An Invitation to Innovators by Impact Hub Manila

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Everybody travelling Filipino knows the traffic in Manila is not getting any better. There are countless theories about it, never ending opinions about the issue:

  • Corrupt MMDA
  • Nonchalant Government
  • Pesky Law Breakers
  • Growing "Bangketa" Industry
  • Not Enough Road or Space
  • Way Too Many Vehicles and
  • Poor Quality Public Transportation Systems

When you mention traffic in Manila, it's almost always negative comments and negative ideas and negative theories you hear. No one really talks about bright ideas and possible solutions, well Duterte solutions are popular these days but who are we kidding? Can we really wait that long?
We need innovation not the coming election.

Impact Hub's Call for Innovators
This week, October 6, Tuesday LizAn Kuster invited me to take part in Impact Hub Manila's partnership with LBC and their launch for their search for innovator and entrepreneurial ideas that could provide a sustainable solution for logistics and mobility in the country.
We are not just talking about packages finding their way to the right addresses on time (since it's LBC here) or non-delayed pizza orders, we are talking about efficient and non-congested traffic for all motorists. In other words: Solving and Sustaining a Pleasant Traffic in Manila through Innovated Mobility.
Benjie dela Pena (Director of Community and National Strategy Knight Foundation)
As Benjie dela Pena said,
"We don't have a traffic. We have a transportation problem."
Which is the effectiveness of mobile systems.

The Fellowship Program on Innovation
screenshot of Impact Hub Manila's page
This is basically a contest, or a job offer, or rather a mentoring offer. If you have an genius idea that involves mobility and/or logistics this offer might be for you. Impact Hub Manila is looking for innovators with an early stage idea that addresses areas like:

  • Energy & Resources in General Efficient Transport Methods
  • Methods to Decrease Traffic
  • Smarter Transportation Management
  • Better Transportation Systems/ Methods
  • Value Chain Innovation
You might have an idea about an efficient and healthier alternative to our Jeepneys. It could be a better, lighter bus transportation system or maybe something like Google's self-driving car. Whatever that idea is, Impact Hub Manila wants to know and see where it can lead to.

Fernando "Dino" Araneta (Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer LBC)
What's in it For You
Impact Hub Manila is not just offering a million pesos worth of funding for the winner of this fellowship program.
They are offering 12 months of living stipend, mentoring at your disposal, focused skill development and an unlimited access to valuable networks and an encouraging work space for the idea to become a reality.

  • Funding
  • Mentoring
  • Valuable Network
  • Co-Working Space

The call for innovators is now open and deadlines for application will end on November 15, 2015. That's about a month away. All you need to do to apply is:

  1. Submit your Idea and Register at Crowdicity.
  2. Fill Up the Application Form.
  3. Attach your Business Plan (template here).
  4. Wait for Confirmation.

For more information or better understanding (in case my post confuses you) here's a link to Impact Hub Manila's fellowship page.

If your idea is still not as solid or needs to be refined further, you can join Impact Hub Manila's Idea Development Workshop just click the link for further info.

Schedule & Dates of the Program
October 15        Idea Development Workshop
November 15     Deadline of Applications
November 21     Announcement of Candidates
November 28     Jury Panel Event & Finalist Ceremony
Year 2016         Cohort Phase
                        Pitching and Jury Panel Event
                        Winner Ceremony - Fellowship Selection
                        Continuous updates on fellow outcome

Impact Hub Manila
Impact Hub Manila provides space for entrepreneurs and innovators to build, grow and/or improve their business in a creative way. They offer a vibrant learning community for corporate innovation workshops and entrepreneurial training.
Yes. This is the workspace interior, artmazing right?

Visit their Official site and Address here:

Impact Hub Manila Office
5/F Green Sun
2285 Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension
Makati City, 1231, Philippines

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