Prepare for Motherhood! Be Responsible and Be Strong!

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         One thing about being a mom for the first time is that you're never sure when you'll be free to do things that you like. Cross that, you're not even sure if you still have the privilege to pee at times. You need to prepare for this overwhelming fact.

         Yes, sometimes it's that bad, but of course there are lighter moments. They go hand in hand, like many things in life: the good and the bad moments. It's just the same in being a mom but with just a few more challenges than you're used to. If you're familiar with the feeling of cramming for school, then you should be prepared enough for the saboteurs of motherhood. I'm not saying this as a scare tactic to push new mothers into alertness.

I'm saying this because:

  1. It's the Truth.
  2. Being twice prepared for it will save you tons of energy.
  3. There's no other way to put it, really. If I cover it in sugary kindness, it'll be like sending you out to buy eggs in a snowstorm without boots.

Being a mom is not the same as owning a dog. I am saying this because a lot of people seem to think that taking care of a kid is somewhat similar to taking care of a puppy. I am telling you now, in big bold letters: NO. IT ISN'T.

If you want me to go crazy here and rant about how immature that idea is, I could, but I wouldn't. Instead, I am going to tell you why it is not so.

A puppy grows fast. It becomes an adult dog after 1 full year.

       A child takes years to raise; if not most; all of your life to care for.

You can discipline a puppy or a dog through scare tactics and even occasional punishment. You will get dark looks from PETA freaks and animal lovers if you hit an animal, but you can freely do it without guilt if you see it fit.

      You cannot discipline, harm or scare a child in the same way. A puppy might grow up to become an obedient master-fearing dog but a child will grow up rebellious, disturbed or depressed because of you. If you are ever found out for child abuse, it's the prison for you.

You can leave a dog tied up or locked in a cage while you leave and go about your life to work, search for your soul or find love. They will eat, pee and shit when they like however they like and you don't need to clean up after until you get back.

      You don't have the luxury of "being away" when shit happens around a child. That is your baby, and when he or she messes up you are the one held responsible not the child. You will clean up asap and there is no excuse in the world valid for not being there when he or she needs you.

A puppy may be quite like a baby; small, innocent and growing. But a baby or child can never be like a puppy or any of your beloved pets. They are more sensitive and you are more responsible and obligated to care for them. They do not come from pet shops or a surprise gift from someone.

Nobody gave birth to or created your child but you, and so nobody has more right and more wrong to that child than you.

Suck up what ever fear you have for your own future, because this is what you are NOW. Right now, no one is in more need than the baby you have in your arms and no one is more capable of giving that safety and security than You. Be the savior that you could never find in others. Be the strength that you had always held on to when you feel like giving it all up. Don't condemn or blame a child for a life unlived. There's always a way around responsibilities, believe me. I've going through it now. You just need to stay positive and learn to set priorities.

Don't be afraid. Be strong. If you are, so will your child and this will help him become independent. The more independent and strong he becomes, the more time you can gain back for yourself. It takes a lot of time, you will sacrifice much but they will all be rewarded sooner than you think.

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