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11:22:00 AM

It's a mantra not known to many and would be confused with the saying "Take Time.." but Making Time is rooted on a very different idea.

All our lives we are bound by our responsibilities, obligations, relationships, tasks and ties. We are even bound by our passion and abilities. There is always a point when there never seem to be enough time for it all.

When you are at your career's peek, relationships dwindle and time for yourself withers away. And when you find that solace, your work and responsibilities falter and imbalance occurs. We always find ourselves rushing to save a tipping glass somewhere in the hopes of finding time to relax. What people often forget is that There is a Time for Everything.

We only need make time for it.

If you know how to manage your time well enough, you will soon find yourself abundant with it. It's not about rushing things to get done or squeezing in schedules to fit everything in. It's about prioritizing your goals over your indulgences and keeping a straight line of work. Putting boundaries for working hours and setting aside family time makes everything simple.

Making one day a specific day for something helps:
Tuesdates for my hubby.
Sunday for my family.
Saturday with my friends.
Friday for myself.
And every weekdays' morning to work.

You can make time by allotting time. It's like playing Tetris on your day, rotate the tasks and fit them into your hours where they won't block others that might come. When each task fits in, you eliminate the clutter and gain enough room for other activities.

When things are crushing in on you and you feel like tossing in the towel or bombarding the bedroom for hibernation, reset your clock. Game Over is never really over, you can always restart and do better based on experience. Make your schedule, make your priorities and make time work for you as you make each day easier to live through.

Balancing your day, your week, your month, your year and your life all begins in making time. So stop fighting time or avoiding the pending tasks, fit them where they should and enjoy the excess you receive for a hard day's work.

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