merchants who will confirm on or before August 15, 2015 **

Top Food Cravings When You're Pregnant

One thing I remember about being pregnant is loving food in a different way. I swear I could eat two whole chocolate cakes in one sitting, and probably could sleep all day too at one point. It's actually a critical part of pregnancy: to give in to your body's needs. Especially now that you're eating and sleeping for two.

So you're pregnant and you're craving for something in particular, or in a cold war with a specific dish. It's common, if not compulsory, and there's a medical name for it: Pica and in Tagalog, we call it: Pag-lilihi. So, in honor and loving memory of the great, great times of pregnancy, here is a list of the most common food cravings ever:

Mother of all temptations, the number one on the list and number one in my heart. Chocolate is also the number one cause of Macrosomic babies. If there's something that can match the size of your chocolate craving it's a massive newborn baby.
Macro for Big and -Somia for possessing body. Literally "big bodied", macrosomic babies weigh more than 4.5 kg at birth and are massive like that giant Hershey's chocolate bar.

Fruits or Ripe Mangoes (Manggang Dilaw)
If you're eating mangoes on a daily basis, you're pregnant! At least most of the time that's the case for Filipinos. There's something about the cool, slippery feel of ripe mango sliding over your tongue and cuddling over your palette.
Internationally, fruits in general is among the top food cravings ever. I didn't just indulge in mangoes when I was expecting, I smothered Kiwis and Kiat-Kiat Oranges as well and had frequent booty calls with a Papaya.

Ice Cream
Because you just can't wait to become diabetic while pregnant! I tried to be "healthy" about eating ice cream when I was expecting so I ate BTIC (Better Than Ice Cream) instead, it's a frozen yogurt, Pinoy Brand!
I loved the Mint and Chips flavor best. Probably all things sweet would be on this list if I expand it into top 30 list. Which brings be to our next delicacy, meant for the sweet-toothed mom.

Cake. Cake. Cake. Lots of Cake.
I'm not pregnant now but I crave for chocolate cake frequently, so when I did get pregnant I effortlessly murdered the Ultimate Chocolate Cake from Red Ribbon that my husband bought me.
If he didn't slice a piece for himself, he wouldn't have been able to taste anything. When short on money, you'd find me hovering over a box of cupcakes.

Chips, Nachos and Tacos
I put all three in one spot because honestly, if you ever get addicted to chips you'll feel the same way about nachos, and then tacos, and pregnant women can't really tell the difference.

I craved nachos during the first 5 months of pregnancy and frequented Taco Bell at Gateway, which I passed through daily on the way home. It used to be at the food court on the 3rd floor but just last Saturday, July 4, 2015 Taco Bell Live Mas store opened on the ground floor.
Image Source courtesy of Philippine Pizza.Inc

Good news for preggy women who don't like stairs and waiting! My alma mater's UST Tiger Cubs even dined there along with other UAAP Teams; UE Pep Squad and Adamson Pep Squad. Yummmyy hihi.

Weird Combo Foods
Ever heard a pregnant woman craving for pickles dipped in peanut butter or eating sinigang with mayonnaise? I never experienced those weird food combo cravings but I know a few who did.
My mom craved for grapes in rice when she had my sister, and a ninang of mine craved raw chili or sili for her breakfast. I remember our past neighbor craving for ginataan, except she only ate the bilo-bilo the round sticky balls.

Yes...sweets are everybody's doom. Palpitating and awake I drank coffee thrice a day, but I wasn't pregnant...I was working. When I was pregnant, I craved Starbucks' Choco Java Chip Frappucchino.
My husband made sure I only drank one in a whole month because I already have too much chocolate cake in my system. He worried I might develop gestational diabetes and risk our baby's health and mine.

Comfort Food
Besides the usual Coke and Junk Food, there's the comfort food that you can't find anywhere else: Mom's cooking or Chocovron.You travel miles to get to a store for a single serving of Takoyaki or pester your husband to come home with a Roasted Chicken at 1 am. These random, specific, comfort food that serves as the pinnacle of Pica or Food Cravings during Pregnancy.

Pregnancy wouldn't be as enjoyable or unique an experience without the desire to ransack the fridge for "something to devour".

Disclaimer: All photos in this Post are Not Mine. They are all grabbed online via Brands' official sites and Wiki Commons while drooling. What? The images look delicious.

Taco Bell Live Mas Concept Store is Now Open at Gateway Mall G/F, in Araneta Center, Cubao. Some of their best-sellers and my favorites are the Nachos Supreme, Chocodilla Nutella, Mexican Pork Barbecue and of course, the Crunchy Taco.
You can checkout their menu and branches here:
· Website:
· Facebook:
· Twitter: @TacoBellPHL
· Instagram: @TacoBellPHL

Boost Your Business: Super Mom On at the 3rd Phil SME Business Expo

It's natural to want to earn cash for extra income. For moms, the typical earning methods used to be:

  • Sari-sari store
  • Buy-and-sell gig
  • Real estate agent
  • Call center agent
  • Networking
  • Loading station
  • Kakanin/ Karinderya business
But much has changed since the time of our parents and grandparents. It used to be sari-sari stores and small, part-time jobs that moms venture into to get extra income, now anybody can establish a business with a small investment. And that's exactly what supermoms today are aiming at.

A Call to New and Aspiring Business Owners 
There are moms today who are going above and beyond, and are on the road to establish their own brands and set up their own businesses. These are the people I'd like to invite to an event at the SMX this coming October. Having a business is more possible now than ever, not just because of social media but also because more people, organizations and incorporation, are starting to care for the business industry in the Philippines. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin is starting to catch on.

The Business Industry Today
The business industry in the Philippines is booming these past few years. You'll find all kinds of online stores, and unique workshops today, and most of them are launched and made successful with the help of social media. It's also the reason why Moms and Dads are not left out, and are able to establish their own businesses at home, while caring for their children. Although the competition is growing, you'll find an abundance of suppliers, partners, sponsors and services that will help you boost your start-up business.

What to Gain at the Phil SME Business Expo
If you're an aspiring mom or anyone at all who wants to venture into the business industry, or already have a business, looking for contacts, suppliers and partners the 3rd Philippine SME Business Expo will be a great venue for exposure.
these are photos from the 2014 Phil SME Business Expo (last year)
  • Look, Listen and Learn

Philippine Small and Medium Enterprise Business Expo 2015 is organized by Mediacom Solutions Inc. and it's their 3rd expo. This expo should help you find the best suppliers and also expose you to different kinds of businesses and give you an idea on what you might need or have not learned yet like how to set up a business.

  • Expanding Your Network and Connections

There will be hundreds of exhibitors at the event, featuring hundreds of products and services, from packaging to IT solutions and we design. It's impossible not to find something useful or worthy of consideration that will help you in your business. You might also meet possible clients and partners while at the expo, if you strike up a conversation or ask fellow business owners a thing or two.

  • Inspiration and Exposure

Aside from learning from your fellow or aspiring entrepreneurs, the expo is a great place to catch the positive vibes and inspiration in setting up your business. After all, it is the largest and only consumer and trade event dedicated to boost the ASEAN SME community in the Philippines. Its tagline is, "Boost Your Business" so you can expect nothing but exactly that. And it's safe to say, it will also help to boost your drive.

  • Opportunities

If you're an entrepreneur it's the perfect place to expand your network and client connections. Also, the PHILSME Business Expo 2015 will be featuring a Business Matchmaking Service that allows exhibitors a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with senior-level managers, company owners, stakeholders, decision makers, buyers, sellers, distributors and franchisees. So that's a win-win for both experienced and new business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Getting Advice from Professionals

Also, one of the highlights this year is the PHILSME Business Conference, it's an industry gathering that will provide attendees a unique opportunity to learn from influential experts of different business-types like technology, food, retail and manufacturing. You'll be able to learn about the current trends, topics and researches in business, and key tips on staying afloat in the industry. You'll be able to understand better the nature of handling a business and different management methods.

When and Where
The Phil SME Business Expo will take place:

Date: October 2-4, 2015
Venue: SMX Convention Center Manila, Pasay City

It will be a 3-day Expo and there will probably be tens of thousands of visitors and you can expect a variety of visiting industries ranging from retail, food and beverage, technology and innovation, agriculture businesses, confectionary, to general merchandise, hospitality, hotels, salons, spas and gyms, malls, office furniture, machineries, direct selling and supplies, bar, cafe and coffee shops, among others.

Registration, Update and Inquiries
If you want to attend the show, you can Pre-Register for Free here:

If you have other questions, you can also contact:
Sunshine Sy:+63-2-509-4792

For casual browsing and updates you can visit their Facebook Page:

What Our Toddler Did This Summer

It rained twice today and the drops are fat enough to make me wipe off the wet on my arm. Even though it's still mostly hot this month, I think the rainy season has decided it's time to shine...which is a contradictory thing to say. 
To cap off the summer, and since I don't think we'll be hitting the beach soon, I'm posting all of Miggy's summer pictures. It's also my way of backing up his photos so that when this darn laptop crashes down at least it's here, and I'm supposed to post weekly so... yaaaay!

Went to a Playgroup

Miggy has a lot of energy to spare and I have a lot of work to finish, so 2 hours of free time benefits us well. My husbun and I enrolled him to a playgroup which gave me some breathing space and Miggy some social experience.
It's great that we enrolled him because he's getting used to other kids now and not so shy around other adults anymore. Read about our experience with the Mind Planet here!

Yelled at The Neighbors to Come Out and Play With Him

We have a habit of going out in the afternoon to take walks. Of course, that lessened this summer since the intense heat makes people lazy. Not Miggy, though.

Whenever we give in to his pleas of going outside he'd run next door, grab the gate bars and just shout, "Kurayeeeen! Ditona si Miggy pePlay tayo sa car, kurayeeeeen!" Our neighbor has two kids aged 8 and 3, named Ren and Sephi. Kurayen roughly translates to Kuya Ren.
They play really well together, most of what they do involves playing with cars and action figures by the curb. Sometimes Miggy pretends to be a Zombie or a Dinosaur and his playmates just runs around laughing while he "scares" them around. Meanwhile, Mako and I have a small badminton practice nearby. I love these afternoons.

Built a Record-Breaking Tower with his Papa

One of the best things my husbun and I bought for Miggy is his wooden building blocks set. He keeps stacking the wooden shapes to make a very tall "binnding" (building). It's a wonderful and more affordable alternative to LEGO.
The dad enjoys it too, and manages to make impressive towers while the little toddler tries to bring it down through intense blowing and  powerful "Rarrrs". The tower topples over, eventually, much to Miggy's delight.

Started Riding His Bike for the First Time
Miggy only just recently learned how to work his bike. He hasn't made full pedal rounds yet and travels across Macaria Village with one foot pushing down on the pedal repeatedly. It doesn't affect his enthusiasm in any way. He even keeps shouting about how fast his "motorcycle" is and speeds up so quickly I have to brisk walk to keep up. Gad, I feel old for saying that.
This week I accompanied him on his training for a possible cross-country sometime this year. He'd take his bike out to travel to the farthest corner store to buy a Pinipig Ice Cream before doubling back to the opposite corner store to buy a "Triangle". It's the flat triangle bread with a violet stripe that has some ube flavor in it. Having had his fill, Miggy would return home, park his bike and ask the dogs how they're doing before bothering the fish at the pond.

Beat the Heat

He swam, he got wet, he sprayed the dogs with water and practically washed his feet in the fish pond. Miggy drank lots of water this summer and was not shy about swimming around and getting himself wet.
He enjoys water and he even partied at Ayala Alabang Town Center's fountain beside the kids' playground. Yes, we let him and we always bring clothes for changing. You can read about what Miggy did to keep cool this summer in my post: A Toddler's Guide to Beating the Heat.

Had a Pedicure
For some reason, my son has taken a liking to getting a pedicure from his dad. I don't know what my husband did or promised my son, but he enjoys it! He would even sit on a chair and point out his toes and tell his dad, "Gugupit tayo sa kuko si Miggy. Papa, gugupit sa kuko ha?" He talks in bits and pieces but you know what he means because he points at his toes then wiggles them.
Sometimes I think that Miggy is more self-conscious than I am. I mean, he ruffles his hair when I comb it because apparently he looks too "proper". He can't even stand having something sticky in his hands, even though it's his idea to smudge the clay into water!

Had an Ihaw Party

My husbun loves to barbeque stuff, and so does our toddler. It's a great way to pass the time or do something different for dinner. There are days that you get bored with cooking, especially when you don't know a lot of recipes.

 Miggy enjoys it particularly because he gets to hold the tongs and make "paypay" the "Payerr" and stand in front of the smoke, feel like the God of Fire and run around. He doesn't get hurt or touch the grill, he knows enough that it's hot but he likes to roam around, to see if the potatoes are done.
Miggy's favorite grilled food is potatoes: grilled potatoes lathered in butter and salt. Yep...I'm drooling and will probably ask my husband to grill our dinner tonight. Liempo and vegan kebabs! Mwuhihihihaw!

Pursued the Arts

Miggy is more musical than artistic, but he's still interested in the arts, "painting" mostly because he sees me doing that and he likes to imitate loved ones. Yeah that's right my son looooves me! MUhahahaha!
For some reason Miggy thinks his artwork is either a firework, a car or "baha" (flood). It amazes me how his imagination brings him to that conclusion. Last June we made 4 Father's Day cards. Here's my pre-Father's Day post about Making a Father's Day Card for Your Dad. Miggy mostly painted and I did the lettering.
Miggy insisted and preferred that I trace his foot on the inside of the card. He probably feels that a hand print was too "conventional" or "modest" now that the world is more modern and he's a liberated, independent toddler. Whatever Miggy.

Had Adventures

This summer, Miggy walk around Ayala, went to the Ayala Museum, sa entrance lang po, Greenbelt where he nearly ran over Daniel Matsunaga, fed fishes and road a boat at Nuvali. Come to think of it, he's traveled a lot for his age, as I'm sure other kids have trotted the globe little by little, 'coz you know, little globe trotters. . . ..fine. it's not funny.
He's been to Batangas twice; once when he was barely 2 months old and the 2nd time when he was 2 years old. At 7 months he vacationed in Davao and Zambales. He's been to the Mind Museum twice and once at the Manila Ocean Park. He has had several trips to Caloocan, went malling at Ayala and Alabang plenty of times and has strolled through Taguig thrice now. This year he'll be visiting Baguio, and possibly Batangas again.
Wow... I don't know what to say now that I've listed Miggy's adventures. He's barely 3 years old and he's doing a better job living his life than I have in 26 years- DEMMIT!

..but that's good, because the World is New to him, and beautiful...nothing like how it is for us adults now. I hope exploring and seeing places gives him an adventurous heart. The kind that can look back, not just forward.