10:44:00 PM

Wow, Blessings can come in bundles :)
Anyway I have been too busy to write because I have been too busy writing for money to push this Buy-and-Sell I dove into. My husband and I have been scheming on this for a while now and three weeks ago we suddenly took the risk and dove into the business. Although it's still early I am happy to say we decided to make a Facebook Page for it and looking at it makes me happy!

It is definitely new, two days old actually, but I am hoping to get twice the number of orders as before. If things go smoothly I might have more time to write for fun than for money. So, to all readers out there, if you have the time or are looking for something Cute and Unique please Check out Our store: Baggets Online

We sell bags and hoodies. Our catalogue is still small but we have some interesting products. It is also run by only two people, my husband and me, so forgive us if we can't provide the instant services of almost all online stores. Anyway, check it out, and Have Fun!

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