H A P P i M E S S is a blog nothing short of personal, it isn't about me but life in my eyes.

Although it's here out in the open, there's no intention to publicize my way of living, completely.

I simply want to write as a form of release, and with some tiny hope that what I do, how I think, feel and see isn't completely alien or different like how society would occasionally imply. A kind of shoutout to people of the same tribe.

Hello, I'm Drixkie, your author for this evening, and all days to follow (who else?"; yours truly, the one responsible for the content of this weird-ass blog.

I'm a freelancing, work-at-home mother of one. This blog used to be centered on first-time parenting, now it's a hefty mess. I like it better now, to be honest, after all parents aren't confined to just being parents, we're also other things; entrepreneurs, gamers, procrastinators, judgmental asses and occasional lifesavers.

I'm an artist and a writer; aspiring. I say this because I haven't exhibited shit and my stories are all nowhere near half done. My 3D modeling and animation progress is as unpredictable as mood swings on a 2nd day period. My husband says I want too many things and chase too many dreams.

He is right, but I don't care.

My goals are a mess, my past, my future; Life. Life... No bullet journal, artistic course, adventure, pyschotherapy or parenthood is going to make it any less bedraggled.

The cards have been dealt. Plans go astray. Everything gets ruined. Death comes, like a thief in the night. Things change.

We all have to make do with what we're given, make something out of nothing, and find happy in all this mess. It's a bust but would you rather sulk? I mean, if you're already in the mud, and destined to wash the damned clothes, why not just roll in it and laugh. What more could you lose?

...there I go again.

I'm happy you are reading this, really. I can't promise you'll find something useful, meaningful or highly entertaining in this blog. I write what I know and try to keep it as honest as possible, except for details maybe like credit cards, addresses-  you get the point. I'm not joking.

In any case, feel free to judge and criticize.

Contact details are somewhere in this site, if you want to talk about commissions and other professional matters but please don't email me just to harass me because I will honestly cry. 

Have moderate fun,

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