Calling All Moms, Teens and Ladies in Between

7:03:00 AM

Hi.. I am a mom with a freelance job that yields a very unpredictable income (somewhere between minimum wage and zero).

So, I am planning to establish an online home business. I am unsure who my target buyers are, but I know they are women since the things I am planning to sell are mostly feminine. Even then, if you are a male viewer who happens to pass by this image or post, and or bored or simply feeling a tiny urge to help, please share your opinion too. I will really appreciate and thank you endlessly for it! So here is my little SURVEY:

The items I plan to sell are handmade and homemade. They will be of my own making, that's why I am in need of a survey before I start. The home business won't be opening soon, it could take years (I will have to work on making these items first). The theme I am aiming for or style is the same as the ones in the picture I copied online. I really hope more people will contribute to my survey, because I want to invest in something and just... not... have enough vacant time for negative thoughts to come in and ruin my dreams.

To all who have seen, liked and commented on my Survey. THANK YOU very VERY MUCH! I hope that my plan will come true soon, successful or not, at least I tried and will have had enough experience for a second try. More power to women out there who are taking matters into their own hands and making the most of their time by being productive. Super moms, I salute you! Soon, I will be one too! :)

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