Make a Father's Day Card for Your Dad!

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This year we honored our moms on Mother's day, bought them flowers and cakes and treated them out for a massage. I wish I could say we can do the same for our Dads, but you know... flowers? nu-uh. So, here we are ending up with a trivial Father's Day card, but why not make it yourself?

Why Make Your Own Father's Day Card
Think about it, kids do artwork for their parents when they want to show love and while most of you dear readers are already adults, it's not a bad idea to be a kid for the sake of your dad.

You are, after all, still his child. It also suggests that you took the time, put down your phone, closed your browser and actually made something for him while thinking of your memories together.

Stuff You Need

You don't need any fancy things for this. Get a thick paper, a construction paper, preferably. Maybe get some glue or washi tape, a couple of art paper, colored pens or paint (if you're feeling quite artistic) or just open Photoshop in your computer.

Grabbed this @

Sorry, that seemed contradictory, but if that's where you're best at go crazy making an awesome digital Father's Day card. After all, it's still in the line of "Homemade".

Coming Up with the Design

Think really hard on what it is your dad likes best. Hobbies? Favorite food? Or if that's a blur for you, or if there's just too many to choose from, why not draw your own dad comically? Here are some key elements you might like to add, just for design:

  • Mustache! - because Dads got mustache
  • Necktie! - most Dads wear neckties to work
  • Car! - well, because most Dads drive cars and love cars
  • Muscle Man Outline! - just to emphasize how STRONG dad is
  • Beer! - unless your Dad doesn't drink, so in that case...
  • Cup of Coffee! - because dads are usually early birds
  • Superhero Dad! - because Supermom is for Mother's Day

I'm not sure how much point I've made regarding these designs, but I hope it helped. I supposed they are just key designs to emasculate your card so it won't end up being too ordinary.

Making a Father's Day Card (For Kids)

So, for parents out there with kids it's a great idea to help them out on their card making. It's good to be ready to assist when needed but as much as possible, let your kids do everything if they want to. Here are some ideas that can entice your kids to make a Father's Day card:

  • Father's Day Coloring Card - if your kids are not into drawing a card, they surely won't mind coloring one.
  • The Polo Shirt Card - Filipinos like making the Polo Shirt Wrapper for Christmas, but this Polo Shirt Card will definitely fit in for dads this Father's Day. Here's a very easy one for your kid to try, view here.
  • Hand Print Card - because a hand-printed art craft is the best way to say "I made this for you!"
  • Foot Print Card - because hand printed cards are too common, hehe.
  • 'Insert Photo' Card - cut out a cartoon "Kalokalike" of your kid's dad and slap a cutout picture of his face on that illustration! It'll be fun!
Making a Father's Day Card (For Adults)
Unleash your creative antics, it's time to challenge art itself and make your own kind of Father's Day card. If you're in your 20s and up who still wants to give your dad a well-deserved card, here are some ideas I found on Pinterest he might like!


Making a Father's Day Card with a Toddler
If you have a toddler, he can only do so much, so the rest is up to you! Here's how Miggy and I are making our Father's Day cards! It's a work in progress:

I was originally making Routine Cards for Miggy when he took my brush and was excited to paint, so I decided to take the opportunity to make a Father's Day card. I let him get creative on his own cards, and it was fun to watch. When asked what he's painting Miggy would say it's "Payerrwoks" Translation: Fireworks

Enter Katy Perry: "Baby you're a fiiiiirework!"

Sorry there's no photo of the end result, there's a big fat chance my husband and our dads will see this post so I can only allow them a sneak peek of the goodies. But I will be completely honest, it DEFINITELY looks like a Toddler did it. And I love it! :)

If you are busy today and want to print a card instead here are some for you! Courtesy of Holiday Crafts & Creations!

Coloring Cards


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