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Hello, my name is Drixkie 
Welcome to my blog: Happimess

I am a work-at-home, hands-on mom who writes and illustrates for a living. I don't approve of spanking and am trying to toss out shouting for good and am raising an independent child. I prefer to do activities with my kid; from bubbles to drawing on walls, making clay, cutting paper, pasting them and building little houses. I am a first-time mommy who believes Parenting Should Be Fun, for the sake of everybody.

How First-time Parenting Was for Me

I am a first-time mom who did not plan my pregnancy. In short, our baby was a surprise... not exactly pleasant then. Obviously, I was an unprepared woman who happened to have just quit her job and married to a man who similarly quit his. This is how first-time parenting was for us: a total Mess.

We had some family/relative issues, I suffered from post-partum depression after birth and the lack of financial income while relying on our parents for provisions really hit me in the heart. I hated our situation and I didn't even know how to properly hold my own newborn baby.

Parenting wasn't the only mess, I was a mess. My husband was a mess. I kept dumping my emotional waste on him and he kept withdrawing his feelings and spent his time on MMORPG games...yeah, men. He had no idea how to understand what our baby needed, and I had no idea how to give a small child a bath. Our weaknesses were contrasting, and we eventually realized we could help each other out.

Our Difficult Journey

After my depression subsided, I found different ways of coping with this new responsibility, this huge, life-changing and overwhelming parenthood. I turned to writing, which became blogging, and then I found online jobs and tried to buy-and-sell as well.

My husband became the mom, until he found his perfect career job and we worked it out. There are weeks he'd only be home for just a day or two, and there are consecutive days I worked through the night just so my husband can have his baon and pang-commute.

Our relationship with our parents is mostly "leech"-like, I went through a phase where I didn't want help from anyone and my husband didn't show interest in anything I did or said. We often fought, and we still couldn't successfully fold a diaper without getting sh*t in our hands.

How Parenting Became Fun

Our son made things fun. Seeing him crawl for the first time or say "Papa" or "Tatu" (thank you) melted away the bad thoughts, the ugliness of what we became. Eventually, I became self-aware, and so did my husband. We stopped. I don't know how, be we just stopped fighting, stopped not caring and started paying attention.

We paid attention to our son's accomplishments, his amazing talent in singing out tunes and his growing independence. We started saying sorry and started laughing at our son's farts and enjoyed his laughs. We started throwing diapers into the trash for a 3-point shoot, and spread blankets in the living room and played video games together while our son played his Lego.

No, we don't have our own house, but we are each others' home. Now, it's not doom and gloom anymore but running, play-pretend and building houses with wooden blocks. It's making a tent to hide away from Zombies and it's making toasted bread for snack-time.

Parenting for Me

Parenting for me is cleaning up after my son threw up my scrambled eggs (with broccoli sneaked in it), getting angry at my husband for laughing at our son who slipped and fell into the fish pond, washing the dogs, the kid and the plants all at once....and having fun.

Parenting is the messiest ordeal I've ever gotten myself into. I could throw in some art and painting with it, but true mess just stands out:

  • My son bumps his head and gets a massive bukol
  • Chocolate milk spilling over a 3-page comic strip I stayed overnight for
  • My husband getting baby poop on his leg (I don't know how that happened)
  • Getting tampo issues from the Lolas
  • Working while breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding

...and Emotions. None of these are completely bad or completely good moments. They're not all messy or happy, they're both and they can continue being that way if you just change perspectives.

Remember how as a kid you'd spread your mom's pulbo (powder) all over the floor and pretend it's an ice rink? Your mom always thought it was messy, but you always though it was fun. If you can see each situation in the eyes of a child, you'll understand what Happimess really means.

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