Toddler-Approved Food at Pizza Hut Kia Theater

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Actually, it's not just toddler-approved, it's also mom and dad approved; Pizza Hut's new branch at the Kia Theater is something least for Pizza Hut and us.

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Kia Theater is a new building, or rather movie theater, in Cubao just beside Gateway Mall that stands where the New Frontier Theater once stood. The New Frontier Theater used to be one of the biggest cinemas in the Philippines and held a lot of major cinematic events in the '80s. 
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My husband and I have been a Pizzahut fan for a very long time, ever since their "Panalo Meal" menu released and you can't deny their "Buy 1 Take 1" Family Pizza is budget, and tummy, friendly. The New Pizza Hut at Kia Theater is still the same kind of Pizza Hut we know, with a very noteworthy upgrade.
A bar and lounge is not exactly a pizzeria's thing and you would normally find an expensive menu. That's what we expected, but Pizza Hut retained the "affordability" we came to love and even threw in new recipes into their menu, all without losing the same great service we've been getting for years.

The Menu
We go to Pizza Hut for pizza so we ate pizza on our trip to the Kia Theater branch. Miggy had a whole slice for himself, plus fries and a few bites from my cheesy burrito. Yes, Kia Theater's Pizza Hut serves Burritos and a big-ash Sausage that I'd never seen Pizza Hut deliver on my table before.
There's also breakfast! And remember the savory soups? Well, they decided to give you the option of having your Cream of Mushroom Soup in a bread bowl. Yehaa....if only we were filthy rich, I'd eat everything new in their menu.
Pizza Hut's range of drinks also widened. In fact, they now have Lemon Cucumber, Strawberry Colada and the eye-catching Blue Colada Fizz. We tried the lemon cucumber, all I can say is it's Toddler-Approved!

The Ambiance
Pizza Hut at the Kia Theater is offering a "Fine-Dining" experience with the option of getting drinks at their new concept bar.
It still has the same homey, family-friendly ambiance, but some parts of the restaurant can give you that feeling of being at a bar lounger, and that's pretty nifty for the young kids ('coz you know, I'm considered old, but still a they say, but I don't believe it....I'm still young!)

The Bar
{izza Hut Kia Theater is serving all kinds of chilled beverages, that means wine m'ladies and lots of mixes you wouldn't expect a pizzeria to offer you.

Nah, we didn't order any drinks. As tempting as it is, we prefer to keep our meal non-alcoholic. After all, Miggy might try to take a sip from our glasses. In addition to that, ever since we had a baby alcohol has been obsolete for us.

About the Lack of Photos
I'm truly sorry about the lack of photos for the specific food I mentioned. I know, it's a messy post. I should have delayed eating and snapped a few award-winning instagram-worthy photos of the food first...  -_-"
But you know, when the food got on our table, it was considered gone. I mean, what kind of hungry person takes pictures first? It only occurred to me halfway through our meal that, "Hey, I was supposed to Post and Write about this." Oops! or rather, *burp!*

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