Awesome Things Only Dads Can Do

6:04:00 PM

There are certain awesome things in parenting that no one can do better than a Dad.
Because Mom has always been our go-to for nurturing and love, Dad is here to make sure we get a healthy dose of fun, and an occasional thrill! (which Mom better not find out)

Piggyback and Shoulder Rides
First on the list because moms get tired more quickly and dads just love giving rides like this.

Going to the mall or walking around the park? When your kids get tired and mom doesn't feel like carrying you around Dad offers the best option ever!

A shoulder ride with a top-of-the-world view as far as the eye can see.

Make Everything Funny
One time our son bumped into a glass wall because he thought it was an open door.

I was stunned with worry but Dad just laughed at the situation and soon enough our son did too. Even though it must have hurt, he forgot and so I forgot and now it's one of our funniest memories.

Energetic Playtime
It's tiring to play with a kid when you've just finished the laundry or logged off work. Dads always seem to have spare energy to play with the kids.

I don't know where he gets it, but I'm not gonna be a hero and get it. I'm absolutely fine watching from the sidelines.

Death-Defying Display of Love aka Rough-housing
Only dads can throw their kids around without them getting hurt, and even end up wanting to go one more time.

I personally love when my husbun teaches our son different types of locks. Now when they play our toddler gives him an arm lock. I sometimes worry if I should be worried about this kind of development.... hm.....

The Scary Big Voice
Moms can count to 3 and expect everyone in bed, but when nobody's listening only Dad can produce that alarming command that makes everyone jump into obedience.

Play Pretend
Boys will be boys, even when they've turned into men...or Dads.

So there's not better playmate for your kid than an overgrown, fat-bellied, fully bearded ninja warrior who can turn into a transformer truck!

Just Being Silly
Dads tend to do crazy, cool and weird stuff that mom never would.

And it's surprising and fun! Kids love the silliness and the unconventional, it makes life more interesting!

Bumming Around
It's actually relaxing, Dads love to bum around and do nothing with the kids too, or call for snack time.

Even though kids are energetic bumming around lets them appreciate quiet time and moms get a chance to take a break too. Thanks dad!

To run around and explore, I mean. Dads naturally let kids run wild and free in the garden and explore.

They just let them experience both pain and pleasure, and it's good because the kids learn and become independent.

The Great Outdoors and Exploring
Picking up caterpillars, poking at earth worms and collecting leaves and sticks.

Dad is always the braver and more enthusiastic companion! Because not all moms like touching creepy crawlies, Dad is definitely the adventure buddy.

Breaking the Ritual
Sometimes days can be so repetitive with mom, especially when things are busy at home

Bcause Dad is not as uptight, and a natural at practicing Hakuna Matata, kids get a break from the usual and all those stiff, uncomfy stuff melts away.

Incomparable Support
Dads are nothing like Moms. They're not on schedule, they don't know your friends' names or what time you get off from school... 

But they know what you enjoy doing; what sports you are into, what your hobby is and what food you like. And they tag along too!

Finding a Way
Whether it's date night, a hiking trip or just playing a video game at home, Dads seem to always find a way to have the kid along without sacrificing the fun.

And how cool is that, because you never feel you're a hindrance and Dads are living proof that if you want it enough there's always a way!

These things that Mom doesn't always see or even lack Dad comes to fill in.

While he's not omnipresent he's trying to provide for his kids in his own way, which certainly DESERVES recognition and appreciation.

He's your Parent too, never forget. 
So thank your Dad, it's his day today!

Love you, Papa

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