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You might have come across a couple of learning centers or day cares that cater to children below 4 years old, better known as playgroups. In case you are curious or still not sure about what a playgroup is, it's basically an organized and guided "playing" session with other kids. In a nutshell, it's a daycare with more educational toys and monitored and improved socialization for kids.

How Old Should My Baby Be to Join a Playgroup?

Playgroups are for children below 5 years old. There are playgroups for children ages 1 to 3 and there are playgroups for children between 2 and 4, depending on your child's development.

Will My Baby Be Okay if I Leave Him/Her There?

If you're worried about your child being knocked down or overpowered by a meatier kid, the teachers will be sure not to let that happen. and one class rarely has more than 10 to 12 kids at a time. I suppose this is for the purpose of damage control.

What Do Kids Do In A Playgroup?

They play, that's what they do, but they also learn. Playgroups usually let children play with manipulative toys like building blocks, shape sorters and non-toxic art materials. They color pages, they sing songs and eat snacks together during break time.

How Much Does a Playgroup Cost?
That, I can't answer for you. Some playgroups are as long as 12 sessions or a month while others are continual, lasting up to 6 months. Some playgroups can be expensive while others within the comfortable range. All I can say is do your research and from what you've gathered, only you can make an average. Besides there are times when a place steals your heart and makes you think this is it, I want this place, nowhere else for my kid, the price rarely matters.

How Long Do Playgroups Last?
Playgroup isn't as long as pre-school. At most, it's two hours, long enough to entertain the kids and give you some free time, but also short enough to keep the little ones sane. Most playgroups offer schedule options; you can choose morning schedules or afternoon ones. Some playgroups happen thrice a week while others only happen every weekend. Again, it depends on the school.

How Involved Should I Be in the Playgroup?
As a parent, you need to be involved in a way that you're always interested about what your kid is doing at "school". There are playgroups that require parents to not accompany their children in the room after a week or two, to encourage trust and independence. It's important that, even though you weren't there, you ask the teachers how your child did and that you definitely ask your child what he did. It's eye-watering when I hear my son try to talk about how he made a robot with crumpled paper.

What Am I Responsible For in a Playgroup?
Arriving in time and attending regularly but as soon as your child is in the hands of the teachers in the learning center, they're fully responsible for your child's safety. You're also responsible for providing your kid a healthy baon or snacks. Yes, kids have snacks during playgroups because an hour's worth of play is like 2 hours of exercise for kids. They need to recharge.

What Can I and My Kids Hope to Achieve From This?
Much. He will learn to socialize with other kids in a healthy way (share for example), practice listenting (not just hearing), practice his motor skills (in preparation for writing) and discipline through routine (wash your hands before you eat!). If you're a work-at-home parent like me, you can use the two hours off to work or just have a me time. You might also meet new friends, if not your kid meeting new friends. Playgroups also works for some parents in toning down their kid's attachment issues.

What Are the Learning Centers in Pacita that Offer Playgroups?
I only know of two playgroups in Pacita that are near enough where we live: The Mind Planet and Musikgarten Manila (Pacita Branch) which are two differently themed schools. We tried both for our son, and they are both fun and worth the money. We only went with the first because, well, we're cheap and lazy (it's the nearest compared to the two). Learn about our experience at the Mind Planet here. I'll show you what heart-bubbling thing my son did in class.

We enrolled Miggy at The Mind Planet for a month. He had fun and so did we, that's why we're continuing it for another month. Once I start feeling productive again, and get our photos together, I'll share our experience with the learning center. Keep in touch and keep cool this summer! Itsohaaaaattt!

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  1. This is cool. Me and my wife are looking for a good playgroup for our baby Silas (22 mos.) in Pacita. Thank you for sharing.


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