My #MerrySMChristmas Gift Hunting Tradition!

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A Merry SM Christmas for me means gift hunting with my family, it's a tradition in every Filipino family, I think. Here's how SM has become a big part of my family's Christmas:


Every year on Christmas, my in-laws hold an exchange gift party at their home. It has become a family tradition, aside from the obvious gift-giving. We buy random gifts for the exchange like squeaky toys that light up and bounce, or slimy things meant for 8 year olds but sometimes awesome things like color-changing mugs. It's fun because you don't know if you'll get a real gift or a joke.

The minimum value for our exchange gift ranged from 150 to 300 pesos, but lately it got stuck at 150 php. Money don’t come in like it used to before, so the past 2 years every December we set out to look for the most cheerful gift that’s just within the budget. Our “suki” place for our budget but booming gifts is no place other than the SM department store and mall!

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For one thing, our moms love the place. My mother in law loves watching in the cinemas there with the whole family. SM Sta.Rosa is our favourite SM Mall, it‘s where we bond on several occasions. Family bonding would not be complete without the movies at SM. As for the gift hunting, there's no better place to find the best for less.


I believe that the average Filipino has experienced at least one SM mall in his lifetime. Let's admit, not all SM malls or branches are fancy, but they all somehow appeal to the public. They are homier than the other malls you can go to, and they’re almost always 30 minutes away from key places. I remember that as a college student SM Manila was the place to visit for a quick year-round gift.

The vibe of the place is always cheerful, and there always seems to be something happening: events, singing, celebrities visiting or food fairs at the activity center. I know you understand what I mean by this. Check out this video to see what SM is usually like. Even celebrities enjoy going and there’s always something to look forward to and find! See this video of Cheska and Kendra Kramer at SM!

For me, an SM Christmas is for the average Filipino family; as it has been for mine and many countless others. Christmas would not be the same if we didn’t come by and spend time at SM; be it at Sta. Rosa, Ayala or Muntinlupa. SM is for every kind of family; everyone is welcome and everyone gets happy.


Going back to our #MerrySMChristmas gift hunting, searching for gifts is not the real challenge. If there’s any challenge in finding gifts at SM malls, it’s the challenge of choosing which one to buy. There's countless items on sale that make me tear at my hair and grind my teeth sometimes. You go crazy over shopping! Don't mind the price, in fact there's plenty of 99 php and 149 php worth of goodies to go around. If you want to dish out, you still get to save more because of discounts.

Which is why I encourage you to visit SM for the thrill of shopping thrill, come on, it’s never far. While you’re at the task of hunting for gifts, you might want to check out their cute and cuddly SM Cares' Bears of Joy. I think it’ll be a wonderful gift for expecting nieces, daughters and granddaughters everywhere. Personally, I feel it’s a beautiful gift for a newborn baby girl. I remember teddy bears as always being warm, they're always  nice to hug.

CLICK ON THE PHOTO for more Details or HERE

What's even better is that for every bought care bear you buy, similar ones will be given to children from various orphanages in the Philippines. All this is possible through the SM Cares Program, a division of the SM Foundation Inc. 


There is no place better to shop for the perfect gift for me than SM. Whether it's a budget gift or an expensive one, you'll always have the opportunity to get it for less. In addition to that, you'll never run out of things to do and experience. I am always either a happy shopper or a happy window shopper at SM, and I like my holidays that way. If you feel the same way as I do you’ll definitely love SM’s Official Events page HERE. Or click the banner below to visit the page.

You can learn about promos, upcoming sales and events that are especially made for the Holidays. Go on and schedule your visit and don’t miss on the fun Christmas events that your family, especially the kids, can enjoy. And don't forget, the ultimate Christmas gift is just around the corner of SM!

I hope this treat makes your holidays extra special. As for me, I am certain I’ll have a #MerrySMChristmas this year!

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