How to Make Homemade Toddler-Safe Clay!

Two year olds like touching things, poking at slimy objects, tossing stuff and throwing toys into a rumble. This is one of the best time to introduce them to sensory play. Sand, clay, gooey stuff and the like are the kind of toys your two-year-old would be engrossed with. They can explore through their senses this way, the sense of touch in particular.

I haven't been successful with making silly putty or slime. I really wanted to make a Galaxy Slime but I'm failing because of one missing ingredient that I can't find. It's a pending quest, when the word Galaxy Slime in this post becomes hyperlinked you'll know I finally succeeded in making it.

Moving on! I ended up making non-toxic homemade clay, which my son and his cousin/uncle enjoys so much (my husband has a cousin who's 4 yrs ols) Here is the homemade clay recipe I snatched off of my favorite site Happy Hooligans

There's honestly more than two ways you can make this; and they all involve cornstarch or flour and food color. There are no toxic ingredients and you don't even need to cook anything. Check your kitchen, you probably have all of the ingredients there!

The ingredients you need are:

  • 2 cups Flour
  • 1 cup Salt or Cornstarch
  • 1 cup Cold Water
  • 2 tablespoons Oil
  • Food color

Get a big stainless bowl. Don't use a square plastic container like me because a lot of the ingredients will get stuck in the corner, it's gonna be a while to clean them out. If you're going to do the clay yourself, a medium bowl should be fine but if your little tot is going to participate, use a larger one. It's going to lessen the mess. Remember what the scene is like when your toddler eats on the table? Well that's how it's gonna look like if he enjoys mixing.

Pour in the Flour and/or Cornstarch into the bowl. Make a little sink hole in the middle to pour in the water. In my case though, I mixed the food color and water first, don't ask why I wasn't paying attention to the instructions. The outcome will still be the same, so why are you still reading this?

Pour half of the water into your Flour mix and mix, mix, mix with your hands!
Keep gradually adding water, and more, until you make a dough. If you've ever baked in your life, aim for a dough that's the same consistency as a steam bun aka Siopao.

Add the teaspoon of Oil into the mix. This is going to make your dough more clay-like and prevent starchiness. That means a little less powder sticking to your hands. Miggy and I used a spoon, because we are such clean freaks. No not really, this is our second time doing this, I just used a spoon because Miggy just took a shower and his clothes are soooo fragrant at the moment. I wanted him to stay in those clothes a little longer.

Roll your dough and make four big pieces. Roll each into cute little balls and poke a big fat hole in the middle. Don't get carried away dough, hehehe... Let your little one experience that part too.

Pour your assigned food color on each dough. I mean, don't "pour" food color in. Just squeeze in a few drops; maybe 3 or 4 at most. You can add a sprinkle of flour to the dough if it gets too sticky from the food colour. Try not to mind my pictures, I only had one food color left: Green.

It will eventually come out like a real clay. Here are some things to keep in mind:
* If the mixture is too sticky ADD FLOUR
*If the mixture is too dry ADD OIL; two drops at a time

See how much gunk has stuck to the corners of my container? Don't do what I did. Get a bowl, it will make cleaner easier and you can get all the bits and get a much bigger clay. So that's that, here's how Miggy enjoyed his clay! I added ours with some glitter, but there wasn't much so you probably can't see it in the photos.

If you want to know about other ways to make play dough at home, see this pageIf you feel like being creative with your kids, I suggest The Imagination Tree. They have age-appropriate activities to try! SO go ahead try them! NOW NA!

Why I Choose to #BlogWithNuffnang

First of all, this is going to be a lengthy post. I'm going to tell you about why I choose to blog with Nuffnang and, in the process, take you two years in the past where my blogging began:

Ever since I gave birth to my son, I've kept busy with activities that could potentially earn money. I have worked as a freelance writer and illustrator, tried jumping on the buy-and-sell wagon, joined rewards clubs and sold a lot of unused items for income. I'm currently tending to my blog and preparing to create my own product within this year.

Why I Started Blogging

Blogging was one activity that I didn't think I could earn from. Now, I am aware of my mistake. I started blogging a few months after giving birth to my son, or was it a few weeks? I can't remember anymore. I set up my blog because I needed to write how I felt, what I thought and everything I was learning. I needed to distract negative thoughts brought to me by post-partum depression and the reality of our situation back then. The fact that my husband and I were jobless threw me into so much insecurity and anxiety that I bottled my anger too. It was an unhealthy time for me. We were leeching on our parents, had no plans for the future, were not intimately established and had little idea on how to properly care for a baby. Nothing was fine and I needed to write.

I hated my handwriting, I could barely read or keep up with my thoughts. As soon as I'm done I see scribbles trailing across the page instead of letters.  Since I had a hard time writing what ran in my head, and since I was already freelance writing, I thought I could just "type" in my emotions to tame my angst. My blog was highly inconsistent, even until now. I kept changing my theme; I wanted my blog to be a personal blog, then I wanted it to be a parenting blog, then a picture blog and on and back and on again. My feelings were so mixed they invaded my head and left me indecisive and ambivalent.

How I Discovered Nuffnang

I neglected my blog because I lacked the drive and inspiration to keep it running., So I started searching for ways to earn money while at home instead, to keep being busy. I discovered a handful of legitimate reward system sites and eventually came by Nuffnang Philippines. Like with most rewards systems and affiliate programs, I thought, "Hey, pay-per-click ratio and blah-blah-blah and free registration. Clicking aaaand JOIN." I honestly didn't think much of it. It was the same as every promising system for me.

After a year of negligence, my blog and I reunited. I started writing better and earning well enough from freelancing at home, though I still lack the inspiration for my blog. I started re-arranging my life and decided to de-clutter. I decided to review all the sites, groups, systems and what-not that I had registered myself into. I cut down on spam, eliminated all kinds of subscriptions: kitchen recipes, travelling blogs, art and music curriculum, Spanish class schedules, German language programs, news on science, archaeology news, spiritual wellness groups and a gamut of marathon schedules. I had so many plans and was feeling brave back in 2012. . . then I discovered I was pregnant. It's time to let that part go and re-construct my goals.

How I Came to Appreciate Nuffnang

I saw Nuffnang again, and checked out the site and got hooked with the idea of placing an ad in my blog, that could help me earn. Honestly, I still haven't earned from those ads until now. My blog hasn't gathered enough traffic to help me catch the right kind of "clicks", but I keep them anyway. I'm hopeful and feel positive that my blog will be appreciated enough someday. I know few people read what I write, but if I keep writing honestly and improve my  blog I could reach other people. I have realized that my blog doesn't just serve as a clutch for my inner wounds. Maybe it has helped a few first-time mummies. I'd like to think it has.

So I regularly checked my remaining selected sites every week. It so happened that Nuffnang opened a blog contest sometime last year, November. Feeling brave and encouraged to try something new, I decided to partake in the blog contest and submitted an entry about how Nescafe Cappuccino is The Most Indulgent Coffee I've Ever Had. It was purely unexpected, but I won two Premier tickets to the Mockingjay movie, screened at The Resorts World Manila. That hooked me in, I admit. My husband and I enjoyed a free movie date and I'll always be grateful for that night-off from being a work-at-home-mom.

What Nuffnang Did for Me

I regularly checked Nuffnang ever since that experience and learned about more than just contests. I discovered all kinds of blogs which inspired me to blog more often. From one blog to another, I discovered other sites for moms like me. Bloggers of different walks of life spoke to me and they gave me ideas, an ignition for the creative engine I didn't think existed anymore. It fueled my desire to become a legitimate and dedicated blogger once and for all. I can safely say I came to love Nuffnang because of this, and it was triggered by an unexpected win in a blog contest. I mean, I felt that I was a part of a silent community somewhere, one that I don't have to always be physically present in. Yet, I know I am contributing and they're certainly giving me benefits in terms of inspiration. 

Why I am Writing this Now

I apologize if I've become too personal and haven't mention anything significant yet about Nuffnang, but I am being honest now and....well, I don't want to be anything else. In a nutshell though, Nuffnang is a community for bloggers where members are given the chance to earn by simply setting up a an Ad in their blog or website. In my case, I benefit from their feed; featured bloggers, events and contests. Nuffnang did wonders for me, and it's not out of advertisement.

Now, the reason why I am writing about all of this is because of another blog contest by Nuffnang: "Blog With Nuffnang", which I am joining too. Click here for more information on that contest. The prize at stake is:

  • Your Own Blog (Fully Set-up)
  • Your Own Domain
  • Web Hosting (all for one year)

Bloggers and non-bloggers can join. This contest is just one reason why I'm writing a novel, I mean blog post this long. I can't express how this would be a wonderful way to boost my blogging dreams. I know I had been inconsistent with my blog, but I'm really hoping to get things straight this year, not just the blog, everything; my work, our room, my portfolio, my way of thinking, our future. It's every mother's dream, establishing a foundation for growth to thrive on.

I Do Want to Win

I don't know if it's this blog, my freelance career, or my business-in-the-making that's going to get us to that flurry future in my mind. Either way, the prize for this contest would make a significant change in our lives. Even if I don't earn from it, it's going to make me a better blogger, something I could never trade for anything. I still hold my statement; blogging helps me cope better in being a Work-At-Home-Mom. It also gives me comfort in knowing others can understand me in my situation, and that others may learn from what I can share. Well, I've been writing long enough. I'm sorry if I bored you and/or obligated you to read all the way through.

Here's a drawing for your efforts :) I did get carried away, but that's another reason why I joined this blog contest. It reminded me of my blog's history, and that triggered those memories, the challenges I went through. In the end, it gave me the fuel to write. Again, something I'll always be thankful to Nuffnang for: Inspiration.

Thanks for getting me to write again, it saved my scrawny little--as you can see, I'm a lot more active in blogging now. If I do win I will make all my future posts tolerable and more fun to read!

TERRIBLE TWOs: My Worst Experience So Far

A temper Tantrum is probably your child's biggest weapon against you.
It's every mom's kryptonite, your worst nightmare in repetition for 15 minutes, that arch nemesis that just wouldn't die and probably the biggest mind fuuUUUUU--yes.

So, yeah, that's how I thought when I read about it on parenting blogs and child development sites. Of course I used to say, "I'm glad we're not at that stage yet." Well, now that my son's "Baby Years" have expired, I realize how impeccably true those parenting sites are. Here's what happened that shook my mommy powers and what is probably my most memorable tantrum experience so far.

My Worst Temper Tantrum Experience

About 2 hours ago my hushbun and I decided to go out and take a walk, with Nimmy aka Miggy, and the dog. Around 15 minutes before we were about to leave, Miggy befriended some new neighborhood kids. Naturally, we were happy about this and let him be. They were playing harmoniously too!

So I thought 15 minutes of playing was enough plus 5 minutes of cooing my son into coming with me, so we could go take that walk we wanted. It was getting dark, so I decided to carry my son away from the pile of toys that the neighborhood kids laid out in offering. He wailed and pleaded for me to put him down, which wasn't a foreign scene for us.

We expected nothing from it because Miggy always listened when we explain that we could always come back tomorrow. Much to my surprise, and self-disappointment too, my son threw a fit that kept growing stronger and noisier as we walked away.

A First-Hand Experience of a Mini Hulk

I had Miggy in my arms and he was bending backwards. He pushed me and kicked his legs like an Olympic swimmer. I can now relate to the cartoon portrayals of mothers looking sad and haggard while holding what looks more like the Tasmanian devil than a child.

I really felt like I was holding a hurricane, I didn't think my 14 kg kid could pack that much force. I know children have soft bones and flexible bodies, but damn, he can really bend! It slipped into my mind how much people under possession are capable of. I don't think my son is possessed, I just think his display of strong will could make him a potential cast for the next Exorcist movie: toddler edition.

How I Felt During the Whole Event

I think it's more of an event than a situation, honestly. My son was such a drama queen and attracted the attention of everyone we passed by. I want to say I could have been mistaken for the police trying to keep a fugitive in control, but the way my son screamed I felt more like a kidnapper.

The whole tantrum event lasted for 45 minutes. I had occasional urges to throw him on the bed, and even shouted at him 3x. Nothing worked. No soothing, no shouting, negotiating, distraction or explanation leveled down his...momentum. I wanted to hand in my resignation as a mother.

I realized that my boss is a baby and I'm never gonna get paid, and that made me say STOP in my hoarsest voice ever. It hurt my throat and my stomach was battered by his feet, but I carried my son all throughout anyway. Remembering that now makes me flinch.

Where I Went Wrong

It's not the first time my son played with other kids in the neighborhood, but it is his first time to play with those particular kids, sharing those particular toys. Their toy offerings included one rugged, old plastic Lightning McQueen car.

That detail foretold our fate, but I ignored it when I saw it. I was so wrong to have let that detail slide, and that resulted in me having to listen to my kid's plea for 45 minutes: "McQueen! MACQUEEEEN! MAACQUEEEEEENNNN!!!" I didn't think it was possible for me to hate a disney character so much.

In addition to that, as it turns out 5 minutes of cooing and inviting my kid to leave the play area was not enough for him to agree to come. 15-20 minutes is too short for play time, let alone new experiences.

How I Should Have Handled It

The scenario would have been different if I had been a little less selfish. I wanted to walk with my husband, son and the dog too much. I had a peaceful scene in my head where we all walked while talking and sharing thoughts of the day.

It was a really good idea, because it was a windy enough day to get some fresh air. The dog needed a walk badly, and Miggy could use some exercise. I was too focused on the advantages of my idea of a good day that I failed to see that Miggy's idea of a good day was completely different.

I should have let him go on with his playing, took that walk I wanted some other day and called him to go home after an hour or so.

Me Versus My Son

If there was a scale for measuring the importance of things, my son's desires and needs will always weigh more than mine. It's because he's small; everything is twice as big and heavy for him in terms of emotions.

He's also a first-timer, so that automatically gives me the responsibility of giving him a chance to explore. Kids his age are "extremists" when it comes to discovery and exploration. Toddlers live in the NOW and they are the Kings of Emotion.

Everything they do now is treated as a new experience and when they feel sad, angry, frustrated or unloved...well, let's just say your PMS will be put to shame.

Conclusion! Because I Can't Think of Anymore Subtitles!

So there's that; I should have let him have his way. I should have let him fulfill his desire to learn everything about those ordinary toys and enjoy the play area with kids he had never communicated with yet.

What I know I did right by is that I did not let him have his way when he threw a fit. If I did, he will always throw a tantrum to get what he wants. I'm satisfied I stuck to my decision and let him cry it out. I suffered for my slow judgement but at least I'm not going to spoil my kid.

If he wants something, he can't get it from anger, yelling, punching, kicking and crying for attention. I'm not going to raise a drama queen.

Well, see you next week!


Being a full-time mom is a difficult enough job. You are fully responsible for everything that happens to your kid and how he or she will ever grow up to be. If that's not a heavy enough task, you also have to clean up after the little tyke, from toy trails to literal shitty occasions.

The Different Types of Mommies

Not all moms have the same lifestyle though, some work in the office and some work at home. Some have nannies to care for their children, or helpers to do the housework. Some do it all on their own; work from home, cook the meals, clean the garage, do the laundry and stay the gorgeous wife. Oh, you know you're a mom with a whole lot of other details. We call them Supermoms. Of course, at some point each mom has been a Supermom, especially those who have two kids or more that manage to keep sane.

Signs You're a Work-at-Home Kind of Mom

Being a work at home mom, I've been reading other mommy blogs during my free time, which is usually when my Nimmy is sound asleep. That's 2 hours at most, and 30 minutes at least. Whenever I try to find inspiration from other work-at-home-moms, now popularly referred to as WAHMS, I can't help but see a lot of things we have in common from daily habits to multi-tasking to planning and even how we think in general.

From occasional blog-hopping, here's what I gathered up: Signs you are Definitely a WAHM!

  • Your Diet Consists of Leftovers
    • I sometimes find myself eating the food that my son just chewed and spit out. It feels involuntary but when i think about it, i don't want to waste food... plus.. it's cake.
  • Taking a Shower is a PRIVILEGE.
    • I typed that in All Caps to put emphasis to the fact that I only get to shower at midnight and there are days it's so friggin' cold I want to murder the towel.
  • You Constantly Find Yourself Wanting to Earn More
    • I want to buy those Veggie Snacks for my son, and I also want a sewing machine, plus I want a PS3 for my husband and I want swimming lessons for my son again, and mueslix because it'ssoooooo tasty and I feel like I'm being healthy even when I don't really eat enough.
  • You Don't Know What's Going On in The World but You're Updated on Disney
    • I have no idea why I'm watching Sofia the First with my son. my SON.
  • It's Almost 10x Harder when you Don't Wake up Before your Kids
    • Your work piles up for later, or the next day. In which case, you have twice the work in less the time required. Holy frock!
  • You're Constantly Waiting for Your Kid to Nap
    • Checking the clock, checking the clock, it's almost 2pm why isn't he sleeping yet!
  • You Don't Sleep by 8 pm Because Nobody in their Right Mind Sleeps at 8 pm
    • Sleep is for the weak...but it's sooooo good to be weak :(
  • You Maximize The Use of Your Time/ Multi-Task
    •  Sometimes I shower the dog while my kid's in a tub outside as I water the plants. I soap my kid, then I soap the dog and then I wash all three (dog, kid, plants) with a hose. It might sound irresponsible but it works for the two, the dog seems happy and my son is Definitely having fun. I'm soaked but that's a different story: I clean the bathroom while taking a bath while my son is watching Cars in the living room.
  • You Wish Nap Time Was More than 1 Hour
    • Because HONESTLY, I can barely do any work (writing) in an hour, especially when I'm experiencing a creative block. A very hard, persistent and annoying block.
  • When People Ask How You are The Universal Reply is "Still the Same"
    • If I had to say how I really am I'd rather publish an autobiography with my signature on it and have people pay for a copy.
  • You Almost Have a Permanent Daily Schedule for Everything
    • I used to get up at 5 am to do an hour's worth of house cleaning + garage + dogs, after which I may or may not take a shower before cooking my son a meal and more tasks and more and more until my son is finally asleep at night and I can finally do some real writing. Of course, situations change, so now I'm more laid back at home and enjoying the advantages of having relatives in the house.
  • You Enjoy or Reaaallly Enjoy Promos, Discounts, On Sales and Giveaways
    • Free coffee for a blog post? A free pack of diaper samples for just registering? FREE? FREEEE?!?! YES PLEASE!
  • Your Smartphone or Tablet is Full of Kids' Games and Apps
    • My tablet has no capacity for anything else anymore. The only useful app I have in there for me is the cam scanner. That's it.
  • You Can Barely Use Your Smartphone or Tablet Because of This
    • We end up fighting and throwing our own fits of anger when it comes to whose using it now. In the end, nobody wins because I have to hide it so my son will just stop wailing.
  • Sometimes Cooking Is a Nuisance, But You Do it Anyway for the Kids
    • I seriously don't mind not eating when I have multiple deadlines to catch up on. I might be a workaholic at times, but my kid is a hungry machine. I believe his appetite will prevent me from ever gaining weight, ever.
  • You Consider Being Able to Take a Dump as "Me Time"
    • It's a heavenly time for me. I can do just about anything while I'm on the toilet. I can write, draw or just surf online. Those 10-15 minutes are a blessing to me.
  • You Secretly Want a Dog for a Nanny That Can Swim, Bottle Feed, Change Diaper, Bathe and Converse with Your that's just me, I think.
    •'s just me. I don't like people nannies, they can never care for your child the way you want...and I have so much bad experience with helpers, I don't trust people I don't know.
  • The Words "Wait", "Later" and "Stop" Are Part of your Hourly Vocabulary
    • "Wait lang ha, may tatapusin lang si mama...oh wag ka dyan, mamaya na tayo dyan baka malaglag ka. Miggyyy stop! Sabing wag eh.. STOP!" --end of writing.

Why Baby Onesies Have Envelope Shoulders

I never questioned why onesies had shoulders like that; those envelope-like folds on them.
If anything, I thought they were there so you could easily put a towel on your baby's back when he's getting pretty active. I didn't realize it had a more practical purpose, also such a simple one that it's easy to overlook it.

Disclaimer: Not my Photo and Not my Video either.
I grabbed them Online from the blog I read it from: Tiaras & Prozac and at Youtube

Special Thanks to Mama Undone at Tiaras & Prozac I've been given light to how these things are supposed to work and help mums worldwide.

In case you've got slow internet connection or just prefer to read rather than watch, here's the great revelation on why baby onesies have envelope shoulders:

I know what you're thinking, "That's It?!" But no, that's not it. Onesies are designed with flaps like that so you could take them off more easily during a poopy incident. Yep, the dirty ordeal. If you're a mom you have probably experienced a poop incident where your baby is so soiled that he's wailing from discomfort. It become ten times harder to change him because he won't let you pull his onesies over his head. Then there's also the danger of poop stain sticking unto your child's face while you're pulling it over his head. For the sake of your child's lovely face, and to fix the blunder fast, onesies are designed with these envelope shoulders that you can pull back, roll down and finally remove from your baby.

I bet you would be trying it sometime soon, even when baby hasn't pooped or wet his diaper yet. I was going to give it a go as soon as I read this nifty fact, but I realized I don't have a baby anymore because he's suddenly a toddler now who runs away from me when he poops. That's a different poopy incident to solve... which has given me an idea to write about on my blog! Thank you poop!


So if you missed the first one, here's another chance to get your entrepreneur on at this rerun! Calling all work at home moms and dads with a dream of having a business, aspiring entrepreneurs, students who are aiming to be more and all daydream believers! Are you ready to create your own product?

If you've been pondering over or have already taken the road to being your own boss, you will love the ROAD TO RETAIL WORKSHOP SERIES Re-Run by Manila Workshops!


It is a series of valuable, practical and fun workshops under Manila Workshops designed to cater to professionals, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages who want to learn about retailing, merchandising, brand management and marketing specifically of non-food products. The series is composed of four whole-day sessions beginning from product conceptualization to launching, selling and marketing, projecting and analyzing your business.
WHO IT'S FOR, but Not Limited to:
  1. Those who wish to go into business but are unsure on how to proceed.
  2. Those who like creating products or have an existing idea but need help in implementing them.
  3. Individuals who dream of having their own store one day.
  4. Existing entrepreneurs with online stores, whether sold via their website, Facebook, Instagram or other platforms.
  5. SMEs who would like to learn more on how to better manage inventory and increase their sales and profitability.
  6. Aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to know how to consign their products to major retailers such as SM, Rustan’s, Robinson’s, etc.
  7. Those who want to bring their business to the next level and expand their market.
  8. Those without any business background and would like to take a short course on retail and merchandising.
  9. Fresh graduates who want to go into the retail business.
  10. Individuals who enjoy learning and would like to acquire valuable skills in the field of merchandising, branding and marketing.

WHEN: April 18, 2015 (Saturday) 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

WHERE: vOffice Philippines, 10/F Fort Legend Tower, 3rd Avenue corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

PRESENTED BY: Manila Workshops, in partnership with Road to Retail

Here are the details of the first leg of this workshop series:
Course Outline
  1. Product Conceptualization
  2. Market Research
  3. Product Development
  4. Supplier Sourcing
  5. Packaging
  6. Costing and Pricing
  7. Launching
  8. Testing and Landing

Investment Fee
Early Bird Rate: Php 2,000 (paid on or before April 8)

Rate: Php 2,500 (starting April 9)
Discounted Rate: Php 8,000 (for those who will attend all four sessions)
Don't worry all rates are inclusive of hand-outs, certificate, lunch and snacks.
Before I forget, upon registration you will also be asked for a REFERRAL CODE in the form.

***Please enter the Promo Code MDAB-R2RCREATE when you register. Type it under Referral Code in the registration form.***
About the Speaker 
Bam Besa’s background is in buying, merchandising and brand management, gathered from over ten years work experience from a buying office and a luxury department store. She has handled categories such as ladies apparel, swimwear, fashion jewelry and accessories, undergarments and home d├ęcor, covering the most premium and coveted brands in each category.

What the First Workshop Was Like
We invite you to check out the photos taken during the first run of the first session HERE
Note: Get a FREE 2-month Raket Premium from when you attend any of the workshops under Road to Retail workshop series.
Also, attendees will be given priority and discounted booth rates during the Road to Retail Expo this coming November 7, 2015. Details to be announced soon!
To learn more about this workshop or for those who want to be a sponsor, please contact
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