To All Teen Moms and Women finding Motherhood Difficult

5:46:00 AM

It's not about how Life is fair or unfair to us or how much we gain from it. It's about knowing which is more important, what is valuable and lasting and what matters in the end. It may not be easy, enjoyable or encouraging now, but please, don't let these moments of strife shake your faith.'

I saw this story from a blog post, shared by my cousin, I hope it gives you as much inspiration and enlightenment as it has given me:

We will learn to realize that life is a vast sea. It may seem endless and hopeless in our eyes, but at some point, some time or some day we will hit shore. It might not be a smooth landing for everyone; others might arrive in a rather distressful fashion, but we find land all the same. The important thing is not to drown in the sea while waiting or aiming for the shore. Don't give up, learn to conserve your energy so you can plan for the future and avoid drowning in regret. Enjoy what can be enjoyed and let go what can't be. Let's choose to live instead.

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