NESCAFÉ Cappuccino is the most indulgent coffee I’ve ever had!

6:36:00 AM

By definition, indulgent is something that brings so much pleasure that it spoils you. It is what we describe one thing that pampers us. Sometimes, we begin to wonder if it’s wrong or just too good to feel right.

Like a toddler with too many toys, a work-at-home mom like me can never have too much coffee. This is what I find indulgent, more than most things. You would think that a trip to the spa or a JCO donut would be my heaven, but it’s actually coffee; a cup of 3-in-1 on an early morning to be specific.

I am not a posh mum. I am nothing like those shiny mothers who have straight, re-bonded hair who can walk like a queen on heels the size of success. I don’t have the luxury or the time to go out and get myself a Frappuccino. If anything, I am able to get a full body massage twice a year, and have been able to enjoy a 30 peso muffin from our local bakery from time to time.

So... yes, I don’t have the money or the time to buy a hot Americano and sink into a warm couch while reading an awesome book. Hell, I don’t have the money to buy a new book. . . but I have the money and time to buy a 3-in-1. I have the means and at least I am not so picky, because there are a lot of things out there worth trying that don’t even cost more than a hundred.

 If you’ve ever seen or heard of the Nescafe Cappuccino 3-in-1 well that’s my kind of indulgence. It's the best cappuccino I've ever had. I love to sit in front of my laptop at the dining table with a cup of Nescafe Cappuccino while writing. It’s not really a getaway when I think about it, because I am actually working, but this coffee in particular makes it feel like I’m somewhere peaceful and time slows down.
I know what you’re thinking; a Nescafe Cappuccino is nothing like the freshly brewed coffee you get out of a coffee machine, or the ones they hand you at Starbucks.

Honestly, for me Nescafe Cappuccino is to Starbucks coffee as adobo is to fine dining adobo. It’s basically just the same. It’s just that the other one has ingredients you’d never dream of being able to buy. But for me homemade is always so much better, and I can do without the exotic ingredients. It’s certainly more affordable, and maybe that’s why I find a 3-in-1 coffee more indulgent. Think about it; things don’t always have to be expensive in order for it to pamper you. I get my back massage in the living room and my masseuse is my husband. It costs me 20 minutes of pleading with pouty lips and batting my eyes, and it indulges me.
I love my Nescafe Cappuccino. I find its creamy froth indulgent, because I like how it touches my lips. It feels nothing different from a cappuccino at a coffee bar. It’s not just the brand, it’s the taste. The caffeine kicks in gently, smothers me in creaminess hidden beneath all that sweet chocolate sprinkles.

Having this cup of creamy warmth for less is nice and it still makes you feel like rich; it’s a pampering experience. It’s what moms like me, that are so financially wary and time-pressured, that appreciate the little things like this. I feel that I deserve this warmth, this taste. It pampers me because I don’t need to worry about dishing out. I can have it anytime I want, because I can; because it takes 3 minutes to boil water and barely 1 minute to stir a cup.

So there it is, a Nestle Cappuccino at 5 am with the laptop in front of me and my mind is at ease. In motherhood coupled with working and housekeeping, coffee is more than enough. It’s one of the little things you look forward to, it’s one of those little things that make time slow down and you get your hard earned break.

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