A World of Wonder That's Real

Most of my life was driven by fantasy.

As a child there's no better coping than a fantasy story that's more meaningful than mine. I loved the idea of tree nymphs, ancient gods bickering since the beginning of time and the demon inside my heart. A mountain of books and movies fed me; they formed my world of wonder and they fueled me.

See, I had a sad life. Not because it was sad, but because I was.

What I imagined was infinitely better than what I had, at least that was my logic.

Fantasy was my escape but the problem is not that I was a dreamerThe problem is that I was an escapist who had been travelling the wrong way.

I wanted to see the world, you know, have and adventure like everyone else. But the world of wonder I chose was not tangible, they were shortcuts and although it's so easy to visit it simply isn't real. I wasn't grounded, my head was up in the clouds.

No matter how hard I dreamed of the greener pastures in New Zealand or the aurora it never grazed my feet or blessed my eyes. I'd never see the savanna or the pink lake, or the devil's kettle. I'd never walk into the forest and meet a stag, or see the sun rise up from the sea... Not in real life.

And then I became a mother. An unexpected, unprepared, bat-sh*t scared mother with issues the size of Jupiter and damm'it I was not emotionally and psychologically capable of caring for a child. I couldn't even care for myself, I mean, who dreams about riding a Glyph while crossing the streets of Espanya?

feared for my son and although my husband had been rehabilitating me for the past few years I was shattered from fear. I couldn't bear the thought that, as the person I was, I could ruin my son's life.

My coping mechanism had been set to "fantasy escape" during times of troubles, that time I didn't leave. I didn't choose to be elsewhere. My adventurous escapades were suddenly over. 

When I gave birth to my son I started feeling real. My world of wonder shifted, changed in an instant, as I gazed over my own little creation.

Remember the song from Disney's Tangled? It just about summed up all I had been feeling my entire unprepared pregnancy. All of those fights, those over-the-top meltdowns and self-wrenching doubts...it all boiled down to this little critter. And he doesn't have a clue.

"All at once, everything looks different. Now that I see you."

I saw in my newborn indescribable wonders. The stories of fairies and haunting demons in books that I'd held dear are incomparable to this baby's existence. His cries were astounding, wonderful, alarming, exciting...enlightening. Now that I think about it, I believe that no Banshi's scream or Selki's songs could compare to my son's vocal capacity.
My son, and of course my husband, grounded me. I swear my husband took more damage than he could ever handle in a week. If it wasn't for his strong mentality and patience, I would have slipped through and never resurfaced from my world of imaginations.

They grounded me and everything else crumbled: all those efforts, worries, issues and past hauntings. I didn't realize it at the time, but everything was set back to zero for me.

I became balanced and surprisingly more adventurous, with no desire to escape. Why would I?

Free men do not dream of escape.

They freed me in a way. My husband, who had been helping me change positively for the past few years, unknowingly prepared me for my biggest trial and my son, who was my biggest trial then, caught all my attention. They grounded me, and I had never been so awake in such a long time.

My husband, son and I have been to more places than I had been to before them. On his first month in this world my son had gone to the beach and seen the full moon's light. No amount of daydreaming got me that far, and now here we are...
I'm not as escapist anymore. I'm still a dreamer, except this time the dreams have grown and evolved.

I still see the savanna on boring late afternoons.
I still think about the Coyote at midnight when I hear dogs howl and I never stopped wondering why the gods never bothered to put a lock on our heads...

New Zealand, the aurora and seven more things on my list...they're still there but much closer now. We are not just dreaming anymore. It's not just me anymore, it's us.

The wonderful thing is not that we're all dreamers, my husband, son and I.
What's wonderful is that we're making dreams come true now. We're planning, we're saving up, aiming, taking picks and settings our eyes on the future.

Because of our son, my husband and I are even more determined to get there. It's a wonder that after so much ugly crying and soul-crushing arguments he's still here at my side... my world of wonder could never be so awe-inspiring as it is now without him and my son.

A life full of wonders. That's what we want, especially for our son. If we can't raise him perfectly, imperfect and in-need-of-polishing as we are, maybe we can give him the sea, the shore, the desert and the oases:

Everything and everywhere we can go to and he'll never have to escape because there won't be any need to. It'll be tangible, it'll be real, and his world of wonder will be like ours: imperfect, unpredictable, messy and real.

Far better than anything he can imagine, this I'm sure of.

...and yes, I am referring to New Zealand. It's our dream place.
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Early Morning Thoughts: What Music Does

Warning: this is a Personal, Conversational, Playlist post.
Another "mushroom" post in such a long time. Parenting while working two jobs at home and reigniting my passions is tough work. Okay, I procrastinate from time to time, but who doesn't?

Hello, What Are You Doing Right Now?
It's really early right now and yet my coffee is already cold. I'm trying to write an e-book for some client who will probably never really thank me for it. Since there will be no credits to me, my husband is at work and the rates are too damn low, I'm feeling bummed, slightly offended and just.... uninspired. Until I put on this:
Hello. This is my song. What's yours?
Whatever you are doing now, however bad you're feeling, putting on some music will make you feel better. I don't need to convince you. If we all have that one love song for broken-hearted moments then you definitely have a song for every emotion, trial or mindset you have now.

So what's your story? What kept you up all night?

What Music Does...
Is identify, inspire and move. I've listened to a couple of my favorite songs when I came up with the idea of writing a blog post. Eeeeeit's not the e-book I'm supposed to finish today, but at least my "writer's block" has melted. I am writing to you now, aren't I? and I haven't backspaced any words so far, except for a couple of typos. I'm fidgety (like Regina's piano notes); my thoughts are too fast for my fingers to follow.
The closest music (not lyric) rendition to how I'm feeling right now.

Music Validates Your Feelings
Mom, Dad, recently broken-up or hopelessly trying to be the one, whichever you are you're not always sure about how you feel. Not because you're dumb, but because half the time you just don't want to admit it.

I wouldn't admit that I despise the highly unfair rates I'm getting for my talent and experience,
But hey, when did anything become fair? What's great for me is trouble for someone else, so i need to get over that and stop whining.
You know you do too; that guy you're waiting on is probably just really nice and that break up? Yeaaaaaaaahh. This one's for you:
Close your eyes and for the love of music DON'T Watch the video, I swear the song is better without it.
It's okay, it hurts but there are songs and time and unexpected love from others, that will heal that. But if you're stubborn like me, reference song below, enjoy it!

Music Moves  and Inspires You
And that career or life-changing decision that's waiting on you. You know you have to just decide. There's no point in stalling, so put on some motivational music and get your butt going. 
This song motivates me and really moves me (I dance to it sometimes, okay? don't judge me!)
Okay, so some music makes you dance, others make you bobble your head (in the coooolest way possible; while on the train) and yes it makes you feel good. If you're a parent like me, you know how influential music is because it's evident in your kids. Those Hi-5 dance-a-longs and Disney songs on TV really hypes up kids.
This opening song hyped me up enough to learn Spanish by myself.
Every note of your favorite music just knows where to push your tempo. Dancing makes you sweat; and exertion produces endorphins and other happy hormones which lights up your mood.

Some songs are motivational and downright inspiring. Remember those bus rides to work or on the way home?
The song with the lyrics that always makes perfect sense to me.

If you can choose the perfect window song that fits the scene outside your pane of glass, then you can find the perfect song that tells you to Go Get'em Tiger.

*That doesn't necessarily mean "getting the girl", you know that right?

Music Defines You
No, listening to Tay-tay does not establish what kind of person you are, just that you like to shake it off. But everybody does that in their bedrooms. At least I do, don't you? You should try it, it's oddly entertaining... somewhat embarrassing.... but fun :)
* Yiheee! *

If I am going to be a song, not a song that will describe me, but if I literally had to be a song instead of a human I'd be Vienna. It's the first song on this post...it's just my song.... Need I say more?

Lastly, and ESPECIALLY....

Music Influences You

So please be careful about those rap songs about wielding pistols and getting shot in the arse and living to sing the tale. If you have no intention on going gangsta, living hardcore, becoming suicidal or voting for someone you don't even know: be cautious about which songs you frequently listen to.
Reasons why I adore this song:
1. It's sung to the tune of Billy Joel's "She'a Always a Woman"
2. The lyrics are touching.
3. The video is touching.
4. It makes me want to play more with my son.
5. Playing more with my son makes me feel like a great mom.

Jose Marie Chan to Sing Hope for Breast Cancer Patients

Jose Marie Chan to Sing for Breast Cancer Awareness!
It has been confirmed that Jose Marie Chan will join the lineup of artists performing for an upcoming Christmas fundraising concert this December as part of breast cancer awareness!
This month Breast Cancer awareness is being promoted in different places. I saw Go Pink movement in Alabang and I've comes across a handful of small organizations in Manila that are aiming to provide charity or change for those who are suffering from breast cancer.

The Challenge and Hope
Breast cancer affects both men and women, and just because it starts at the breast it doesn't meant it stays there. Cancer on the breast can spread to other parts of your body too, like every other cancer. Some people defeat the challenge (Miriam Defensor, ikaw ba yan?) but some don't come close.

Even more people are still undergoing the challenge. I can only imagine, and probably not even be anywhere near accurate, how painful and difficult it is to have breast cancer. What people who suffer from cancer need most is support from loved ones and the chance to be happy again despite their situation.

Giving Hope Through Songs
In light of the Christmas spirit (yes, October na Pasko na sa Pinas) and in honor of those who courageously face the cards they've been dealt with,  The Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. (PFBCI) teamed up with Resorts World Manila, Megaworld Foundation Inc., and the Lyric Opera of the Philippines to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer patients for their survival.

This fundraiser will come in the form of a concert entitled: Celebrate with Songs of Hope: A Christmas Fundraising Concert. It is a part of many breast cancer awareness activities for this year.

The Christmas Fundraising Concert
The Christmas-themed concert will be held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater of Resorts World Manila on December 16, 2015 at 7:30 pm.
The audience will be graced by the presence of this lineup of celebrities and artists:

  • Jose Marie Chan
  • Franco
  • Ayen Laurel
  • Anna Feleo
  • Noel Azcona
  • Randy Gilongo
  • Sherwin Sozon
  • John Glenn Gaerlan
  • Anica Ordan
  • Jane Wee
  • Andrea Melisa Camba
  • Stephanie Aguilar
  • Dave de Jesus
  • David Cicero Pado
  • Raymon Muyot
  • Nomher Nival
  • Mary Patrice Pacis
  • Naomi Sison
  • Marie Antonette Pascual

and of course, Chino Toledo and the Grupo 20/ 21 Orchestra as the music providers of the event.

The concert will begin at 7:30 pm but it will mostly be a part of an ongoing campaign to educate people about the impact of Breast Cancer. People will be given an idea on what it's like to have breast cancer, how it can change lives and what people can do to survive it.

The proceeds of the concert will become "chemotherapy funds" that will be administered to poverty-stricken patients in the Philippines.

Where to Buy Tickets
Concert tickets are already available at:
Box Office
The Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Office
Kasuso Org

About Jose Mari Chan
Jose Mari Chan is a multi-awarded singer-songwriter. He has been singing since 1969, and is most recognized for chart-topping ballads such as “Please Be Careful With My Heart”, “Tell Me your Name”, “Beautiful Girl”, Afterglow”, and the classic Christmas theme, “Christmas in our Hearts”. He has performed in venues such as the Carnegie Hall in New York, the Show Boat Casino in Atlantic City, and the Bellagio at Las Vegas. Apart from being the CEO and chairman of A.Chan Sugar Corporation and BISCOM, Inc., Jose Mari Chan is the recipient of numerous Lifetime Achievement Awards.

PFBCI is the first center for breast care in the Philippines. Founded by Dr. Florentino Doble, it is the only organization that has a Breast Cancer accreditation by the Philippine Council for NFO Certification for their commitment to assisting impoverished patients with emotional support and sourcing of financial assistance. For more information, please visitwww.kasuso.org

About Resorts World Manila
Resorts World Manila (RWM) is a leisure and entertainment destination in the Philippines that showcases thrilling lifestyle choices, unique events, first-rate performances and recreational thrills. Strategically located near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, it is a direct portal to the world-class hospitality of the Philippines. RWM is home to top-rate brands such as the Marriott Grand Ballroom, the Remington Hotel, the Marriott Hotel Manila, and Maxims Hotel. For more information, please visit www.rwmanila.com.

About Lyric Opera of the Philippines
The goal of Lyric Opera of the Philippines is to offer opera productions of exceptional quality, and to develop an appreciation of the performing arts, music and opera through outreach and educational activities. The institution wants to emulate and recognize the efforts of legends such as Aurelio Estanislao, Manny Gregorio, Gamaliel Viray, Mamerto Villaba, Fides Cuyugan-Asencio, Sylia La Torre, Mercedes Matias Santiago, Salvacion Yniguez, Armida Siguon-Reyna, Gloria Coronel, Conching Rosal and Irma Potenciano. For more information, please visit lyropera.wordpress.com.

Stretch the Time With Your Kid and Play with Slime!

It annoys me when I find myself unable to come up with new activities to play with my kid. I mean, stuff like this is fun (see photo below) but after a while they get tiring, especially when your kid deliberately pulls the plant out after a few days:

He's 3 yo now, more energetic than ever, and I'm not getting any more creative so half the time he ends up playing with building blocks on his own or watching Thomas & Friends on my phone.

It benefits me when he does that, because I get to work undisturbed, but it bugs me that he spends more than an hour on the screen and sometimes I feel like I've spent ages on my laptop too.

With all this technology, I feel we're disconnected and even when I take a break and spend time with him it doesn't feel enough to take back the time we lost.

For one thing he's getting bored with tracing and coloring now, and another thing I'm getting bored with LEGO and building blocks. 

He ends up doing the craziest things when he's bored. Obviously, we need something NEW. This weekend I went to the Philippine Homeschool Conference and visited their EXPO and I found THIS!

Named FLUB but I know is actually in reference to Flubber, this DIY SLIME saved me and my kid from the chain of boredom we experienced last week.

The truth is I have seen plenty of DIY Slime Recipes online, here are two favorite videos, one is a recipe that uses borax:

This is one ingredient I have trouble getting because I don't know what the hell Borax is in the Philippines, if there's any equivalent, what the hell it's made of (I've researched but you don't just see this stuff at the Sari-Sari store, you know). So, for fellow clueless people like me, here's a different slime recipe that uses liquid starch:

There are tons more of recipes online with different measurements and they'r all doable requiring only 3 ingredients, at most. I have tried doing this plenty of times, took photos of it but always went wrong with One ingredient and I don't think I'll ever give it another go until I'm sure it's the right one.

Alternatives to Slime (You don't like Slime?? WHHYYYY??)

We have done our own Homemade Clay and it worked out well since there's no complicated ingredient involved, yeah that's right Borax this is all your fault! It's a better alternative to Slime if you're sensitive about safety, should your kid still have a habit of putting things in his mouth.

We've also had so much fun with our own Cloud Dough, which again is baby/toddler-safe compared to slime and has easier ingredients to get. I have not repeated this activity at home since we ran out of flour.

Ice Sensory Play is fun, especially during summer when your kid could use something cool to beat the heat. Unfortunately, Miggy has gotten over ice as playthings already and, after all, he makes way too much mess for his Lola to tolerate. So... moving forward to something new!

Thankfully, this DIY Slime I got had their Secret Ingredient prepared so I don't need to worry about messing it up.

The moment our slime formed, Miggy and I knew this is gonna be fun! We poked, plodded, tossed, smashed and squished the flubby little thing and instantly, whatever stress, worry or boredom we had it flopped away.

First of all we were both ENGROSSED with the Slime and the MANY DIFFERENT ways to play with it. Second, it's SOMETHING NEW so we are taking the time to explore it and don't feel bored at all.

Lastly, TIME STRETCHES when we're having fun and we are having fun so it doesn't feel at all like I'm just taking a few minutes off from work.

I also didn't feel bad at all that when I had to get back to work he's still playing, because slime play stimulates his creativity, his motor skills and his speech (he pretend-played turning a ball of slime into a Mike Wazowski)

Are You Health Conscious? Herbalife Health Poll Says You Must Be

You must have noticed that many people are trying to live a healthier lifestyle: running, gym time, healthy food and juicing up. You are probably thinking, "People are just getting old or getting children that's why they're starting to worry NOW". You may even blame that it's all for their image's sake on social media.

What if I tell you it's not just a "trend" anymore and definitely has nothing to do with what social media thinks? People actually BELIEVE they can be and WANT to be healthy. They are really CHANGING their lifestyle.

How Many People are Health Conscious?
According to a survey by Herbalife, a global nutrition company, there are 9 in 10 Filipino consumers who are "highly concerned" about the potential disease that an unhealthy lifestyle can cause. They also believe that simple lifestyle changes will improve their overall well-being. Cucumber infused water, anyone?

The top 3 age-related concerns were Heart, Brain and Eye Health. A good number of Herbalife's respondents expressed that they are willing to adopt a healthy/ healthier lifestyle. Here are the actions they thought they could accomplish and adopt permanently:

  • Cut Down on Unhealthy Food  - 79%
  • Exercise More Regularly           - 78%
  • Make Better Nutrition Choices  - 72%

Of course, the respondents admit that there are certain obstacles that hinder them from completely converting to a healthier lifestyle. Here are the most common issues that the respondents feel prevents them from keeping healthy lifestyle habits:

  • Lack of Time for Exercise                                   - 75%
  • Lack of Time to Make Proper Nutrition Choices  - 64%
  • High Cost of Healthy Food                                  - 62%

The survey also revealed only 4 out of 10 would spend 10 to 30 minutes a day to make simple lifestyle changes.

Herbalife's 2015 Survey
The survey above was conducted by Herbalife in September 2015 in the lead-up to its Asia-Pacific Wellness Tour. It surveyed 1,200 participants on their perception of their current healthy and lifestyle. These respondents came across from 6 countries: Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea.
Healthy Perception/Concerns Survey in The Philippines
Herbalife feels much difference can be made from surveys like this, in order to help people truly achieve a healthier lifestyle. Senior VP and Managing Director of Herbalife Asia Pacific William M. Rahn said,
The findings from the Herbalife survey clearly show that the majority of people in Asia Pacific that we questioned believe in the value of good nutrition and exercise as contributing to their overall well-being. We aim to play a greater role in providing practical tips and information to people to help them understand that the journey to a healthier, more active lifestyle is not difficult to achieve. With as little as 10 minutes a day, consumers can take positive steps to improve their nutrition and be more active, which will improve their overall well-being.
Herablife Philippines' General Manager Rosalio Valenzuela adds,
We welcome the results of the survey. It gives an understanding of Filipinos becoming even more health conscious and self-aware that they need to make some lifestyle changes to improve their overall well-being. It also gives Herbalife an idea where we are needed, because as the survey revealed only four out of 10 would spend 10 to 30 minutes a day to make simple lifestyle changes.
Herbalife Asia-Pacific Wellness Tour
What the Herbalife Asia-Pacific Wellness Tour aims to do is deepen people's understanding of the various aspects of living a healthy, active lifestyle. It is now on its 4th year and its previous 3 years of tour has reached almost 60,000 participants in number, across the region.

This year, the Wellness Tour will feature Five Members of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB):
Dr. David Heber
-Leading Expert in the Field of Nutrition
-Thomson Reuter 2014's World's Most Influential Scientific Minds
-Considered as One of the Best Doctors in America
-Founding Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California, LA
Dr. Lou Ignarro
-A Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine in 1998
-Discoverer of Nitric Oxide's Health Benefits
Dr. Gary Small
-Brain Heallth & Aging Specialist
-Senior Investigator Award from American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry
Dr. Marion Fltechner-Mors
-Health Nutrition Specialist
-Head of the Nutrition and Obesity Research Group at Ulm University, Germany
Dr. Wang Jae Lee
-Physician Academic Specializing in Immunology
-Professor at Seoul National University College of Medicine

They will be visiting 14 markets and 21 cities across the Asia-Pacific in the month of October. The tour will arm people with the knowledge of how to make simple lifestyle changes with the little vacant time they have.

The NAB members will also discuss and share their points of view on a wide range of health-related issues/topics including:

  • Weight Management
  • Brain Health
  • Aging
  • Heart Health
  • Immunology
  • Skin Care

These topics will be discussed and much more at the medical symposia being held in the countries of Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and of course, Philippines.

Free Medical Symposium in the Philippines

Dr. Heber will be conducting a symposium for free to Filipino medical practitioners on October 23, 9am, at the Manila Hotel. The symposium will gather a group of 100 doctors, nurses, physical therapists and medical practitioners. The title of the symposium is “Obesity: More Than Just Being Overweight and Nutrition Forecast for 2020.” Seminars of Dr. Heber are recognized by US hospitals as part of Continuing Education Studies, which are often required of applicants.

The following day, Oct. 24, 2015, Dr. Heber will be holding seminars for thousands of Herbalife Independent Members in the same hotel. This is the first time Dr. Heber, who is also the Chairman of the NAB and the Herbalife Nutrition Institute, to conduct a seminar in Manila since the company was founded in the Philippines 22 years ago. 

About Herbalife                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Herbalife is a 35-year-old global nutrition company that sells weight-management, nutrition and personal care products intended to support a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife products are sold in more than 90 countries to and through a network of independent members.

The company supports the Herbalife Family Foundation and its Casa Herbalife program to help bring good nutrition to children.

To learn more visit Herbalife.com.

 #HerbalifeHealthPoll #BetterKnowledge #HealthWithHerbalife

Become a Successful Virtual Assistant: Learn from the Best

Working at home is becoming a trend among moms these days. You'll find them earning from home as online tutors, writers and illustrators. Then there's the Virtual Assistant job that pays so much more than your regular job, that's if you know how to play it right.

If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant and do make a career out of it at home (or improve yourself if you're already one) let me share this wonderful seminar by Mommy Marge Aberasturi of The Happy WAHM
Mommy Marge has been a Work-at-Home Mom for 9.5 years, so if you're worried about credibility I hope this number puts you at ease. She has worked with different clients (long-term) while homeschooling and keeping the house, so if you're also worried about juggling work and parenthood she can help you figure out the "loopholes".

Calling it My VA Success Blueprint Mommy Marge will help YOU figure out how to become a PROFESSIONAL virtual assistant and without being a momster.
 The workshop will be held at the Freelancer.com HQ in BGC. You can learn more about the event on its Event Page on FacebookYou can expect to learn from mommy Marge about:

  • Transitioning from Corporate to Work-at-Home or from Stay-at-Home to Work-at-Home
  • Identifying Your Niche
  • Setting Up Your Workspace (Physical and Virtual)
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Pricing Your Services
  • Marketing Your Services
  • Working with Clients

If you're really REAAALLLY interested now, come and

Also, here's something fun for those who register and pay by October 30 or the first 20 paid registrants (whichever comes first):
You'll have the chance to win this lovely, looovely Artfully Simply Infinity Scarf by The Crafted Crafts!

It's so Pretty right? I bet if you had this you'd feel so fabulous working at home looking all professional; a snazzy virtual assistant on your webcam and be like "Yea, I know tips and trades, I went to this workshop-- I'ma fukin' kill this interview!"

Want to Get 15% Off on a Star Wars Shirt?

Are you a nerd who loves cool, pop-culture shirts and wish Darth Vader was your father? If so, you may enjoy this brand of geeky shirts by Geeking Tom!

Whaaaa? Geeking What?
Geeking Tom is a brand founded on July 2013 by a bunch of obsessive, but cool, nerds who just love shirts and Star Wars and other noteworthy characters on it. Setting up a tagline, "Level-up your T-shirt Game", Geeking Tom aims to put a stop on mediocrity in shirts and get originality going.

What's the Style?
Seriously though. Geeking Tom features all things nerd and awesome on their shirts, from comics to video games and hardcore fandom - Batman anyone?

Are Their Shirts Wearable?
Don't worry, their shirts are not thin and flimsy or thick like a crispy pata (due to print). Geeking Tom shirts are 100% cotton, thick, durable and screen printed (for best color quality) but comfy enough to practice parkour in...that is, if you can. I certainly can't.

So.. The Contest?
Well, since Geeking Tom is promoting originality in shirt design, they have come up with a shirt design contest for the entire month of October. Presenting:
A tribute to all things Star Wars and in honor of the upcoming release of a part of the nerdiest movie ever. EVER: Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens.

Contest Winner Perks?
The winner of the contest will receive these rewards, prizes, blessings, whatever you call it:

  • 1 Year Supply of Geeking Tom Shirts (FTW indeed!)
  • Winning Design Goes on Sale on Geeking Tom
  • Winner's Name is Printed on the Shirt Tag
  • Winner Gets 40 php Royalty per Sold Shirt.

How to Join! How to Join?
Artists can submit their original shirt design through email at this address:

  • geekingtomshirts@gmail.com
  • With the Subject: Geeking TOm Shirt Wars
  • With Details: Full Name/ E-mail Address/ Contact Number/ Title of Entry
  • Multiple Entries? Yes, but they need to be submitted separately.

~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~
FREE DISCOUNT CODE Courtesy of Happimess!
Oh dear readers, thank you for reading my posts even though I'm so corny and exaggerated when writing. And to give my heartfelt thanks and a bit of "suhol" to keep visiting. Here's a 15% Discount Code to use when you buy a Geeking Tom shirt:

15% Discount Code IMPRL_AT2

Just visit the Geeking Tom Online here or on Facebook and PM for orders and inquiries. You can also visit these stores:
Parafreaq at 2nd flr, V-Mall, Greenhills, San Juan Makati
Dyce & Dyne at Elements Rosemarie Bldg, Pasig City
Have fun!

The Biggest Business-to-Blogger Event: Blogapalooza 2015!

It's bigger, it's better and it's certainly has more palooza to offer!
Disclaimer: Photos and Videos are Not Mine. They are property of and borrowed from Blogapalooza website.

Last year, I never got a chance to join Blogapalooza due to financial reasons (no pamasahe no lakad) but this year I'm more than prepared (to make utang if I have to, hahaha!)

Blogapalooza is simply the biggest "Business to Blogger" event where bloggers are invited to come and meet, see and get freebies from businesses of all kinds. Last year's Blogapalooza harbored 50+ businesses and over 700 attending bloggers which occupied two halls at SM Aura's SMX in Taguig!
What's In it for the Business/Entrepreneurs?
A chance to get really exposed on social media. If you're not aware yet, bloggers are becoming some of the most influential people online.
If a blogger writes a great review, your products get instant popularity. If that blogger flunks your product, on the other hand, you still get social media recognition: publicity. Good publicity, bad publicity...it's still publicity and your product/service could use it. Read more on how this works out for you here.

What's In it for the Bloggers?
Freebies. Network. Making giggles with blogger friends as you hop down the street with your fabulous fabulous new items that, have I mentioned, are freebies?
I'm shallow, I like stuff that are free, be honest... you do too. Besides, there's lots of fun activities and music and Bogart the Explorer. Interested now?
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I'm a Blogger I Want to Join!
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Mommy Must-Haves for the Cold & Rainy Season

This year, we've been experiencing very confusing weather. It's hot and humid one moment and then it rains like hell the next. At noon you can get so parched you think desert and then when afternoon rain comes you're shivering in your summer shorts. What the hell, right?

But seeing that October is here, followed closely by November and the wintry December, it's almost safe to say that the cool season has arrived. This summer I made a post on a Toddler's Guide to Beating the Heat. This time around, it's a mother's must-haves for this cool, rainy season. It's time for indulgence and there's no better season to reward yourself than the Fall/Rainy season.

Blankets as Soft as Sleep

When the cold and rainy season rolls in all I ever really do, and wish could keep doing, is snuggle in my blanket every morning and say "5 more minutes" for the next hour.

Imagine yourself finally going to sleep after a long day's parenting and/or work. If it's cold you need to get warm, and nothing makes warm better than your loved one's hug...okay, let's be realistic: Fat Blankets.

I'm fantasizing over a cashmere blanket from parachutehome.com

I'm not talking about any kind of blanket. I'm talking about fleece or fat, stuffed bedding turned into a blanket, or cashmere even and the idea of wrapping yourself up into a cocoon with it. Yep, you'll never want to get up in the morning.

You also need it because your kid won't be able to stand the cold weather any better than you. Providing your kid with a comfortable blanket that he can snuggle into at night or for nap time will prevent him from getting fuzzy. So basically, that means undisturbed time off for you.

Soup as Warm as a Hug (or Porridge)

Since our body needs heat, not just on the outside but inside as well, having soup is a great way to warm up the heart every morning. You know how the saying goes, "chicken soup for the soul"?

My son enjoys soup a lot, and I think it's because it emits the warmth of a hug because the heat just spreads all over your chest. In fact, it's also a great way to motivate yourself to get out of bed and bear the cold.

The Perfect Socks

During sleep time I'm a blanket kind of person, I love covering up even though it's summer. I always feel the need to keep my legs warm and covered, and when it gets reaaallly cold I turn into a socks kind of person too.

Children, especially babies, need to get their exteriors heavily protected from the weather. On cold, rainy weather it's important to cover their hands and feet to keep their little toes and fingers from freezing up. Do you really want a little child to experience pins and needles and possibly that heavy, alienating feeling of numbness in the fingers because of the cold?

Besides, with socks (for us moms) you don't need to worry about constantly having to tuck your feet back into the blanket. I really hate those tiny moments when my husband or son turns and the blanket slides short and exposes my toes to the harsh coolness.

It's like ice touched my feet and I have to shrink back into the blanket like a turtle each time. And all I really want to do in cold weather is sleep like cat, warm everywhere especially my feet.

Pie as Fat as Your Heart (Of course not you!)
Fall and rainy weather is the season of eating! The best way to keep a person warm is through his heart and the brain demands food for that kind of work. And I'm never gonna go on a diet on a cozy, indulgent weather like this! If I can stay for hours under a cashmere blanket, why can't I eat apple pie when I do get out of it? Fall is my time of indulgence! I will not back down! I will eat PIE!

A Cup of Warm Coffee or Cocoa
Each freezing morning, a cup of coffee gets me through the sleepiness and gives me enough jolt to get me working. During the cold afternoon and early evening, it's always a cup of hot cocoa that takes the stress away.

My son enjoys hot chocolate a lot, so much that he asks for a cup or two every night. If he enjoys it on any occasion, he'll definitely still enjoy it on a cool evening while reading a book. Which reminds me...

A Good, Casual Book
Not the best-selling, heart-wrenching, soul-disseminating kind of books that wreck you to your core. Reading a story about a matchstick and a girl on a cold evening won't make the cool season feel any warmer.

Instead, read something heart warming but not too life-serious, an autobiography. No, seriously, some are really lighthearted and friendly like Yes Please! by Amy Poehler or The Green Man Anthology (it's my favorite)

Fluffy Slippers
Walking around barefoot isn't fun during the winter, rainy or fall season. You could cover your feet in thick socks but it gets soaked when you step into the bath and takes an infinity to remove too.

Fluffy, puffy slippers are my ideal feet comforters while on the move. It also makes me feel like I'm in a big bedroom and that's good when the weather is cold like this and all you want to do is never get out of bed.