Using a Powerbank at Home for Work-at-Home Peeps

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My phone dries up easily because my son keeps using it to pass the time, and he's only 2 and a half. It would have been okay but it's not always that I enjoy charging my phone, especially when I need it for work.

Some Disadvantages of Non-Powerbank Charging

  • For one thing, I'd have to borrow the adapter for my laptop so I can charge my phone (three-pronged witch of a charger) and another thing is I'm sharing my charger with my husband. We lose chargers easily because we house-hop from my parents' to his parents' and one of the two is a minute Bermuda Triangle.
  • I always need to charge before my husband leaves for work because he takes the charger with him. Sometimes he's away for two days tor three, so my phone needs to be out of reach most of the time, and when my phone is out of reach my son resorts to independent exploration. That's awesome in every way, except when I'm working and nobody's around to look after him.
  • My son ends up cooped in the room with me whose head is stuck on the screen and the air just stinks of boredom. So he feels bored, I feel guilty and when I'm done he's not keen on going out anymore and just plays with his cars while I try to enjoy it with him.
Advantages of a Powerbank for a Mum Like Me

So, it's kind of a blessing when we got a power bank, courtesy of Lazada when I attended their Shop 'til You Blog invitational event. Here are a couple of things how a simple powerbank helped my day get better.

  • I could charge anywhere and everywhere. For the first time in my life, no seriously, I could charge my phone "out of reach" where my son could not unplug it and risk himself of getting shocked in the process.
  • It was possible to use the phone 24/7. It felt as though my phone became immortal, since it rarely shuts down nowadays. I've even used it while charging in the bathroom. Don't ask what I was doing, everybody takes their phone with them in the bathroom (at least while doing that important thing).
  • My husband and I don't need to share chargers anymore. We take turns using the powerbank. When he get assigned on the highway he brings the powerbank and I get to keep the charger, but when he's at the office I get to keep the powerbank. To be honest, I prefer the powerbank because itsow cute to hold :D
  • Lastly, but not the least, my son can finally have an infinite go at my phone when I'm working. I know you must think that "screen" time for a toddler is so unhealthy, but in desperate times of infinite deadlines, an hour of kids' songs is my only hope.

So... ever since we got a powerbank, I've become a fan of sorts. You know, tagaw ("enoseeent") and we really couldn't afford it or I though they were unaffordable, until I checked them out online. I saw a couple of them on Lazada and wow, they weren't all that expensive after all.

Speaking of which, Lazada is having a FLASH SALE this June 25 at 12 noon, ThursdayThat's Tomorrow! They're in partnership with ASUS who is launching the world's First Credit-Card sized powerbank: ASUS ZenPower Here are some photos to entice you:

It's kind of cute and I'm thinking of getting one because I feel that our last charger is about to join it's lost brothers soon. I've estimated that each of our chargers lasts 2-3 months before they disappear. Since our charger is nearing it's third month I wouldn't be surprised if I never saw it again... like my exes... oops!

Flash Sale Everyone!

Don't forget to visit Lazada tomorrow for the ASUS ZenPower Flash Sale! Limited stocks only so be like the Flash when buying. If you're interested about the specs or want to know more about Asus Zenpower you can read about it in my next post: Asus ZenPower: The World's First Credit Card-Sized Powerbank.

Hope this helps, 'til then, chows!

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