Boost Your Business: Super Mom On at the 3rd Phil SME Business Expo

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It's natural to want to earn cash for extra income. For moms, the typical earning methods used to be:

  • Sari-sari store
  • Buy-and-sell gig
  • Real estate agent
  • Call center agent
  • Networking
  • Loading station
  • Kakanin/ Karinderya business
But much has changed since the time of our parents and grandparents. It used to be sari-sari stores and small, part-time jobs that moms venture into to get extra income, now anybody can establish a business with a small investment. And that's exactly what supermoms today are aiming at.

A Call to New and Aspiring Business Owners 
There are moms today who are going above and beyond, and are on the road to establish their own brands and set up their own businesses. These are the people I'd like to invite to an event at the SMX this coming October. Having a business is more possible now than ever, not just because of social media but also because more people, organizations and incorporation, are starting to care for the business industry in the Philippines. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin is starting to catch on.

The Business Industry Today
The business industry in the Philippines is booming these past few years. You'll find all kinds of online stores, and unique workshops today, and most of them are launched and made successful with the help of social media. It's also the reason why Moms and Dads are not left out, and are able to establish their own businesses at home, while caring for their children. Although the competition is growing, you'll find an abundance of suppliers, partners, sponsors and services that will help you boost your start-up business.

What to Gain at the Phil SME Business Expo
If you're an aspiring mom or anyone at all who wants to venture into the business industry, or already have a business, looking for contacts, suppliers and partners the 3rd Philippine SME Business Expo will be a great venue for exposure.
these are photos from the 2014 Phil SME Business Expo (last year)
  • Look, Listen and Learn

Philippine Small and Medium Enterprise Business Expo 2015 is organized by Mediacom Solutions Inc. and it's their 3rd expo. This expo should help you find the best suppliers and also expose you to different kinds of businesses and give you an idea on what you might need or have not learned yet like how to set up a business.

  • Expanding Your Network and Connections

There will be hundreds of exhibitors at the event, featuring hundreds of products and services, from packaging to IT solutions and we design. It's impossible not to find something useful or worthy of consideration that will help you in your business. You might also meet possible clients and partners while at the expo, if you strike up a conversation or ask fellow business owners a thing or two.

  • Inspiration and Exposure

Aside from learning from your fellow or aspiring entrepreneurs, the expo is a great place to catch the positive vibes and inspiration in setting up your business. After all, it is the largest and only consumer and trade event dedicated to boost the ASEAN SME community in the Philippines. Its tagline is, "Boost Your Business" so you can expect nothing but exactly that. And it's safe to say, it will also help to boost your drive.

  • Opportunities

If you're an entrepreneur it's the perfect place to expand your network and client connections. Also, the PHILSME Business Expo 2015 will be featuring a Business Matchmaking Service that allows exhibitors a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with senior-level managers, company owners, stakeholders, decision makers, buyers, sellers, distributors and franchisees. So that's a win-win for both experienced and new business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Getting Advice from Professionals

Also, one of the highlights this year is the PHILSME Business Conference, it's an industry gathering that will provide attendees a unique opportunity to learn from influential experts of different business-types like technology, food, retail and manufacturing. You'll be able to learn about the current trends, topics and researches in business, and key tips on staying afloat in the industry. You'll be able to understand better the nature of handling a business and different management methods.

When and Where
The Phil SME Business Expo will take place:

Date: October 2-4, 2015
Venue: SMX Convention Center Manila, Pasay City

It will be a 3-day Expo and there will probably be tens of thousands of visitors and you can expect a variety of visiting industries ranging from retail, food and beverage, technology and innovation, agriculture businesses, confectionary, to general merchandise, hospitality, hotels, salons, spas and gyms, malls, office furniture, machineries, direct selling and supplies, bar, cafe and coffee shops, among others.

Registration, Update and Inquiries
If you want to attend the show, you can Pre-Register for Free here:

If you have other questions, you can also contact:
Sunshine Sy:+63-2-509-4792

For casual browsing and updates you can visit their Facebook Page:

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