Why Baby Onesies Have Envelope Shoulders

10:16:00 PM

I never questioned why onesies had shoulders like that; those envelope-like folds on them.
If anything, I thought they were there so you could easily put a towel on your baby's back when he's getting pretty active. I didn't realize it had a more practical purpose, also such a simple one that it's easy to overlook it.

Disclaimer: Not my Photo and Not my Video either.
I grabbed them Online from the blog I read it from: Tiaras & Prozac and at Youtube

Special Thanks to Mama Undone at Tiaras & Prozac I've been given light to how these things are supposed to work and help mums worldwide.

In case you've got slow internet connection or just prefer to read rather than watch, here's the great revelation on why baby onesies have envelope shoulders:

I know what you're thinking, "That's It?!" But no, that's not it. Onesies are designed with flaps like that so you could take them off more easily during a poopy incident. Yep, the dirty ordeal. If you're a mom you have probably experienced a poop incident where your baby is so soiled that he's wailing from discomfort. It become ten times harder to change him because he won't let you pull his onesies over his head. Then there's also the danger of poop stain sticking unto your child's face while you're pulling it over his head. For the sake of your child's lovely face, and to fix the blunder fast, onesies are designed with these envelope shoulders that you can pull back, roll down and finally remove from your baby.

I bet you would be trying it sometime soon, even when baby hasn't pooped or wet his diaper yet. I was going to give it a go as soon as I read this nifty fact, but I realized I don't have a baby anymore because he's suddenly a toddler now who runs away from me when he poops. That's a different poopy incident to solve... which has given me an idea to write about on my blog! Thank you poop!

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