a poem by Louise Hendrix

9:42:00 AM

Come autumn rain and winter chill,
The pain of spring brings birth and will
To work and fail, but still to try.
Shine summer sun, the days fly by.

Lord, you put a mountain before me,
No need to ask You why;
But when it's time for me to die,
Please remember all who try.

May i go softly with no word,
Just a knock at the golden gate,
Jesus nodding, He, too had dared-
Not even His followers knew His fate.

At the crystal throne i'll kneel to pray
A fond farewell to all and say
A word of praise for the nail-pierced hands
That watch and guide this anguished land.

"Your work is done and well,"
i hope he'll say...
"No need to further sigh..
You did your best, that's all We ask..

For man to try and try..."

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