Become a Successful Virtual Assistant: Learn from the Best

Working at home is becoming a trend among moms these days. You'll find them earning from home as online tutors, writers and illustrators. Then there's the Virtual Assistant job that pays so much more than your regular job, that's if you know how to play it right.

If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant and do make a career out of it at home (or improve yourself if you're already one) let me share this wonderful seminar by Mommy Marge Aberasturi of The Happy WAHM
Mommy Marge has been a Work-at-Home Mom for 9.5 years, so if you're worried about credibility I hope this number puts you at ease. She has worked with different clients (long-term) while homeschooling and keeping the house, so if you're also worried about juggling work and parenthood she can help you figure out the "loopholes".

Calling it My VA Success Blueprint Mommy Marge will help YOU figure out how to become a PROFESSIONAL virtual assistant and without being a momster.
 The workshop will be held at the HQ in BGC. You can learn more about the event on its Event Page on FacebookYou can expect to learn from mommy Marge about:

  • Transitioning from Corporate to Work-at-Home or from Stay-at-Home to Work-at-Home
  • Identifying Your Niche
  • Setting Up Your Workspace (Physical and Virtual)
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Pricing Your Services
  • Marketing Your Services
  • Working with Clients

If you're really REAAALLLY interested now, come and

Also, here's something fun for those who register and pay by October 30 or the first 20 paid registrants (whichever comes first):
You'll have the chance to win this lovely, looovely Artfully Simply Infinity Scarf by The Crafted Crafts!

It's so Pretty right? I bet if you had this you'd feel so fabulous working at home looking all professional; a snazzy virtual assistant on your webcam and be like "Yea, I know tips and trades, I went to this workshop-- I'ma fukin' kill this interview!"


  1. I wish to someday land a job as a virtual assistant and I am trying to find a blog and resources to help my way through the trade. I worked before in Metrobank and now one of those jobless Filipinos out there searching for alternative ways to earn.

  2. Awww..don't worry there are actually many opportunities to find online. If you're interested you can register for this workshop. The speaker is Mommy Marge, she knows a great deal about this trade, plus she's been balancing work, parenthood and the house for 9.5 years now