Badminton Babies

11:09:00 PM

My husband and I with Miggy went to the badminton court for our weekly exercise, or should I say detoxification. At Hi-Power (HP) Badminton court, people are friendly and diverse but above everything they are family oriented.

Amusingly, there are many "Badminton babies" in the HP family. You'll notice I said HP family. I know I haven't been a regular in that court but I have played for two or three years... I think. I'm not as sociable there, or anywhere, as I am at home but if I learned anything from that place it's that lasting bonds can be formed with people who aren't even relatives. You can create real, solid relationships out of a single common interest. In this case, it's the enthusiasm for the sport.

Having acknowledged that HP is a warm place to play badminton in (but I don't doubt that other courts are or more accommodating), last night its the badminton players' kids that stole the show. There were four little baby boys in the court last night. Two of them (one of them is mine) are 7 months old and the other two are a year and a half old. Each kid has his own charm and own personality, and it's rewarding to see them meet each other for the first time.

Courtesy of my brother in law; this is one of the "successful" shots of all four kids. It is really nice to see babies coming together. In fact, it's good for the babies. You can think of it as baby socialization. It's nice and refreshing to see them babbling, pointing, staring and smiling at each other. Especially when one baby finds the other cute he will actually hug or kiss him! ^-^

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