Royale Celebrated its 9th Anniversary With Style!

Last month on July 25, 2015 Royale Business Club and its members celebrated their 9th anniversary in style. Here are the highlights of their wonderful celebration:

El Gamma Penumbra & Celebrities

Yes, that's right! The first ever winners of Asia's Got Talent graced the 9th Anniversary of Royale Business Club at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.
In addition to that, there were also guest celebrities and members had lots of laughs with Melai and enjoyed performances by Maja Salvador too!

The People Behind Royale Business Club
Royale will never fail to thank the people who run the business club! Gratitude was given to Execom

  • Raquel Buensuceso
  • Ariel De Leon
  • Elmer Magundayao
  • Art Bonjoc

There's also loud cheers for the Board of Directors:

  • Ambassador Henrietta De Villa
  • Chairman Ricardo Castaneda
  • Eric Castaneda (VP for Operations and IT)
  • Isa Angela Bautista (VP for Finance)
  • Mike Tan (VP for Marketing)

Royale Business Club's Upgrades and Accomplishments
Royale did not just celebrate its 9th Anniversary last month, they also celebrated their latest accomplishment: A new branch in Nigeria. It only shows how vast the business club's influence is already growing and how they are expanding continuously.
  • More upgrades by Royale include:
  • Additional Package Options (Package F, G and H) which have an SRP of 18k
  • An Online Store for Members and Distributors
  • New Branch in Nigeria
The online site for distributors will be a convenient way for them to order products and that's a big deal for work-at-home or stay-at-home members of the business club. They will no longer need to travel to get their products from the main office and cause delays on orders of their customers.


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