A Toddler's Guide to Beating the Heat

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I know, Toddlers can't read, but their parents can. Look, you're here reading this now! It's been a very hot summer and although classes have already begun, and rain is occasionally gracing the streets, it's still like an oven here in the Philippines.

Toddlers are sensitive to temperature, like old people, and they easily heat up. It's partly because they are very active and don't know when to rest. Playtime, after all, is so fun for them and new experiences are always within arm's length. Here are some ways that my husband and I kept our toddler from overheating.

Water Spray + Basin
I bought him a small spray spritz, spritzer thingy. The one you use to clean windows with, sorry I forgot what it's called.
I'd fill that with water and let Miggy have a go at the plants, the fish and the dogs. Then we'd set up a big "batcha" filled with water for him to swim in and practice his "padjak-padjak" and just not feel how bad the heat is.
In addition I sometimes would prop some toys up for target practice. He really enjoys that. Even though we were originally against toy guns for Miggy, we ended up resorting to water guns and imaginary guns instead (by that I mean invisible/ non-existent).

It works out fine, only it can be annoying when Miggy just wouldn't shut up screaming "PutchOHw putchOhw Choh chohh chohhhw!!!" which is what modern laser guns sound like in his world.

Swimming with the Fish
On some occasions, when either my husbun or I are too lazy to set up a swimming pool for him, Miggy finds a way on his own. He'd go out, bother the fish in the pond, tell them to move, kicks off his shoes and just joins them.
There came a point when the fish weren't even bothered by his feet anymore. They just swam past his legs and went on with their fishy lives.

Bathing in a Public Fountain
The only place my husbun and I go to to watch movies, have a date at and just stroll in is Alabang Town Center. At ATC Miggy knows where the playground is. Leave him to walk on his own and he'll run straight to the play area.
Whenever we go out I'm always armed with spare clothes, aside from spare diapers, wet wipes and face towels. It used to be a "just-in-case" kind of kit but eventually it served a real purpose because Miggy, as it turned out, likes to play at the fountain. So... Fountain + Happy Kid - Shoes. I supposed you know how that ends up.

Ice Sensory Play
Miggy liked holding ice cubes, so much that he scoops up the ones I put on my drink. I got frustrated enough to make colorful ice cubes and a frozen hand that he can play with.

Ice in different shapes are fun to poke around, Miggy likes the star-shaped ice we made using a cool ice tray i bought online. I have also been eyeing this robot ice tray I saw at Lazada, but I haven't saved up for it.
Like I had mentioned before, sensory play works great for toddlers. They like to experience different surfaces, the feel of objects and how substances like water, sand and slime slides off their fingers.

You can read about the other sensory play ideas that we tried. Miggy loved them all. So far, we've played with Homemade Clay, Toddler-Safe Cloud Dough and Ice Sensory Play.

A Quest for Ice Cream
Some days, no matter how hot it is, I just can't stop Miggy from going out and riding his bike. I don't always give in, but sometimes I allow him a few minutes out of the house, just so we can get some fresh air.

Being cooped up, even if you've got a fan in front of you, can make you moody. So when I do give in and let him wander outside, I make sure it's at least 4.30 pm.
The sun is still blazing sometimes during that kind of hour, so instead of just regular biking or taking walks we set out on a mission to find ice cream instead. Not all stores have ice candy or ice cream available, so it really feels like a quest.

In the end, the reward is worth it and by the time we're headed for home the afternoon clouds have rolled in with lots of shade.

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  1. This post made me missed my childhood days so much haha.. I actually wouldn't mind playing that sensory play even at my age LOL..
    I guess all these ideas are so great to let kids enjoy the summer and beat the heat
    thanks for sharing

  2. I think it's the best time to give them an outdoor bath so they can enjoy while cooling down.

  3. These are great tips for parents! It is really important to help toddler's deal with heat especially with this kind of temperature. My Tita's would usually just let their children soak in a kiddie pool until they get tired. Haha.


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