How Online Stores Can Benefit You

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              Moms like me with no jobs don't get to go out very much, nowhere beyond the grocery story and plaza. So every time I earn some money online, I jump at the chance to go on a date with my family. Unfortunately, shopping outside sometimes feels like an inconvenience more than an enjoyment.

             I end up spending more than I intend and sometimes on the wrong, impractical things too! that's why I am eternally grateful for online stores and promo sites. I know some people are pro physical shop and traditional shopping, but honestly; it's not as beneficial for most parents who don't have the luxury for it. Shopping is supposed to be fun and rewarding, if not productive (on the part of getting what you need), so expanding my benefits through information online is really a blessing for me. Let me convince you about shifting to, or finding alternative through online shopping and promotion sites:

     There is excitement in online shopping, you never know what you will find and how useful it will be for you. It's not only convenient for people who don't have money for commuting, it's convenient because there's no way that you'll come home empty-handed. In addition, you can choose over wider varieties and discover cheaper, better finds over time.

  1. Unique Finds - there are many items online that you won't find at your local shopping centres. A lot of stores offer authentic US, Japanese and Korean brands. These things cost way more at malls than at online stores who will only be bothered with shipping fees.
  2. Cheaper Prices - as I have said, the items are 5% to 40% cheaper online that at malls or novelty stores. Even when you include the shipment fee, it won't amount to the same expenses you'll be making when you go out to shop.
  3. Browse Comfortably - no need to spend all that time in a cramped jeepney or poorly airconditioned FX/Bus to get to a place where you may or may not find what you are looking for. Online, all you need to do is sit down, open your PC/Laptop and search. Even if you don't find what you are looking for, at least you didn't spend excessive money, time and effort for it.
  4. Pay Conveniently - buying online is easy, you can pay in more ways than one. You can pay online through leading national banks like BPI and BDO. You can even pay through money remittances, if you feel like going out for a bit. International online stores will ask for payment through Paypal, all it takes is a click and the rest comes down to waiting.
  5. The Wait - for some, waiting for your pro duct is a disadvantage. For me, it's a small thrill and builds up my desire to be face-to-face with my purchase. It adds up to my excitement. It takes, on average, 3 to 5 business working days for a purchase to arrive directly at home (or a branch of the shipping company). During that time you can organize your home or room so you can find a place for your new item or just prepare for it.
      There is no denying it, Scammers are present online and it is difficult to determine who they are. The only advice I can give for online shoppers out there and fellow moms is to do your research. Oftentimes authentic sellers will post their permits where buyers can see them. Some will post evidence of their transactions like shipment receipts, buyer testimonials and obviously authentic product pictures (fresh from the cargo box). Don't, in any way, proceed with a transaction unless you are absolutely sure and confident about the seller.

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