A Business and a Baby, Is it Possible?

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We all want to earn extra cash and be able to contribute because, honestly, we all want to get the best for our families. Still, not everybody venture into a business. Micro, macro, online store or just a simple buy-and-sell business, there's always a risk and more sacrifices to make when you have a baby in tow.

Parenting as an Advantage
Most moms who put themselves out there have older kids or have someone, a nanny or relative, to rely on while working. There are also hands-on-parents and first-time parents who simply don't have that kind of privilege, and yet they manage. Yes, "Wow!" but all of it is possible if you have management skills, which by the way can be practiced and refined through raising a child... in other words: Parenthood can help build the Businessman in you.

How Business and Parenting is Similar

When you think about it, handling a business is just like handling a child, be it a tazmanian toddler, a demanding baby or a whiny teen-ager. You need elite management skills to survive:

Financial Strategy - because one wrong investment can lead to a shortage of diaper supplies, and possible loans you don't want to get buried under. Ever.

Time Management - because if you don't wake up early enough household chores and work tasks get piled up so high that a ladder isn't enough to get on top of things.

Human Relations - well, you know what it's like to negotiate with a baby, and in businesses big babies are very common. So you're left with the need to keep your temper in check and your negotiation skills at its finest.

Emotional Intelligence - because honestly, getting mad or rage driving to a meeting won't stop that baby from crying and walking out of your partnership.

Perseverance - once you're a parent you're a parent forever. Once you start a business you're it's manager forever until it dies in your arms and you mourn over the loss and rebuild a new one with better knowledge equipped.

Starting Your Own Business

Seeing that there are a couple of nifty and important similarities between a business and a baby, the main question stands clear, "Can I handle a business and a baby at the same time?" or more like, am I ready to become a parent of Two right now?

Yes, You Can!
It's possible to be a parent of two. Did you know that people who were born in the 50s had around 7 siblings at least and 12 other siblings at most. If two people can raise a dozen kids, You who have a shy 3 kids can definitely raise a business along. You might think it's pep talk, it's not. Here's how you can make it possible:

Practice or Refine Your Skills - if your business is established around your talent or skill then you should refine and perfect it. Cupcake business? or Craft business? then make sure your skills are up to date and your cupcake recipes are consistent. That's the target result: Consistency. Not great red velvet cupcake today, okay version tomorrow. It should always be the same great velvet cupcake that customers will love and come back for.

Choose and Build Your Brand - whatever business you choose, you'll always find competitors of the same genre. If you want to stand out, you need to have a clear and unique brand that people will remember.

Attend Workshops and Seminars - If you're about to venture into a business, you need to know everything you can, and I mean everything. The best way to know important factors, like how to create your product, pick a target market, manage your finances and more, you can attend business workshops. Here are some that can help boost your entrepreneurial dreams!

We often get  lots of cool IDEAS, but then have so much trouble turning them into something workable that they end up staying as just Ideas, and nothing more. The Business Canvass Workshop will help you to translate your idea into a model: something you can redesign, innovate and reinvent until it's perfected.
You'll learn to challenge a traditional business; break it down into its basic blocks and reassemble them to form a visionary game-changing enterprise.
When: July 18, 2015 Saturday (1:00 - 5:00 pm)
Learning Fee: P 1,999
PWD Fee: P 1,200

For those who are starting out or have yet to understand what they really want to do as entrepreneurs. Or for just anyone wanting to learn about how to be one for starters.
When: July 21, 2015 Tuesday (7:00 - 9:00 pm)
Learning Fee: P 500

Probably the biggest issue of working moms, ever. Since kids are as unpredictable as their bladder, this particular workshop will help you to maximize the use of all your available time. Don't we all want that?
Designed to help you discover your weaknesses and strengths, Time Management & Productivity workshop will help you prioritize your tasks. In addition to that, it will teach you some strategies to ward off procrastination and even minimize the stress coupled with being an entrepreneur. 
When: July 25, 2015 Saturday (1:00 - 5:00 pm)
Early Bird Rate: (until July 22) P 1,200
Buddy Rate: (2pax) P 2,000
Learning Fee: P 1,999
PWD Fee: P 1,200

For more Information and Workshops, visit:

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  1. Natawa naman ako sa tazmanian toddler. Your thoughts about mixing business and parenting is something to ponder at especially that of "about people who were born in the 50s had around 7 siblings at least and 12 other siblings at most. If two people can raise a dozen kids, You who have a shy 3 kids can definitely raise a business along. " Noon pwede kasi mura pa ang bilihin, but now, ewan ko lang.

  2. This is really interesting.. just because you are already a mom doesn't mean you cannot do anything behind your home responsibilities right... with proper training and seminars like this, I'm sure moms can handle both business and their family with no ease

  3. Congratulations on the baby and the business. My wife had her own business when we had our babies, although she had to tone the scope of the business down when the kids reached school age already.

  4. This is a great and helpful article for the mommies who wants to start business while still having bonding time with their kids.

    The ENTRPRENEURSHIP WEBINAR 101 sounds interesting and a good point to start with.

  5. I think a business is a good way to start finding financial stability. It could give us more time for the family when managed correctly.


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