FoodPanda Give One Get One Contest

12:27:00 AM

I came across FoodPanda's Give One Get One Contest and since I'm a sucker for freebies, and don't mind the occasional possibility of winning something nifty, here I am joining.

Order Food Delivery Online in the Philippines with FoodPanda!
To those who are not yet familiar with FoodPanda, it's an online site that helps you find all available food deliveries in the country, mostly in Manila. You can find which restaurants near your area has a delivery service. There's also menus and contact information so... you're basically being handed everything you need to know. Now all you need is pick, dial, pay and eat!

I nominate my cousin, the only other relative I know who shares a "kilig" for promos, freebies and giveaways, Hanna: Mother of SophieYes, may titulo pa! hahaha! Hope you enjoy this mini thingy, there's a free calendar :)

Here's my set of questions:
  1. If you could choose which restaurant/ fast food/ food chain or kung anu man that you could have next door, what would it be? Why?

  2. If Sophie asked you to take her to Disneyland Hongkong (yung mas murang version muna, realistic tayo konti hehe) would you?

Miss-miss ko na miss Sophie :) To the reader, if you're a Christian at heart who is still learning about motherhood and being married, VISIT my cousin's BLOG! 

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