Spend an "Anti-Hyperactive" Afternoon With Your Kid

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Two year olds are great, full of tantrums, can be extremely noisy and demanding, but great. Kids from this age until around 4 years old have high energy, and I don't mean high as in just active but high as in almost dangerously adventurous. At least some kids are, but other kids are as well-behaved as angels. In this case, here are some good activities you can share with your toddler to help tone down the hyperactivity and at the same time satisfy their need to experience new things:

Artsy Fartsy - Crafty Wafties

Toddlers love sensory play' touching things, stretching them out, throwing them, rolling them off tables and squishing them til their dead, i mean, pulped.

Miggy and I liked making homemade clay, here's a recipe on how. Arts and crafts let toddlers explore with their hands and improve their motor skills. Of course, it helps them tap into their creative side. You can pretend-play with clay, mold some cars or a sunny-side up and just let your kid do all the squishing and blobby destruction. 

The Great Outdoors

On the pro-life and non-destructive side, why not invest on something that your toddler can play with outside? Here are some great outdoor play ideas you can try:
  • sandbox
  • plant box
  • little swimming pool
  • mini playground
  • jumping jamboree
I'm not that rich yet, so I let Miggy play on a plant box instead. I let him "help" me plant an onion spring outside. A sand box would even be better, see how your little one will make his own imaginary village or sand dunes.

You know why outdoor activities will work great for your kids? Here are some awesome reasons:
  1. Sunlight, OoOh Sunlight! - Yes Vitamin D and a natural tan!
  2. Change of scenery! - That room is starting to feel like a prison, I swear I'll go crazy!
  3. Environmental Exposure - The more you're exposed the more you become immune!
  4. Nothing Like a Good Sweat - So you want to exercise your kid without the chasing involved?
  5. The Scenery - I see treeees of greeen, red rowses tooo!
Kiddie Kitchen
Cooking is fun, or baking, as long as you don't actually let your kid heat the pan or set the muffin on fire. To better enjoy this activity in particular, let your kid do the mixing and preparation for cooking. Never mind how messy it's gonna be. Think about it, would you rather clean up flour or blood and broken teeth? I'm exaggerating, but you get the point.

We have this plastic knife with hardly any serrations, I let Miggy use that to cut his own little tomatoes and fruits whenever he interferes with my Chefeeling moments. In baking, I let Miggy mix our pancake ingredients, he seems to enjoy stirring the bowl or just dumping in the sugar and flour. Of course, when it comes to cooking the pancake, I just ask him what shape he wants and, well here's what becomes of our cooking adventure:

The laughing and excitement uses up his energy and leaves him somewhat tired. In reality, he hasn't really run around or climbed a double-decked bed. These activities may sound like boring things to do in the afternoon, given that you're mostly sitting around and conversing with your kid. Oh, wait, that's not boring at all, you're bonding with your kid!

Seriously, spend as much time with your toddler. he's at that age where he could develop a K.S.P (kulang sa pansin) syndrome. Want to get another hint on how to tone down that hyperactivity? Exchange stories with your kid. The more he tells you stories, the more he dries up his saliva and ends up tired that napping won't be such a fuss anymore. Try it, it could work.

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  1. Great ideas sis. how I wish I have read this post 5 years ago. Sana hindi kami nahirapan mag-alaga sa apo ko na super hyper talaga.

  2. oh what a wonderful idea to calm down kids who are always rambunctious, something that to introduce with them that they can still have so much fun while in a calm mode.


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