Spend an "Anti-Hyperactive" Afternoon With Your Kid

Two year olds are great, full of tantrums, can be extremely noisy and demanding, but great. Kids from this age until around 4 years old have high energy, and I don't mean high as in just active but high as in almost dangerously adventurous. At least some kids are, but other kids are as well-behaved as angels. In this case, here are some good activities you can share with your toddler to help tone down the hyperactivity and at the same time satisfy their need to experience new things:

Artsy Fartsy - Crafty Wafties

Toddlers love sensory play' touching things, stretching them out, throwing them, rolling them off tables and squishing them til their dead, i mean, pulped.

Miggy and I liked making homemade clay, here's a recipe on how. Arts and crafts let toddlers explore with their hands and improve their motor skills. Of course, it helps them tap into their creative side. You can pretend-play with clay, mold some cars or a sunny-side up and just let your kid do all the squishing and blobby destruction. 

The Great Outdoors

On the pro-life and non-destructive side, why not invest on something that your toddler can play with outside? Here are some great outdoor play ideas you can try:
  • sandbox
  • plant box
  • little swimming pool
  • mini playground
  • jumping jamboree
I'm not that rich yet, so I let Miggy play on a plant box instead. I let him "help" me plant an onion spring outside. A sand box would even be better, see how your little one will make his own imaginary village or sand dunes.

You know why outdoor activities will work great for your kids? Here are some awesome reasons:
  1. Sunlight, OoOh Sunlight! - Yes Vitamin D and a natural tan!
  2. Change of scenery! - That room is starting to feel like a prison, I swear I'll go crazy!
  3. Environmental Exposure - The more you're exposed the more you become immune!
  4. Nothing Like a Good Sweat - So you want to exercise your kid without the chasing involved?
  5. The Scenery - I see treeees of greeen, red rowses tooo!
Kiddie Kitchen
Cooking is fun, or baking, as long as you don't actually let your kid heat the pan or set the muffin on fire. To better enjoy this activity in particular, let your kid do the mixing and preparation for cooking. Never mind how messy it's gonna be. Think about it, would you rather clean up flour or blood and broken teeth? I'm exaggerating, but you get the point.

We have this plastic knife with hardly any serrations, I let Miggy use that to cut his own little tomatoes and fruits whenever he interferes with my Chefeeling moments. In baking, I let Miggy mix our pancake ingredients, he seems to enjoy stirring the bowl or just dumping in the sugar and flour. Of course, when it comes to cooking the pancake, I just ask him what shape he wants and, well here's what becomes of our cooking adventure:

The laughing and excitement uses up his energy and leaves him somewhat tired. In reality, he hasn't really run around or climbed a double-decked bed. These activities may sound like boring things to do in the afternoon, given that you're mostly sitting around and conversing with your kid. Oh, wait, that's not boring at all, you're bonding with your kid!

Seriously, spend as much time with your toddler. he's at that age where he could develop a K.S.P (kulang sa pansin) syndrome. Want to get another hint on how to tone down that hyperactivity? Exchange stories with your kid. The more he tells you stories, the more he dries up his saliva and ends up tired that napping won't be such a fuss anymore. Try it, it could work.

That First Bazaar Experience

I haven't been selling any items online from Miggy's Baggets Shop for a few months now ever since my husband got a better job. For some reason, being provided for has made me lazy. So I decided to join The Mind Planet Two-rrific Anniversary last Sunday, March 1, 2015.

I immediately learned a lot of things from that single day of bazaar-ing and I must say, I was such a noob people had no difficulty in haggling with me. To help anyone who would like to know what it's like to sell products at a bazaar, here are some of the things I immediately took notice of and are definitely in my list of lessons learned. That is, if you don't mind hearing some pointers from a bazaar first-timer.

Bring Necessities!
Water, food, diaper for your toddler and extra clothes for sweaty pits. Seriously, bring water. You probably have an idea already that it's not that easy to get up and leave your booth whenever you like, or need to. It's gonna be boring but also tiring just being at the booth, waiting on possible buyers and warily glancing for possible thieves. You will get hungry, you will get extremely thirsty and your son will unload at some point. You will be spared a lot of stress if you bring the right provisions, and wet wipes (in case the restroom doesn't have water).

Theme/ Uniformity
What I immediately noticed when we arrived at the bazaar was how uniform or whole the idea and theme of each booth was! I came with a gamut of products that did not all fall into the same category. I had brand new, pre-loved and also imported items. I had clothes to sell, shoes, toys, bags, wallets and books too. When I looked around me everyone was either selling just food, just clothes, just beauty products or just fashion accessories. Almost none of the booths around me sold more than one category of item. When we set up my booth, it looked like a mini "tiangge-an" on its own, and looked messy.

Fair Prices with Additional -for Haggling Insurance
If you want to sell at the bazaar, sell your items at very reasonable prices. If you think that the people who will be visiting the bazaar you're joining will be haggling their way to happiness, add around 10% to your items' normal price. That should keep your head above water. When haggling ensures, no matter what, don't let the haggler buy your item below the normal price. Let the 10% you added be the arena for you and your customer to settle the price. In this way, you won't have to get "lugi" (lose profit) and make "uwi" (go home) all sad and full of "pagsisisi" (regret).

Table Space
Before diving in with all your items, it's probably best to know how big the table for the booth will be and how many items it can hold. We got there and realized a 2x2 ft table was not enough to showcase our "great-great-finds" items. We had to get a folding table from our house and harbor two mono-block chairs just to set-up some of the bags. That made our booth a lot messier in appearance. I later found out you could actually ask the coordinators for an extra table, sheesh.

Don't Over-Sell, Give Customers Some Space
Personally, as a customer who is just looking at a shop, I find it irritable when the sales person follows me and keeps talking about every item I touch. I saw the same discomfort with the people who passed by my booth at the bazaar when I tried to encourage them about my items. What do I know after all? So... I changed my strategy. Instead of approaching them I merely stood up from my seat and displayed my most sincere smile, ever. It didn't make me more approachable as a person, but it seems that it made me a harmless seller. People seem to prefer that, someone who wouldn't pounce on or aggressively pursue you just for the opportunity of selling.

Booth Presentation
Seryos-ly... it matters. People passed by our booth like it was a garage sale, only kids were ever really so interested with our items. I rearranged our booth at least 4 times that day, just to make it look presentable.

Because of little table space, no hangers and hardly any solid category to fall on, our items looked messy no matter what I did. It was obvious people couldn't tell which items were pre-loved and which ones were brand new and often get mixed reactions about prices.

Don't Bring a Kid With You
The Mind Planet's bazaar was fun and kid-friendly, but any other bazaar wouldn't be an ideal place to bring your kid to. Mind Planet's bazaar started at 9am and closed down at 7pm. It's not that long for regular bazaars but it's long enough to bore your kid or get him exhausted. The Mind Planet prepared their event for this by setting up a small activity table where kids could color, draw and play building blocks and shape sorters. That helped a lot of parents with their active kids.

What to Do When You Have to Bring a Kid
If you do decide to take your kid with you, well, invest in a nanny. I, on the other hand, used the power of the Ninong/ Ninang obligation and took advantage of my sister's kindness by asking her to accompany me at the bazaar all day. We swapped places every now and then. Sometimes she stayed to guard our items for sale while I pay other booths for food Miggy snatched. Another reason why your kids shouldn't stay with you at the bazaar: you'll purchase more than you'll sell.

Advertise Yourself through Business Cards, Calling Cards and Brochures
So when you are at the bazaar people pass you by, a lot, probably more than you realize. Maximize the benefit of that kind of traffic. If you are an entrepreneur print a bunch of business cards or flier with your contact details and professional site.

Hand your business cards to people who intentionally visit your booth. Even if they don't buy, give them a card. Who knows, maybe they just didn't have money to spend at the moment that's why they didn't buy anything, but your card will certainly entice them to check your site. Being such an unprepared first-timer, i handed out these handmade bookmarks. I feel like a high0school kid selling bracelets at school on foundation day...my gaaaahd!

If You Can, Sell Your Most Affordable Products
Bazaar in tagalog is "tiangge" and people go there for great great finds, which equates to affordable items. People like to go home from shopping with enough money left for some surprise expenses the next day. They also expect to acquire more items for less than the usual store price, so pre-loved items could be a hit, if not wholesale ones. My bestsellers were Miggy's own pre-loved items; his cute slippers, shoes and some pajamas he was never able  wear. Even those darn "bigkis" bundles sold out quickly.

Have Fun
Being a booth vendor is not all that fun, especially when you're alone, but I promise you that if you try and see the positive of it you will have fun. Talking to your booth neighbors should make the whole experience better and less, well, boring. You may make new friends or customers, but you certainly won't be dozing off and risk losing profitable items.


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Tell-Tale Signs Your Toddler is Ready to Potty Train!

A lot of arguably old people say that "in the old days" kids could be potty trained as early as a year old. Of course, in the medical and psychological world, kids become ready for potty training when they are at least 2 to 3 years of age. Still, there are a small percentage of children who somehow go rogue and potty train while they're young and wild and free. 

Personally, I just believe that it will be massively easier for the both of us if we wait until he's ready for this change in his life. See, it's always been this way: the best time for changes and growing up is always decided by the child not the well-meaning mom, sorry mommies. So how can you tell if they are ready? Are there visual or obvious signs that they are up for it? Of course! Would I be posting this if there weren't? Sheesh hot momma, relax and scan through this list of signs and see whether or not you're about to go through some shitty moments with your kid.

We don't teach our kids this, or have not yet taught them about the value of privacy but somehow they develop the ability to sense that it's common etiquette. So, your kid drifts away from the crowd, probably crawls under the table and into a very, very, very secluded corner. It seems as though the "special spot" small enough for a parent to get to but big enough for him to stand or even squat in. Regardless of the space, for some reason he's been there for a while and you just don't understand why he's not bothered by the dust or possible cockroach attacks. Maybe a couple of sniffs and the answer to your questions will come to you, most eloquently.

It's not a pretty face. It's a cross between "ASIM!" (sour) and "Baaakiiit!?! Bakit mo'ko iniwaaan???!" (why have you forsaken me!?) However you wish to describe this kind of grimace, if it goes one for a minute or more, you'll be making the same face soon once you peek at your adorable child's diaper.

To go along with that cute scrunched up face, there's the matching sound effect: that "May Matindi Akong Pinag-dadaanan" (I am going through a difficult situation) kind of grunt. You can't deny the fact that he does have a heavy burden, and you definitely can't escape that burden either because it has been released into the world where you are in charge of cleaning everything up.

Sometimes kids just won't admit what they've done, no matter how obvious it already is. When I am busy with work or bumming around the house, the only sign that gives Miggy away that he's pooped is when he does that walk. If you've ever watched a comedy from the early 90s, there is always a guy who would walk along an alley or road carrying two heavy buckets of water tied to a staff resting over his shoulders. He'd walk feet apart, almost completely squatting, carefully inching his steps forward just to keep water from spilling over. Yeah, well that's how my son tries to prevent his poop from spilling from his diapers.

Every kid has one., they use it to tell you about their best magic trick so far; an appearing act! All of a sudden you're obligated to put whatever you're doing down because there's a surprise waiting for you in his teeny little diaper. For me, Miggy's magic sentence is "Mamaaa, hugas pweeet."He tells you he's done it, he tells you he wants to do it or that he is going to do it right where he's standing. Him being vocal and honest about it couldn't be a more obvious sign he's ready to be potty trained. If that doesn't translate to "potty train me now", I don't know what does.

Other Signs to Consider:

Your kid keeps looking at you or knocking at your bathroom door while you try to relieve yourself. It seems that he is demanding to know what the hell is going on in there, either because it smells like death or he is just curious why you need to be so private about it. Either way, it is a contributing sign that your little one is getting curious and could be ready to potty train soon. How so? Well, you can't really teach somebody something new if is he's not interested in it at all. That's one of the reasons why there are people who spend months in a foreign land but come home still not able to speak a single sentence in that country's language.

It always starts with curiosity, if he sits down on his potty trainer a lot and can even stay there for more than 2 minutes, it's a good sign. Why? because that means once you've started potty training him, you can be sure that once he sits his butt down he stays his butt down until he's done.

That's really all the signs I can think of right now...I hope that helped enough, but I will probably update this post in a couple of hours, or days. Until then, I hope you do enjoy looking at your little one's signature facial expression when he's taking a dump. it's a priceless face, and it always makes me laugh.