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Being a full-time mom is a difficult enough job. You are fully responsible for everything that happens to your kid and how he or she will ever grow up to be. If that's not a heavy enough task, you also have to clean up after the little tyke, from toy trails to literal shitty occasions.

The Different Types of Mommies

Not all moms have the same lifestyle though, some work in the office and some work at home. Some have nannies to care for their children, or helpers to do the housework. Some do it all on their own; work from home, cook the meals, clean the garage, do the laundry and stay the gorgeous wife. Oh, you know you're a mom with a whole lot of other details. We call them Supermoms. Of course, at some point each mom has been a Supermom, especially those who have two kids or more that manage to keep sane.

Signs You're a Work-at-Home Kind of Mom

Being a work at home mom, I've been reading other mommy blogs during my free time, which is usually when my Nimmy is sound asleep. That's 2 hours at most, and 30 minutes at least. Whenever I try to find inspiration from other work-at-home-moms, now popularly referred to as WAHMS, I can't help but see a lot of things we have in common from daily habits to multi-tasking to planning and even how we think in general.

From occasional blog-hopping, here's what I gathered up: Signs you are Definitely a WAHM!

  • Your Diet Consists of Leftovers
    • I sometimes find myself eating the food that my son just chewed and spit out. It feels involuntary but when i think about it, i don't want to waste food... plus.. it's cake.
  • Taking a Shower is a PRIVILEGE.
    • I typed that in All Caps to put emphasis to the fact that I only get to shower at midnight and there are days it's so friggin' cold I want to murder the towel.
  • You Constantly Find Yourself Wanting to Earn More
    • I want to buy those Veggie Snacks for my son, and I also want a sewing machine, plus I want a PS3 for my husband and I want swimming lessons for my son again, and mueslix because it'ssoooooo tasty and I feel like I'm being healthy even when I don't really eat enough.
  • You Don't Know What's Going On in The World but You're Updated on Disney
    • I have no idea why I'm watching Sofia the First with my son. my SON.
  • It's Almost 10x Harder when you Don't Wake up Before your Kids
    • Your work piles up for later, or the next day. In which case, you have twice the work in less the time required. Holy frock!
  • You're Constantly Waiting for Your Kid to Nap
    • Checking the clock, checking the clock, it's almost 2pm why isn't he sleeping yet!
  • You Don't Sleep by 8 pm Because Nobody in their Right Mind Sleeps at 8 pm
    • Sleep is for the weak...but it's sooooo good to be weak :(
  • You Maximize The Use of Your Time/ Multi-Task
    •  Sometimes I shower the dog while my kid's in a tub outside as I water the plants. I soap my kid, then I soap the dog and then I wash all three (dog, kid, plants) with a hose. It might sound irresponsible but it works for the two, the dog seems happy and my son is Definitely having fun. I'm soaked but that's a different story: I clean the bathroom while taking a bath while my son is watching Cars in the living room.
  • You Wish Nap Time Was More than 1 Hour
    • Because HONESTLY, I can barely do any work (writing) in an hour, especially when I'm experiencing a creative block. A very hard, persistent and annoying block.
  • When People Ask How You are The Universal Reply is "Still the Same"
    • If I had to say how I really am I'd rather publish an autobiography with my signature on it and have people pay for a copy.
  • You Almost Have a Permanent Daily Schedule for Everything
    • I used to get up at 5 am to do an hour's worth of house cleaning + garage + dogs, after which I may or may not take a shower before cooking my son a meal and more tasks and more and more until my son is finally asleep at night and I can finally do some real writing. Of course, situations change, so now I'm more laid back at home and enjoying the advantages of having relatives in the house.
  • You Enjoy or Reaaallly Enjoy Promos, Discounts, On Sales and Giveaways
    • Free coffee for a blog post? A free pack of diaper samples for just registering? FREE? FREEEE?!?! YES PLEASE!
  • Your Smartphone or Tablet is Full of Kids' Games and Apps
    • My tablet has no capacity for anything else anymore. The only useful app I have in there for me is the cam scanner. That's it.
  • You Can Barely Use Your Smartphone or Tablet Because of This
    • We end up fighting and throwing our own fits of anger when it comes to whose using it now. In the end, nobody wins because I have to hide it so my son will just stop wailing.
  • Sometimes Cooking Is a Nuisance, But You Do it Anyway for the Kids
    • I seriously don't mind not eating when I have multiple deadlines to catch up on. I might be a workaholic at times, but my kid is a hungry machine. I believe his appetite will prevent me from ever gaining weight, ever.
  • You Consider Being Able to Take a Dump as "Me Time"
    • It's a heavenly time for me. I can do just about anything while I'm on the toilet. I can write, draw or just surf online. Those 10-15 minutes are a blessing to me.
  • You Secretly Want a Dog for a Nanny That Can Swim, Bottle Feed, Change Diaper, Bathe and Converse with Your that's just me, I think.
    •'s just me. I don't like people nannies, they can never care for your child the way you want...and I have so much bad experience with helpers, I don't trust people I don't know.
  • The Words "Wait", "Later" and "Stop" Are Part of your Hourly Vocabulary
    • "Wait lang ha, may tatapusin lang si mama...oh wag ka dyan, mamaya na tayo dyan baka malaglag ka. Miggyyy stop! Sabing wag eh.. STOP!" --end of writing.

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  1. You nailed it. Actually, these facts do not apply to moms only, because anybody who is working at home may experience the same thing. As much as there are perks, there are also cons and whatnot. But at least you're being productive even at home.

  2. Moms are the center of family's love and care. She needs the love of each family member to put forward her obligation to the family. Even though how different they may be for their ways of living, still the very core is love.

  3. Haha I guess every WAHM can relate to all these signs. I'm also picturing how my two aunts live at home with their kids and yes, I can say they are also the same. But they are happy indeed. :)

  4. You give all the signs of a WAHM and I can relate to that. Though it is a tough job and I enjoy doing it.

  5. Whah, parang swak din sa akin.

  6. I agree. You were able to put in word what most WAHMs have in mind.

  7. Those are indeed the sacrifices of a mother for raising her family, I can relate to everything you listed here, but after all those unimaginable hardships I am proud that I can somehow fulfill the responsibility of being a MOM.

  8. I was actually laughing while reading your post because I can definitely relate.

  9. I can't imagine myself being a stay-at-home mom because I like getting out there. That's why I've always admire mothers who can do it, I mean the patience one takes to do it, I don't think I have that. My mother is a stay-at-home mom and for sure some of the things you listed here, she can relate to.

  10. I find myself nodding and laughing. Yes, a shower is indeed a privilege. I think being a Work at Home Mom without a help is really really tough! I didn't even attempt it especially after experiencing going to an interview with my 6 month old baby at that time, bottle feeding while I was negotiating the salary. I am thankful to have experienced both being a working mom and a stay at home Mom without a full time nanny (just dropping the baby off to a daytime sitter while I was working). I am grateful for being able to and witnessing the milestones, but if there's one thing I really really miss is being able to eat my dinner at home in peace or go to a restaurant for dinner with my husband on a whim without planning ahead and enjoying it. Lovely post.

  11. You just made me realize that moms are really superheroes, hindi ko naisip na ganun pala katindi maging supermom. :)

  12. things do get better in some way, along with some other aspects getting worse (enter toddlerhood) it's both fun and's funtrating! hahah!

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