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July is almost over but I did not forget about the Monthly Freebies! --almost did not forget about it!

My son is technically a Pre-Schooler now so I am even more pressured to come up with new activities for him, especially ones that teach Numbers, the Alphabet and Colors.

Color Palette Activity

Since I am mostly disorganized nowadays, I'm finding it hard to get creative. Thankfully I managed to come up with something simple, you can even DIY at home without printing it. If you want to mass produce you can use mine, just don't forget to share the link to your friends and family (of course!)

What Your Kid Can Learn

This color palette activity page I made is pretty simple. Your little one can distinguish which color is which based on the division and it's also helpful in practicing his writing/gripping skills.

Your kid can practice his grip, round strokes, coloring abilities and focus! Another good alternative is using round stickers of different colors and have your child stick them under the right label.

Just prop up your kid on a chair and table and let him have a go at this!

If you're confident your kid can go for more I made a more advanced version (see photo above). Guide him once in a while and don't forget to name the colors out loud so he can learn and remember!

If the image isn't working, you can get your Color Palette Activity Page and Download Here.

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