ASUS Zen Power: The World's First Credit Card-Sized Powerbank - Exclusively on LAZADA

What’s In My Pocket?
ASUS launches the world’s first credit card-sized powerbank in on June 25, 12 Noon! - the ASUS ZenPower !
With so many powerbanks that you can find in the stores left and right, finding the perfect one is just as important as finding the right outfit, especially if you don’t want to be carrying a bulky powerbank on a night out with friends – or probably with your date.

Where and When
ASUS just announced its newest offering to all those who are always out and about but still require an unfailing amount of battery power on their mobile devices – the ASUS ZenPower which will be exclusively sold in starting June 25 at 12 Noon.

Convenient Specs
With the ASUS ZenPower, you can expect stylish, lightweight, and compact design of a 10,050 mAh powerbank but with the same size as your credit card – fitting perfectly and seamlessly into your pocket.
Photo Source:
Coming in Blue, Pink, Silver, and Gold, and weighing at 215 grams, ASUS ZenPower is the best solution for all urban lifestylistas who are always on the go and let style speak for themselves.

Buy Online, Pay at Home Upon Delivery
With the partnership of ASUS and Lazada Philippines, the superior quality and design of the ZenPower can now be experienced effortlessly through Lazada’s innovative shopping solutions.
Shop anywhere, and anytime with the Lazada Mobile App, available for FREE in both Google Play Store and iOS Appstore.

So whether you are stuck in the traffic or in between meetings, you can still shop with the Lazada Mobile App. With Lazada’s nationwide Cash-on-Delivery network, you can pay in cash once the items are delivered to your doorstep.
So the next time you dig into your pockets, reach out for the ASUS Zenpower! Avaiilable this June 25 (Thursday) at 12 Noon in the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping Destination!

About Lazada
Lazada ( is Philippines’ largest online shopping mall and is pioneering e-commerce by providing a fast, convenient and secure online shopping experience combined with an extensive product offering in categories ranging from mobiles & tablets and consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment.
Lazada is continuously striving to offer its customers the best possible shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash on delivery, extensive warranty commitments and free returns. Lazada mobile applications for Android, iPhone and iPad provide additional convenience to its consumers’ allowing them to shop anywhere, anytime.

Visit LAZADA Now!
For more information, please visit For updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions, connect with us via Facebook (

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Using a Powerbank at Home for Work-at-Home Peeps

My phone dries up easily because my son keeps using it to pass the time, and he's only 2 and a half. It would have been okay but it's not always that I enjoy charging my phone, especially when I need it for work.

Some Disadvantages of Non-Powerbank Charging

  • For one thing, I'd have to borrow the adapter for my laptop so I can charge my phone (three-pronged witch of a charger) and another thing is I'm sharing my charger with my husband. We lose chargers easily because we house-hop from my parents' to his parents' and one of the two is a minute Bermuda Triangle.
  • I always need to charge before my husband leaves for work because he takes the charger with him. Sometimes he's away for two days tor three, so my phone needs to be out of reach most of the time, and when my phone is out of reach my son resorts to independent exploration. That's awesome in every way, except when I'm working and nobody's around to look after him.
  • My son ends up cooped in the room with me whose head is stuck on the screen and the air just stinks of boredom. So he feels bored, I feel guilty and when I'm done he's not keen on going out anymore and just plays with his cars while I try to enjoy it with him.
Advantages of a Powerbank for a Mum Like Me

So, it's kind of a blessing when we got a power bank, courtesy of Lazada when I attended their Shop 'til You Blog invitational event. Here are a couple of things how a simple powerbank helped my day get better.

  • I could charge anywhere and everywhere. For the first time in my life, no seriously, I could charge my phone "out of reach" where my son could not unplug it and risk himself of getting shocked in the process.
  • It was possible to use the phone 24/7. It felt as though my phone became immortal, since it rarely shuts down nowadays. I've even used it while charging in the bathroom. Don't ask what I was doing, everybody takes their phone with them in the bathroom (at least while doing that important thing).
  • My husband and I don't need to share chargers anymore. We take turns using the powerbank. When he get assigned on the highway he brings the powerbank and I get to keep the charger, but when he's at the office I get to keep the powerbank. To be honest, I prefer the powerbank because itsow cute to hold :D
  • Lastly, but not the least, my son can finally have an infinite go at my phone when I'm working. I know you must think that "screen" time for a toddler is so unhealthy, but in desperate times of infinite deadlines, an hour of kids' songs is my only hope.

So... ever since we got a powerbank, I've become a fan of sorts. You know, tagaw ("enoseeent") and we really couldn't afford it or I though they were unaffordable, until I checked them out online. I saw a couple of them on Lazada and wow, they weren't all that expensive after all.

Speaking of which, Lazada is having a FLASH SALE this June 25 at 12 noon, ThursdayThat's Tomorrow! They're in partnership with ASUS who is launching the world's First Credit-Card sized powerbank: ASUS ZenPower Here are some photos to entice you:

It's kind of cute and I'm thinking of getting one because I feel that our last charger is about to join it's lost brothers soon. I've estimated that each of our chargers lasts 2-3 months before they disappear. Since our charger is nearing it's third month I wouldn't be surprised if I never saw it again... like my exes... oops!

Flash Sale Everyone!

Don't forget to visit Lazada tomorrow for the ASUS ZenPower Flash Sale! Limited stocks only so be like the Flash when buying. If you're interested about the specs or want to know more about Asus Zenpower you can read about it in my next post: Asus ZenPower: The World's First Credit Card-Sized Powerbank.

Hope this helps, 'til then, chows!

Make a Father's Day Card for Your Dad!

This year we honored our moms on Mother's day, bought them flowers and cakes and treated them out for a massage. I wish I could say we can do the same for our Dads, but you know... flowers? nu-uh. So, here we are ending up with a trivial Father's Day card, but why not make it yourself?

Why Make Your Own Father's Day Card
Think about it, kids do artwork for their parents when they want to show love and while most of you dear readers are already adults, it's not a bad idea to be a kid for the sake of your dad.

You are, after all, still his child. It also suggests that you took the time, put down your phone, closed your browser and actually made something for him while thinking of your memories together.

Stuff You Need

You don't need any fancy things for this. Get a thick paper, a construction paper, preferably. Maybe get some glue or washi tape, a couple of art paper, colored pens or paint (if you're feeling quite artistic) or just open Photoshop in your computer.

Grabbed this @

Sorry, that seemed contradictory, but if that's where you're best at go crazy making an awesome digital Father's Day card. After all, it's still in the line of "Homemade".

Coming Up with the Design

Think really hard on what it is your dad likes best. Hobbies? Favorite food? Or if that's a blur for you, or if there's just too many to choose from, why not draw your own dad comically? Here are some key elements you might like to add, just for design:

  • Mustache! - because Dads got mustache
  • Necktie! - most Dads wear neckties to work
  • Car! - well, because most Dads drive cars and love cars
  • Muscle Man Outline! - just to emphasize how STRONG dad is
  • Beer! - unless your Dad doesn't drink, so in that case...
  • Cup of Coffee! - because dads are usually early birds
  • Superhero Dad! - because Supermom is for Mother's Day

I'm not sure how much point I've made regarding these designs, but I hope it helped. I supposed they are just key designs to emasculate your card so it won't end up being too ordinary.

Making a Father's Day Card (For Kids)

So, for parents out there with kids it's a great idea to help them out on their card making. It's good to be ready to assist when needed but as much as possible, let your kids do everything if they want to. Here are some ideas that can entice your kids to make a Father's Day card:

  • Father's Day Coloring Card - if your kids are not into drawing a card, they surely won't mind coloring one.
  • The Polo Shirt Card - Filipinos like making the Polo Shirt Wrapper for Christmas, but this Polo Shirt Card will definitely fit in for dads this Father's Day. Here's a very easy one for your kid to try, view here.
  • Hand Print Card - because a hand-printed art craft is the best way to say "I made this for you!"
  • Foot Print Card - because hand printed cards are too common, hehe.
  • 'Insert Photo' Card - cut out a cartoon "Kalokalike" of your kid's dad and slap a cutout picture of his face on that illustration! It'll be fun!
Making a Father's Day Card (For Adults)
Unleash your creative antics, it's time to challenge art itself and make your own kind of Father's Day card. If you're in your 20s and up who still wants to give your dad a well-deserved card, here are some ideas I found on Pinterest he might like!


Making a Father's Day Card with a Toddler
If you have a toddler, he can only do so much, so the rest is up to you! Here's how Miggy and I are making our Father's Day cards! It's a work in progress:

I was originally making Routine Cards for Miggy when he took my brush and was excited to paint, so I decided to take the opportunity to make a Father's Day card. I let him get creative on his own cards, and it was fun to watch. When asked what he's painting Miggy would say it's "Payerrwoks" Translation: Fireworks

Enter Katy Perry: "Baby you're a fiiiiirework!"

Sorry there's no photo of the end result, there's a big fat chance my husband and our dads will see this post so I can only allow them a sneak peek of the goodies. But I will be completely honest, it DEFINITELY looks like a Toddler did it. And I love it! :)

If you are busy today and want to print a card instead here are some for you! Courtesy of Holiday Crafts & Creations!

Coloring Cards


A Toddler's Guide to Beating the Heat

I know, Toddlers can't read, but their parents can. Look, you're here reading this now! It's been a very hot summer and although classes have already begun, and rain is occasionally gracing the streets, it's still like an oven here in the Philippines.
Toddlers are sensitive to temperature, like old people, and they easily heat up. It's partly because they are very active and don't know when to rest. Playtime, after all, is so fun for them and new experiences are always within arm's length. Here are some ways that my husband and I kept our toddler from overheating.

Water Spray + Basin
I bought him a small spray spritz, spritzer thingy. The one you use to clean windows with, sorry I forgot what it's called.
I'd fill that with water and let Miggy have a go at the plants, the fish and the dogs. Then we'd set up a big "batcha" filled with water for him to swim in and practice his "padjak-padjak" and just not feel how bad the heat is.
In addition I sometimes would prop some toys up for target practice. He really enjoys that. Even though we were originally against toy guns for Miggy, we ended up resorting to water guns and imaginary guns instead (by that I mean invisible/ non-existent).

It works out fine, only it can be annoying when Miggy just wouldn't shut up screaming "PutchOHw putchOhw Choh chohh chohhhw!!!" which is what modern laser guns sound like in his world.

Swimming with the Fish
On some occasions, when either my husbun or I are too lazy to set up a swimming pool for him, Miggy finds a way on his own. He'd go out, bother the fish in the pond, tell them to move, kicks off his shoes and just joins them.
There came a point when the fish weren't even bothered by his feet anymore. They just swam past his legs and went on with their fishy lives.

Bathing in a Public Fountain
The only place my husbun and I go to to watch movies, have a date at and just stroll in is Alabang Town Center. At ATC Miggy knows where the playground is. Leave him to walk on his own and he'll run straight to the play area.
Whenever we go out I'm always armed with spare clothes, aside from spare diapers, wet wipes and face towels. It used to be a "just-in-case" kind of kit but eventually it served a real purpose because Miggy, as it turned out, likes to play at the fountain. So... Fountain + Happy Kid - Shoes. I supposed you know how that ends up.

Ice Sensory Play
Miggy liked holding ice cubes, so much that he scoops up the ones I put on my drink. I got frustrated enough to make colorful ice cubes and a frozen hand that he can play with.

Ice in different shapes are fun to poke around, Miggy likes the star-shaped ice we made using a cool ice tray i bought online. I have also been eyeing this robot ice tray I saw at Lazada, but I haven't saved up for it.
Like I had mentioned before, sensory play works great for toddlers. They like to experience different surfaces, the feel of objects and how substances like water, sand and slime slides off their fingers.

You can read about the other sensory play ideas that we tried. Miggy loved them all. So far, we've played with Homemade Clay, Toddler-Safe Cloud Dough and Ice Sensory Play.

A Quest for Ice Cream
Some days, no matter how hot it is, I just can't stop Miggy from going out and riding his bike. I don't always give in, but sometimes I allow him a few minutes out of the house, just so we can get some fresh air.

Being cooped up, even if you've got a fan in front of you, can make you moody. So when I do give in and let him wander outside, I make sure it's at least 4.30 pm.
The sun is still blazing sometimes during that kind of hour, so instead of just regular biking or taking walks we set out on a mission to find ice cream instead. Not all stores have ice candy or ice cream available, so it really feels like a quest.

In the end, the reward is worth it and by the time we're headed for home the afternoon clouds have rolled in with lots of shade.

Lazada's Shop Til You Blog: My First Invitation Event

A few weeks ago I was given the privilege to meet Mico and Aya of Lazada Philippines, and they introduced me to their affiliate program for bloggers. So, before heading to the topic I'd like to make one thing clear: Yes, I am promoting Lazada but No, that is not the sole purpose of my post.

I am writing this because I had an experience, and it's a FIRST and I want to share it with you. Sir Mico and Ma'am Aya invited me to Lazada's invitational event for lifestyle bloggers; Shop Til You Blog. It took place yesterday at the newest building in Ayala Ave, Discovery Primea Hotel. It was so fancy!

The Event's Venue
When I entered the building, I knew what I was in for: an exclusive invitational event for pros. Yikes. I was aware enough that the invited bloggers would be professionals and I'm pretty sure I was the only one who walked in through the entrance of the building, everyone else seemed to have come from the parking lot. Bip-bip. But that's okay, because my job makes me sit in front of the laptop for hours, so walking = exercise = awesome!

Discovery Primea Hotel is no average building, it emits "class" combined with practicality. So it's not all glass and marbles, it's also simple and efficient. I am talking about the interior, in case I got you thinking. Sorry about that, moving on... Here's what our event's room looked like. Lazada is definitely not holding out on its bloggers on this one.

Fashion Blogger Kryz Uy's Advice
Part of the event was a talk given out by Kryz Uy, a well-known fashion blogger. She shared about her roots in blogging and tips on how to present your posts, photos (especially on Instagram) and even how to deal with haters. It was refreshing to find that Kryz Uy was not snooty or mataray like I was led to believe about fashionistas. Sorry, I don't know the right word to describe fashion bloggers, um... fashionable people? You get the point. 

Kryz shared tips that applied to all kinds of bloggers and although most of what she said I already knew, she was kind enough to emphasize that No One can be You betterIt is something that I learned first and foremost from Ma'am Ginger Arboleda from Manila Workshops.

Florian Holm's Marketing Tips for Bloggers

Lazada's Marketing Chief, Sir Florian Holm reminded me of Neville Longbottom (the hot version). I apologize if my references are starting to become too...awkward. Moving on, Florian helped the bloggers understand the "cash flow" of the affiliate program and gave us tips on how to improve our commission.

He gave a more comprehensive look at how Lazada's affiliate program can help the blogging community and vice versa. It was refreshing to hear that their program is not focused on "earning" and "advertisement" but building relations and Improvement.

This is a big PLUS for me, because if I am going to make a habit of accepting offers I prefer those that are wholesome, has a deeper, well-meaning purpose and not money-focused.

Inanc Balci CEO of Lazada
It turned out to be an important event, since the co-founder and CEO of Lazada Inanc Balci was there himself, and shared their vision and goals for Lazada.

I apologize again to the readers, Lazada and Sir Inanc (if he ever stumbles on this) but I thought he was cute. Not cute in a sense that I'm attracted to him, but cute in a sense that I feel he's as intricate as he is short and that he has a dynamite personality when it comes to business, and his eyes says "assertive". Inanc Balci has the same aura as some of the people I know and it's the good kind. It was comfortable to hear him speak and maybe that made me trust what he said.

My Experience
Aside from the delicious food, (yeah, well, give me a fruit tart and some tiramisu and I'm yours) Lazada was kind enough to hold some games for the attendees, raffles and giveaways. There was a digital Bring-Me, Best Instagram Post and Tweet challenge as well. Oh, here's a view of what I ate. I'm sorry I'm a sucker for good food. Don't judge me, I like eating. That fruit tart nearly highlighted my day.

There was a lot of games with enticing prices like Polaroid glasses, headphones and Timex watches. To be honest, i could not remember the names of all the sponsors, but I do have a favorite, Proppy socks :D I like colorful things, if it's not obvious enough. Anyway, I can't describe the whole event because a lot happened so here are some photos instead. 

There was also a mini-game courtesy of Polaroid glasses where you shoot hoops through these colorful bottles. It's very attractive and it's the only booth that allows people to interact with the product. They encouraged me to try a few shades on but, I was too shy... plus I have glasses on so. It's not gonna work haha!

How I Managed
I honestly did not know what to do and who to talk to. At first, I was intimidated because most of the crowd were fashion bloggers and there were already groups in the event. It seems that almost everybody knows everybody already and that made me feel like a tadpole in a koi fish pond.

Luckily I was able to befriend someone and an experienced blogger, Ma'am Corrine of Single Mom Super Mom. I had read some of her posts before and it was exciting that I got to meet the person behind those articles. She made the whole event feel more natural for me. I want to just say Thank you tita Coreen! I appreciate everything! I'm sorry I never got a photo with you, but I hope we can meet again someday. 

I realize now that I am still naive and new to the industry. Putting myself out there is really helping me understand that I am now part of a verrrrryyy big community that relies a lot on social media. I am both excited and afraid, and for the first time I think it's an appropriate reaction.

I really should brush up on my social skills, because I couldn't find much in common with most of the bloggers at the event. I'm sure there's something to talk about, I just need to practice on how to be more approachable and how to approach others. Noted!

What I Got from the Event
I will make this brief because my post has run on for too long, you've probably skipped half of it if not scrolled through to the end. Here are the benefits I sowed from Lazada's #ShopTilYouBlog event. #LazadaPH

  • Freebies! I am not cheap, I'm real. I like freebies and so do you.
  • A new acquaintance; Tita Corrine.
  • A new method of earning: Lazada's Affiliate Program.
  • Intro to the world of blogging (the community).
  • Realizations: I look like I don't comb my hair but that's okay because Content is More Important (sabi po ni Ma'am Kryz eh)

Shopping with Lazada
What Sir Inanc shared with us was sensible and true: Lazada offers convenient online shopping that allows buyers to trust them in their own terms. It's the first online shopping site that provides Cash on Delivery payment. The only services I know that does that is Pizza delivery, and I personally feel that it's the kind of convenience that work-at-home parents like me can definitely take advantage of. When I first heard of Lazada, the immediate comparison that came to mind was Amazon except this one is local and I can be sure my products are legitimate.

Lazada's Affiliate Program (In a Nutshell)
So basically, if you're an affiliate blogger of Lazada, you will earn through incentives for every successful transaction, provided that the buyer visited Lazada through your blog or website. For example, if you click this link of mine and then buys something from Lazada and pays for it, I get to earn between 5% and 10% depending on the product you purchase.
(sige na pindutin mo na yung link *wink* *wink*)

Lazada will know that the buyer was directed to their site from yours via personalized links. The percentages of commissions vary depending on the kind of product the buyer purchases from Lazada, courtesy of your blog.

So the more buyers you direct to Lazada, the more you earn. So, let's say bloggers are, in a way,the sales people except there's no need for showcasing and over-advertisement. Lazada will simply borrow a small space from your blog and in exchange, you earn when someone visits through it. Simple enough, right?

How to Become and Affiliate
If you are interested, you can apply for Lazada's Affiliate Program through this link. Or if you like clicking photos, here's one below :) Click away!

If you do prefer to talk about it first, or would like to know more about, send me a message and I'll be happy to help. Here are my contact details. Sorry about that, I like hyperlinks :)

Wrapping it Up!
So that's about it. I practically wrote a short novel and I'm sorry you had to go through that, but I didn't want to leave anything out. This post ate up half my day already and I wasn't even able to show all my photos.

But, you know...if I gave out any more information you'd condemn me na and I don't want to bore anyone. I hope you find this post useful, especially for first-time bloggers like me and... that's about it. I'm out of words. Cheers!

June ART WORKSHOPS for You and Your Kids!

As promised, this June is full of CREATIVITY! So, for anyone out there who wants to try their hand at Painting or Lettering, Manila Workshops has a few nifty events for you. To make it more fun, have your kid tag along and see if he's into art and who knows, maybe he's more of a Picasso than a Michael Jordan. Give it a try! Heeeeere they are:

Calligraphy is still a mobile bandwagon and there's time to jump in! If you're into lettering, particularly calligraphy; Ted Mosby is that you? then this Brush Lettering workshop should give you a sense of accomplishment!
One among many in the Calligraphy Workshop Series by Memory Crafters and Zig Philippines, Basic Brush Lettering will be taught by none other than Charmaigne Cabugnason.

What to Expect:
Tips and Tricks in Creating Your Own Lettering
Basic Brush Handling
Letter Angling and Stroke Techniques
Organic Treats! from the Farm Organics (translate: FREE FOOD beybe!)

When: June 13, 2015 at 11:00 am - 2:30 pm(Saturday)
Where: The Farm Organics, Unit F106 Forbeswoods Hts, Rizal Drive, BGC, Taguig

Fee: 1,800 php comes with:
Workshop Kit
Snacks & Drinks
Sponsor Freebies!

Registration: Register HERE @ ManilaWorkshops

Don't forget to USE this REFERRAL CODE on the Registration Form:

** MDAB - BBL2015 **
For Inquiries: Contact 0926-616-7720

My artistic tendencies blossomed through oil pastel painting. School poster-making contests revolved around oil pastel painting, it's one of the easiest tools to use for making art, especially for children. It's not as rough and crusty as crayons and at the same time it's not hard to manipulate like oil paints. So, if you think you or your child will enjoy learning a few techniques in oil pastel painting, register for this workshop.
Manila Workshops and Young Advocates presents this Oil Pastel Painting workshop for children of all ages. Jennifer Villanueva, this workshop's instructor, is the founder of Young Advocates. It's anon-profit environmental arts organization where she conducts a series of art workshops.

What to Expect:
Preliminary Line Drawing
How to Establish Light and Dark Tones
How to Intensify Dark Tones
How to Balance Lines and Colors

When: June 27, 2015 at 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (Saturday)
Where: Mothercare 3/L The Podium Mall, 18 ADM Ave. Ortigas, Mandaluyong

Fee: 1,100 php comes with:
Workshop Kit
Snacks & Drinks
Sponsor Freebies!

Registration: Register HERE @ ManilaWorkshops

Don't forget to Indicate that you Learned About the Workshop from:
** Happimess Blog **
For Inquiries: Contact 0926-616-7720

Another workshops by Young Advocates in partnership with Manila Workshops is the Basic Acrylic Painting. An art class your creative child will enjoy. It can also help your kid keep in touch with his creative side, if he hasn't tried it yet.

This workshop is open to kids age 8 and above! Register your kid if he wants to learn to paint or practice his skills and improve his talent this summer!

What to Expect:
Proper Brush Handling
Basic Stroke Techniques
How to Establish Light and Dark Tones
How to Intensify Dark Tones
How to Balance Lines and Colors

When: June 27, 2015 at 1:30 am - 4:30 pm (Saturday)
Where: Mothercare 3/L The Podium Mall, 18 ADM Ave. Ortigas, Mandaluyong

Fee: 1,100 php comes with:
Workshop Kit
Snacks & Drinks
Sponsor Freebies!

Registration: Register HERE @ ManilaWorkshops

Don't forget to Indicate that you Learned About the Workshop from:
** Happimess Blog **
For Inquiries: Contact 0926-616-7720