The Someday House is Out There Waiting

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Who doesn't want to find the perfect home? Whether it's a condo unit, a flat in some foreign city or a house with a wide yard that's minutes from the sea, as long as it gives you rest, peace and calmness you know... Home.

My Guilty Pleasure
I know it's a while away before my husband and I start thinking of a property. Still, it's nice to dream of someday houses and sometimes it's my guilty pleasure to search for properties online, I often find them on and it's easy to.

There are sufficient photos and you easily search your ideal properties based on certain details (how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.). It's fun, you know, just to feed my dreams some more. I even have a top 5, want to see them?

Disclaimer: All Photos in this Post are Grabbed from Property24PH Ads. Visit Links for More Info

The Cozy Home

I like it simple and financially-sound so I aim for something in between. The reason I tabbed this house is because it's the best I found online that's in Davao. My husband and I have a mini dream of living in Baguio and/or Davao at some point in our lives, that's not entirely forgotten.

There's still some chance for that so I saved this property. Who knows maybe it'll still be available when we finally get things going. I immediately fell in love with the interior, I mean look at the wood furnishing and how beautifully the sunlight will hit the surface if we lived there.

It's also one of the very few homes that features a round dining table with a traditional "ikot-ikot". If this house doesn't remind you of the middle-class Filipino family of the 90s I don't know what will.

This is where I want to cook for my husband and serve him his breakfast before he goes to work.

A Combination of Stone and Wood
I'm not into modern houses or glass houses, Gahd No. I'd feel too exposed. Exteriors like this house has a perfect combination of stone and wood, my ideal design. It's not the most beautiful house in Ayala Alabang, believe me the extravagance of homes in AVAA are-- gah! 
I've been revisiting this ad because it's just the right blend of wood and stone. Since I'm not too keen on overly decorated homes the simplicity of this house speaks to me. It looks clean, plain with the basic colors but the contrast of the bricks and stone walls give it the earthy tone.

I love it this way, you see... I love wood, how it feels and smells regardless of what people say about it. Earthy tones and wooden walls and floors are home to me. It's the perfect snuggle cove.

Bedrooms to Die On...Figuratively
The bedrooms in this house are enticing. The colors of the sheets, the minimalistic design and how cozy they seem. By now you must have figured out how I prefer my home: simple, cozy, wooden and warm.

I feel coziness and love for this house even though the exterior doesn't match my preference. It's my ideal first home; it's not too big or too small for a couple with a toddler. If the universe is going to grant me my first house-and-lot right now I'd choose this without blinking.

Another plus on this property is that it's in Nuvali. My first home will and should be in a subdivision or villa that's surrounded by trees of green, wide open skies and the healthiest air for my kid to breathe.

This is where I want my kid to read his books after he goes biking, this is where I want him to meet friends and hide secrets from me.

Infinite Space and Light
I'm the kind of person who makes a lot of mess when I get creative, so space is a must for me if I'm ever going to be productive at home. This house provides light that illuminates, I believe, the windows are just immaculate.

I can imagine myself putting wood furniture in the middle and placing a carpet in this room, and it would still be bright as day. I wouldn't mind sweeping the floors of this house everyday, the floor is so pleasant to look at even though it's not wood like I prefer.

This room here does have wooden floor panels and a clever glass-wood barrier. I think this area here would be the best nook for reading and taking sneaky naps during the day. I'm really imagining it as my home.

After all, isn't that what everyone wants? Infinite space and light? Room for creativity, for rest, for thinking. A place to put the pieces of who you are into and keep it safe?

Close to Mother Nature
All this take of space, light, wood and's all really my desire to be closer to mother nature. If this house exists already, the person who gets to live in it is lucky. I mean look at it, it's all I've been talking about: Space, Light, Wood, Stone and Cozy and Warm.

This property I found isn't developed yet, and it's the only favorite one of mine that's not a house and lot. It's listed under farm and land and it's in Aspen Hills Village, in Tagaytay City.

I look at it and there's a pang of longing. No matter how simple I prefer my home to be, the lure of infinite space and all the nature I can step into is just too strong...too painful... this is my Number 1.

It's most likely still under development, like many beautiful home photos I see online but if they can make this real...and I can have it somehow, I wouldn't look back. I wouldn't mind how expensive it is or farm from civilization...

If I wake up to scenery like this every morning, breathe air as clear as my dreams and gaze at the pure blue and white skies, then. . . God bless me, I'm home.

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