Tell-Tale Signs Your Toddler is Ready to Potty Train!

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A lot of arguably old people say that "in the old days" kids could be potty trained as early as a year old. Of course, in the medical and psychological world, kids become ready for potty training when they are at least 2 to 3 years of age. Still, there are a small percentage of children who somehow go rogue and potty train while they're young and wild and free. 

Personally, I just believe that it will be massively easier for the both of us if we wait until he's ready for this change in his life. See, it's always been this way: the best time for changes and growing up is always decided by the child not the well-meaning mom, sorry mommies. So how can you tell if they are ready? Are there visual or obvious signs that they are up for it? Of course! Would I be posting this if there weren't? Sheesh hot momma, relax and scan through this list of signs and see whether or not you're about to go through some shitty moments with your kid.

We don't teach our kids this, or have not yet taught them about the value of privacy but somehow they develop the ability to sense that it's common etiquette. So, your kid drifts away from the crowd, probably crawls under the table and into a very, very, very secluded corner. It seems as though the "special spot" small enough for a parent to get to but big enough for him to stand or even squat in. Regardless of the space, for some reason he's been there for a while and you just don't understand why he's not bothered by the dust or possible cockroach attacks. Maybe a couple of sniffs and the answer to your questions will come to you, most eloquently.

It's not a pretty face. It's a cross between "ASIM!" (sour) and "Baaakiiit!?! Bakit mo'ko iniwaaan???!" (why have you forsaken me!?) However you wish to describe this kind of grimace, if it goes one for a minute or more, you'll be making the same face soon once you peek at your adorable child's diaper.

To go along with that cute scrunched up face, there's the matching sound effect: that "May Matindi Akong Pinag-dadaanan" (I am going through a difficult situation) kind of grunt. You can't deny the fact that he does have a heavy burden, and you definitely can't escape that burden either because it has been released into the world where you are in charge of cleaning everything up.

Sometimes kids just won't admit what they've done, no matter how obvious it already is. When I am busy with work or bumming around the house, the only sign that gives Miggy away that he's pooped is when he does that walk. If you've ever watched a comedy from the early 90s, there is always a guy who would walk along an alley or road carrying two heavy buckets of water tied to a staff resting over his shoulders. He'd walk feet apart, almost completely squatting, carefully inching his steps forward just to keep water from spilling over. Yeah, well that's how my son tries to prevent his poop from spilling from his diapers.

Every kid has one., they use it to tell you about their best magic trick so far; an appearing act! All of a sudden you're obligated to put whatever you're doing down because there's a surprise waiting for you in his teeny little diaper. For me, Miggy's magic sentence is "Mamaaa, hugas pweeet."He tells you he's done it, he tells you he wants to do it or that he is going to do it right where he's standing. Him being vocal and honest about it couldn't be a more obvious sign he's ready to be potty trained. If that doesn't translate to "potty train me now", I don't know what does.

Other Signs to Consider:

Your kid keeps looking at you or knocking at your bathroom door while you try to relieve yourself. It seems that he is demanding to know what the hell is going on in there, either because it smells like death or he is just curious why you need to be so private about it. Either way, it is a contributing sign that your little one is getting curious and could be ready to potty train soon. How so? Well, you can't really teach somebody something new if is he's not interested in it at all. That's one of the reasons why there are people who spend months in a foreign land but come home still not able to speak a single sentence in that country's language.

It always starts with curiosity, if he sits down on his potty trainer a lot and can even stay there for more than 2 minutes, it's a good sign. Why? because that means once you've started potty training him, you can be sure that once he sits his butt down he stays his butt down until he's done.

That's really all the signs I can think of right now...I hope that helped enough, but I will probably update this post in a couple of hours, or days. Until then, I hope you do enjoy looking at your little one's signature facial expression when he's taking a dump. it's a priceless face, and it always makes me laugh.

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