Breastfeeding the Baby

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Nobody ever told me that breastfeeding would be painful. I've heard countless mothers telling me about the pains of labor, birth and the after effects of CS operation. No one, not one person ever told me that breastfeeding for the first three weeks would be excruciating.

I found out soon enough, though, and I must say I felt as though I was somehow betrayed. Setting aside the drama, I realized what all those "nipple creams" are for. There are time that the first weeks of breastfeeding was bearable, there are also times when I would snap at my husband for no valid reason and then there are times when I would just curse and my feet would curl in pain. I almost bought a nipple cream after the third week, it got to that point I was convinced the cream would make me numb on my breasts.

I don't think it would make my nipples numb, but I think the cream is supposed to ease the soreness. It's almost impossible to wear a bra on the first few weeks I breastfed. My nipples were so sore everything that touched on it hurt me. Even without  a bra, my shirt was uncomfortable. Thankfully, my husband knew how to handle soreness well. For moms out there who are experiencing or expecting to experience soreness from breastfeeding, it's alright to buy nipple cream, it is. But, if you prefer to save the money for something else; comfort food maybe, or diapers, or even a nursing bra, use warm compress as an alternative.

It is natural for a mom who just gave birth to experience lumps in her breasts. Don't worry, this isn't cancer or anything, it's simply milk building up in the ducts. At first you will get a lot of this happening, your breasts will engorge. This is because your body hasn't figured out the schedule and amount of  milk your baby needs. Of course in the first few weeks breastfeeding is irregular, sometimes baby is hungry as hell and other times baby just wants a snack. Milk will be produced on an hourly basis, if not every thirty minutes and since baby feeds irregularly, you can pretty much imagine that leftover milk in your breasts tend to build up and clog.

It is painful, but don't worry, in the event that baby still doesn't feel like feeding you can ease the pain and the lumps by applying warm compress over them. The warmth will somehow soften the lump, if not dissolve the clogging milk, and ease the pressure it puts on your veins. As for the nipples, either a cream or warm compress will ease some of the pain so be prepared to endure. After a month, the pain will die down and your body will have set a more ideal production for you and your baby.

*Small Note: Moms, especially new ones, investing in a nursing bra or support/sports bra is a smart move. This will prevent the ligaments in your breasts from loosening up, which will cause your breasts to sag over time. Remember, breasts will double in size after pregnancy and the extra weight can and will pull down on the ligaments. A sports bra will help you carry this new extra weight and prevent breasts from sagging permanently, after the milk has dried up.

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