Mommy Must-Haves for the Cold & Rainy Season

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This year, we've been experiencing very confusing weather. It's hot and humid one moment and then it rains like hell the next. At noon you can get so parched you think desert and then when afternoon rain comes you're shivering in your summer shorts. What the hell, right?

But seeing that October is here, followed closely by November and the wintry December, it's almost safe to say that the cool season has arrived. This summer I made a post on a Toddler's Guide to Beating the Heat. This time around, it's a mother's must-haves for this cool, rainy season. It's time for indulgence and there's no better season to reward yourself than the Fall/Rainy season.

Blankets as Soft as Sleep

When the cold and rainy season rolls in all I ever really do, and wish could keep doing, is snuggle in my blanket every morning and say "5 more minutes" for the next hour.

Imagine yourself finally going to sleep after a long day's parenting and/or work. If it's cold you need to get warm, and nothing makes warm better than your loved one's hug...okay, let's be realistic: Fat Blankets.

I'm fantasizing over a cashmere blanket from

I'm not talking about any kind of blanket. I'm talking about fleece or fat, stuffed bedding turned into a blanket, or cashmere even and the idea of wrapping yourself up into a cocoon with it. Yep, you'll never want to get up in the morning.

You also need it because your kid won't be able to stand the cold weather any better than you. Providing your kid with a comfortable blanket that he can snuggle into at night or for nap time will prevent him from getting fuzzy. So basically, that means undisturbed time off for you.

Soup as Warm as a Hug (or Porridge)

Since our body needs heat, not just on the outside but inside as well, having soup is a great way to warm up the heart every morning. You know how the saying goes, "chicken soup for the soul"?

My son enjoys soup a lot, and I think it's because it emits the warmth of a hug because the heat just spreads all over your chest. In fact, it's also a great way to motivate yourself to get out of bed and bear the cold.

The Perfect Socks

During sleep time I'm a blanket kind of person, I love covering up even though it's summer. I always feel the need to keep my legs warm and covered, and when it gets reaaallly cold I turn into a socks kind of person too.

Children, especially babies, need to get their exteriors heavily protected from the weather. On cold, rainy weather it's important to cover their hands and feet to keep their little toes and fingers from freezing up. Do you really want a little child to experience pins and needles and possibly that heavy, alienating feeling of numbness in the fingers because of the cold?

Besides, with socks (for us moms) you don't need to worry about constantly having to tuck your feet back into the blanket. I really hate those tiny moments when my husband or son turns and the blanket slides short and exposes my toes to the harsh coolness.

It's like ice touched my feet and I have to shrink back into the blanket like a turtle each time. And all I really want to do in cold weather is sleep like cat, warm everywhere especially my feet.

Pie as Fat as Your Heart (Of course not you!)
Fall and rainy weather is the season of eating! The best way to keep a person warm is through his heart and the brain demands food for that kind of work. And I'm never gonna go on a diet on a cozy, indulgent weather like this! If I can stay for hours under a cashmere blanket, why can't I eat apple pie when I do get out of it? Fall is my time of indulgence! I will not back down! I will eat PIE!

A Cup of Warm Coffee or Cocoa
Each freezing morning, a cup of coffee gets me through the sleepiness and gives me enough jolt to get me working. During the cold afternoon and early evening, it's always a cup of hot cocoa that takes the stress away.

My son enjoys hot chocolate a lot, so much that he asks for a cup or two every night. If he enjoys it on any occasion, he'll definitely still enjoy it on a cool evening while reading a book. Which reminds me...

A Good, Casual Book
Not the best-selling, heart-wrenching, soul-disseminating kind of books that wreck you to your core. Reading a story about a matchstick and a girl on a cold evening won't make the cool season feel any warmer.

Instead, read something heart warming but not too life-serious, an autobiography. No, seriously, some are really lighthearted and friendly like Yes Please! by Amy Poehler or The Green Man Anthology (it's my favorite)

Fluffy Slippers
Walking around barefoot isn't fun during the winter, rainy or fall season. You could cover your feet in thick socks but it gets soaked when you step into the bath and takes an infinity to remove too.

Fluffy, puffy slippers are my ideal feet comforters while on the move. It also makes me feel like I'm in a big bedroom and that's good when the weather is cold like this and all you want to do is never get out of bed.

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