Early Morning Thoughts: What Music Does

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Warning: this is a Personal, Conversational, Playlist post.
Another "mushroom" post in such a long time. Parenting while working two jobs at home and reigniting my passions is tough work. Okay, I procrastinate from time to time, but who doesn't?

Hello, What Are You Doing Right Now?
It's really early right now and yet my coffee is already cold. I'm trying to write an e-book for some client who will probably never really thank me for it. Since there will be no credits to me, my husband is at work and the rates are too damn low, I'm feeling bummed, slightly offended and just.... uninspired. Until I put on this:
Hello. This is my song. What's yours?
Whatever you are doing now, however bad you're feeling, putting on some music will make you feel better. I don't need to convince you. If we all have that one love song for broken-hearted moments then you definitely have a song for every emotion, trial or mindset you have now.

So what's your story? What kept you up all night?

What Music Does...
Is identify, inspire and move. I've listened to a couple of my favorite songs when I came up with the idea of writing a blog post. Eeeeeit's not the e-book I'm supposed to finish today, but at least my "writer's block" has melted. I am writing to you now, aren't I? and I haven't backspaced any words so far, except for a couple of typos. I'm fidgety (like Regina's piano notes); my thoughts are too fast for my fingers to follow.
The closest music (not lyric) rendition to how I'm feeling right now.

Music Validates Your Feelings
Mom, Dad, recently broken-up or hopelessly trying to be the one, whichever you are you're not always sure about how you feel. Not because you're dumb, but because half the time you just don't want to admit it.

I wouldn't admit that I despise the highly unfair rates I'm getting for my talent and experience,
But hey, when did anything become fair? What's great for me is trouble for someone else, so i need to get over that and stop whining.
You know you do too; that guy you're waiting on is probably just really nice and that break up? Yeaaaaaaaahh. This one's for you:
Close your eyes and for the love of music DON'T Watch the video, I swear the song is better without it.
It's okay, it hurts but there are songs and time and unexpected love from others, that will heal that. But if you're stubborn like me, reference song below, enjoy it!

Music Moves  and Inspires You
And that career or life-changing decision that's waiting on you. You know you have to just decide. There's no point in stalling, so put on some motivational music and get your butt going. 
This song motivates me and really moves me (I dance to it sometimes, okay? don't judge me!)
Okay, so some music makes you dance, others make you bobble your head (in the coooolest way possible; while on the train) and yes it makes you feel good. If you're a parent like me, you know how influential music is because it's evident in your kids. Those Hi-5 dance-a-longs and Disney songs on TV really hypes up kids.
This opening song hyped me up enough to learn Spanish by myself.
Every note of your favorite music just knows where to push your tempo. Dancing makes you sweat; and exertion produces endorphins and other happy hormones which lights up your mood.

Some songs are motivational and downright inspiring. Remember those bus rides to work or on the way home?
The song with the lyrics that always makes perfect sense to me.

If you can choose the perfect window song that fits the scene outside your pane of glass, then you can find the perfect song that tells you to Go Get'em Tiger.

*That doesn't necessarily mean "getting the girl", you know that right?

Music Defines You
No, listening to Tay-tay does not establish what kind of person you are, just that you like to shake it off. But everybody does that in their bedrooms. At least I do, don't you? You should try it, it's oddly entertaining... somewhat embarrassing.... but fun :)
* Yiheee! *

If I am going to be a song, not a song that will describe me, but if I literally had to be a song instead of a human I'd be Vienna. It's the first song on this post...it's just my song.... Need I say more?

Lastly, and ESPECIALLY....

Music Influences You

So please be careful about those rap songs about wielding pistols and getting shot in the arse and living to sing the tale. If you have no intention on going gangsta, living hardcore, becoming suicidal or voting for someone you don't even know: be cautious about which songs you frequently listen to.
Reasons why I adore this song:
1. It's sung to the tune of Billy Joel's "She'a Always a Woman"
2. The lyrics are touching.
3. The video is touching.
4. It makes me want to play more with my son.
5. Playing more with my son makes me feel like a great mom.

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