To Wives and For Husbands

4:54:00 AM

To young wives who find it difficult to bear some of their husband's attitudes, stay patient and forgiving. A mother once told me,
If it were not for the understanding and patience of wives, many families would be breaking apart for the stupidest reasons.
I believe that men are naturally unconscious of their actions and attitude towards women. They do not mean it and they show their love in very different ways from us. They may not cuddle as often, or say I love you each day, but simple things like making you coffee and charging your phone for you is their own way of portraying.

As unromantic as it is, it's difficult for men to show anything more sentimental. It's a form of self preservation. Men need to feel strong, manly, unmoved and difficult. In this way they know they are big enough to protect their loved ones from anything, if not everything. So ladies, girlfriends, wives... Find the hidden love in the simplest acts of our partners and learn to appreciate them.

You may not be loved in the exact way you prefer, but you are loved nonetheless, possibly in greater forms you will never understand if you don't open your heart to it.

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