The Biggest Business-to-Blogger Event: Blogapalooza 2015!

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It's bigger, it's better and it's certainly has more palooza to offer!

Disclaimer: Photos and Videos are Not Mine. They are property of and borrowed from Blogapalooza website.

Last year, I never got a chance to join Blogapalooza due to financial reasons (no pamasahe no lakad) but this year I'm more than prepared (to make utang if I have to, hahaha!)

Blogapalooza is simply the biggest "Business to Blogger" event where bloggers are invited to come and meet, see and get freebies from businesses of all kinds. Last year's Blogapalooza harbored 50+ businesses and over 700 attending bloggers which occupied two halls at SM Aura's SMX in Taguig!
What's In it for the Business/Entrepreneurs?
A chance to get really exposed on social media. If you're not aware yet, bloggers are becoming some of the most influential people online.
If a blogger writes a great review, your products get instant popularity. If that blogger flunks your product, on the other hand, you still get social media recognition: publicity. Good publicity, bad's still publicity and your product/service could use it. Read more on how this works out for you here.

What's In it for the Bloggers?
Freebies. Network. Making giggles with blogger friends as you hop down the street with your fabulous fabulous new items that, have I mentioned, are freebies?
I'm shallow, I like stuff that are free, be honest... you do too. Besides, there's lots of fun activities and music and Bogart the Explorer. Interested now?
~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~
I'm a Blogger I Want to Join!
Unfortunately this isn't one of those "come on and walk-in and register at the door" kind of events. Nope, you need to register prior to the event, which by the way is on October 25, 2015. Save the date!

Register here and wait for an email invitation. Blogapalooza usually screens bloggers depending on how old their blogs are and/or how dedicated and passionate they are in their blogging.

Blogapalooza posts regular updates on their lineup of attending bloggers. You can check this update here to see if your blog is on the list, if you've already signed up. Just make sure you don't register "beating the red light" style.

Learn more about your concerns in Blogapalooza's FAQ for Bloggers.

I'm an Entrepreneur/ I have a Business I Want to Participate!
Likewise, you need to register here first. Wait for an email confirmation and you can further discuss with Blogapalooza what the rates are going to be. That's right, there's a fee for signing up your business. The price rates depend on a lot of things but it's mostly affordable.

You can learn more about that through Blogapalooza's FAQ for Businesses.

Please visit BLOGAPALOOZA for more information, photos, videos and lots of stuff to convince you further. Hope to see you there!

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