Free Color Palette Activity Page

July is almost over but I did not forget about the Monthly Freebies! --almost did not forget about it!

My son is technically a Pre-Schooler now so I am even more pressured to come up with new activities for him, especially ones that teach Numbers, the Alphabet and Colors.

Color Palette Activity

Since I am mostly disorganized nowadays, I'm finding it hard to get creative. Thankfully I managed to come up with something simple, you can even DIY at home without printing it. If you want to mass produce you can use mine, just don't forget to share the link to your friends and family (of course!)

What Your Kid Can Learn

This color palette activity page I made is pretty simple. Your little one can distinguish which color is which based on the division and it's also helpful in practicing his writing/gripping skills.

Your kid can practice his grip, round strokes, coloring abilities and focus! Another good alternative is using round stickers of different colors and have your child stick them under the right label.

Just prop up your kid on a chair and table and let him have a go at this!

If you're confident your kid can go for more I made a more advanced version (see photo above). Guide him once in a while and don't forget to name the colors out loud so he can learn and remember!

If the image isn't working, you can get your Color Palette Activity Page and Download Here.

The Day Our Washer Broke

Normally, I'd be doing the laundry on my own while my son is busy exploring our backyard.

This time, however, the washing machine broke so I had to do it by hand. It's one of those "Fuuuuuu-!!!" moments where you really need to get chores out of the way so you could work.

(Are you a work at home mom like me? Find out here!)

My husband just got home from work with hardly any sleep, so there goes my assistant. And since child labor is illegal in my country I had to come up with something else.

So what do you do when you can't "make" your child do the chores with you? And I though *POOF!* Turn it into playtime!

Yep, I found a loophole.

If course at first I scrubbed and washed the clothes with my own hands. It's just after two pairs of pants and a towel I got really tired.

My arms are so thin they'd snap if you jokingly chopped them. That's the sum of my physical strength, so I ended up using my feet. Not my head, dears.

I made sure to wash my feet really well before going in and did the same for my son. And wow, he really enjoyed it!

We each had our own buckets, a small one for a small guy and a bigger one for the lazy mom @_@. What's challenging is coming up with a way to make this Not Boring for my kid.

At first we did the Marching in place, obviously. Then we started "killing" the bubbles and then flattening the bloating clothes.

We did this for about 30 minutes, a good enough mimic of a washing machine cycle? Probably not, but what the heck, my arms already felt like jelly so I used what other limbs I had.

In the end he got bored and I decided to let him swim on his own Big bucket while I rinsed the laundry.

It was tiring, and took a while but at least my son and I got to do something together. I wasn't "too busy" for him and I was able to do my laundry at the same time!

Awesome, right? Who else feels like a winner today?

Awesome Things Only Dads Can Do

There are certain awesome things in parenting that no one can do better than a Dad.
Because Mom has always been our go-to for nurturing and love, Dad is here to make sure we get a healthy dose of fun, and an occasional thrill! (which Mom better not find out)

Piggyback and Shoulder Rides
First on the list because moms get tired more quickly and dads just love giving rides like this.

Going to the mall or walking around the park? When your kids get tired and mom doesn't feel like carrying you around Dad offers the best option ever!

A shoulder ride with a top-of-the-world view as far as the eye can see.

Make Everything Funny
One time our son bumped into a glass wall because he thought it was an open door.

I was stunned with worry but Dad just laughed at the situation and soon enough our son did too. Even though it must have hurt, he forgot and so I forgot and now it's one of our funniest memories.

Energetic Playtime
It's tiring to play with a kid when you've just finished the laundry or logged off work. Dads always seem to have spare energy to play with the kids.

I don't know where he gets it, but I'm not gonna be a hero and get it. I'm absolutely fine watching from the sidelines.

Death-Defying Display of Love aka Rough-housing
Only dads can throw their kids around without them getting hurt, and even end up wanting to go one more time.

I personally love when my husbun teaches our son different types of locks. Now when they play our toddler gives him an arm lock. I sometimes worry if I should be worried about this kind of development.... hm.....

The Scary Big Voice
Moms can count to 3 and expect everyone in bed, but when nobody's listening only Dad can produce that alarming command that makes everyone jump into obedience.

Play Pretend
Boys will be boys, even when they've turned into men...or Dads.

So there's not better playmate for your kid than an overgrown, fat-bellied, fully bearded ninja warrior who can turn into a transformer truck!

Just Being Silly
Dads tend to do crazy, cool and weird stuff that mom never would.

And it's surprising and fun! Kids love the silliness and the unconventional, it makes life more interesting!

Bumming Around
It's actually relaxing, Dads love to bum around and do nothing with the kids too, or call for snack time.

Even though kids are energetic bumming around lets them appreciate quiet time and moms get a chance to take a break too. Thanks dad!

To run around and explore, I mean. Dads naturally let kids run wild and free in the garden and explore.

They just let them experience both pain and pleasure, and it's good because the kids learn and become independent.

The Great Outdoors and Exploring
Picking up caterpillars, poking at earth worms and collecting leaves and sticks.

Dad is always the braver and more enthusiastic companion! Because not all moms like touching creepy crawlies, Dad is definitely the adventure buddy.

Breaking the Ritual
Sometimes days can be so repetitive with mom, especially when things are busy at home

Bcause Dad is not as uptight, and a natural at practicing Hakuna Matata, kids get a break from the usual and all those stiff, uncomfy stuff melts away.

Incomparable Support
Dads are nothing like Moms. They're not on schedule, they don't know your friends' names or what time you get off from school... 

But they know what you enjoy doing; what sports you are into, what your hobby is and what food you like. And they tag along too!

Finding a Way
Whether it's date night, a hiking trip or just playing a video game at home, Dads seem to always find a way to have the kid along without sacrificing the fun.

And how cool is that, because you never feel you're a hindrance and Dads are living proof that if you want it enough there's always a way!

These things that Mom doesn't always see or even lack Dad comes to fill in.

While he's not omnipresent he's trying to provide for his kids in his own way, which certainly DESERVES recognition and appreciation.

He's your Parent too, never forget. 
So thank your Dad, it's his day today!

Love you, Papa

Grab Your Monthly Freebies from Happimess!

This post is to announce that:

Happimess will be giving away free printables every month, starting now!

Since I started making our own flash cards at home, my blog posts have gone scarce. To say thank you to all my readers, if there's still any left (after my hiatus)... I decided to share these learning materials I made.

Use them for your own fun parenting and to help your child learn through play! Most of our freebies will be printables or second images you can view/show on your phone, so you won't have to go buy overpriced booklets and have them pile up in oblivion.

so... I hope you find these little things useful!

For this month of June, here's a Monster Numbers flash card set (Nos.1-10) by yours truly.

Here's a Sample! Click Image to Download the Set

Enjoy! and Spread the Word!

In the future please just click the Freebies widget found at the right side of the Happimess Homepage for your monthly learning freebies!


You, Your Toddler and the Word "No!"

Toddlers act on impulse; they decide almost instantly and seem to just want everything. When they can't have it they become soooo emotionally out of control, they make a woman on her period look tame.

Getting the No
Most of the time your little one goes on a fit of rage, or despair, when he gets the iron "No". The word isn't entirely negative, but how it's being used makes it come off as harsh or unloving to kids. This makes it one of the top triggers for emotional bouts and the intro to another man y mano challenge.

How Often Do We Say No?
To be honest, we parents say "No" a lot. It's almost part of every sentence in most conversations with our kids:

  • They pick up an unknown object on the floor we say No.
  • They sneakily try to unlock our phone or tablet and we catch them, we say No.
  • They ask for that absurdly expensive toy and we say No.
  • They refuse to eat, we say No.
  • They try to get our sympathy over something unknown, we say No.

How Do We Say No?
And it doesn't really end there. On some really damned day, (let's say you had the most stressful week and just needed some peace and quiet) they pull at your arm like it's a rubber band for who knows what reason..

We Shout, We Yell, We Angrily Say "NO!"

Suddenly it's not just a No. It becomes a passionate, emotional and even aggressive NO. Sometimes we don't even pause to listen to know what they want or check what's really happening, we just say No and shut them off...

and it hurts their feelings.

Of course it does!

We are their go-tos when things get scary and confusing. When they don't understand something or are unable to do what they want or say how they feel, they rely on us to teach them how.

So how would you feel if your best friend said No to you when you need him/her most?

Why Do We Say No?

Saying No is meant to keep our little ones safe or behaved. We say No so they don't fall off the chair, eat food scraps from the floor or run with a barbeque stick on hand. Unfortunately, many times we say out of sheer tiredness.

credits to owner

We just want a day of peace where nobody wakes you up at 3 am for another cold glass of water.

We say No to put an end to a scene we don't want to handle "right now", and it is an easy exit. It is walking out, it is emotional quitting.

Our kids are not unaffected. They tend to feel neglected and sometimes insecureThat's what's wrong with "No". It's not the word itself, it's how we say it and why we say it that way.

Before We Say No...

Before we say No, let's think for a moment how we feel and if we need a time out first. Saying No is not always helpful.

Most of the time, "No" is not enough. Our kids need to know WHY we are saying no. So when we do decide to let that word out, it's best that we follow-up with an explanation:

  • No, you can't eat that because it's already dirty.
  • No, you can't eat any more chocolate because your teeth will rot.
  • No, you can't hit someone even when you're angry because it will hurt them.

I know it's lengthy and twice the effort for correcting a small mistake, a simple behavior or a milli-second disaster, but it is worth it in the long run. Our kids will LEARN, they will UNDERSTAND.

Let's Be Responsible Parents

Being self-aware is important. You get to catch what you're doing wrong and be able to correct it, before any damage is done.

So learn to self-reflect sometimes and think about what triggers you and how you can change that.

Our purpose as parents is to TEACH our kids what's GOOD and help them to keep doing it, even when they've grown up and can think for themselves. Keeping ourselves in check first before we keep our kids in check is a must.

We have to set examples to and change always begins in the self before others. Besides, our kids have us to correct their behavior but nobody can keep watch on us when we do something wrong. So be aware and:

A Day at Kidzoona

Our last visit to Kidzoona was in December 2015 and our first was on our son's birthday earlier that year. Instead of throwing parties and inviting people over we decided it's best to just take our kid to places of his interest on his birthdays. So here we are.

I had wanted to visit Kidzoona since I read about it online, from fellow mommy bloggers mostly. The only branch I knew of was in Robinson's Galleria, which is a bit far for us so we didn't plan on trying it out. That's until I found out of a branch in Solenad 3, Nuvali.

Solenad 3 was fairly new when we tried our first Kidzoona experience. The activity center and half of the buildings were already alive with stores. The other half, where the cinema and sports shops are now, were still under construction. Thankfully that day we were able to borrow a car so we had no trouble getting there.

Kidzoona made the list because the price and the play area seemed too "sulit" to ignore. If you've ever gotten your kid to stay in those jumping jamborees or play pens at malls they'll charge you from 180 to 250 php per hour. Unlimited play usually costs between 250 to 350, depends on the quality of the toys, how well-maintained and big the play ground is.

At Kidzoona, all of that is priced at 300 php for 90 minutes and 450 php for 3 hrs. I know what you're thinking; that's more expensive than your average play area and I know what you're thinking about the 3 hour price. First off the entrance fee at Kidzoona is good two:  one guardian and one child. That means free play for the adult. Hooray!

grabbed from Aeon Fantasy Group's official site

The one thing about Kidzoona that enticed me so much was the sea of balls. Yeah, I know how that sounds for grownups but for kids and kids at heart, it's just heaven. If you've ever wanted to dive and just disappear, this is the place for you. I thanked God that day that Kidzoona allowed parents inside with their kids. We had the most valid excuse to be in kid paradise.

It's not just the sea of balls, there's also lots of air-filled jamborees and a big, kid-proofed, slide that even we, adults, couldn't resist. It's every kid's dream and if you think you're little one is too hyper for an ordinary playground, he may find his match in this little paradise.

Yes, there are more slides and more gyms to climb and conquer. And most of them are kid-safe and parent-friendly. See jumbo slide above. And if you're still worried there are bantays roaming the area to keep an eye on kids at this slide in particular.

It was fun to see that his climbing antics were satisfied that day. He could really climb anything at Kidzoona and crawl anywhere. It was a no-holds-barred day and I didn't feel the need to worry about him falling because, sea of sooooft.

In addition to that, there are programs on some days. That mat there in the picture below was in preparation for a coloring/drawing activity. There was also some singing and dancing, like a mini-playgroup. Kids age 5 to 11 can join. I don't think 12 year olds would be too interested in it anymore.

If you're worried and think that all Kidzoona can offer is gross motor activities, you'll be glad to know they have educational toys. Educational as in puzzles and build-its. They have legos, these magnetic thingies, and other similar toys for creativity.

Like this thing, I have no idea what this is called but our son enjoyed flipping the beads around thinking it's really going somewhere. We spent a lot of time on these creative toys when taking a break from the sea of balls.

Kidzoona knows enough what it wants for its kid visitors, and I want it too. Another positive take from visiting here, it's always in my best interest to let my kid learn through play. So yes, it is extra nice to know that's this business' goal to. And yes, putting it there for parents to see is so thoughtful.

Welcome to the Parents' lounge, where you will find parents of all shapes and sizes snoring in complete harmony. Don't be fooled, some parents are out and about playing with their kids, like me and my husband.

In fact, at some point, I lost my husband in the playground. I don't know if it was me who was having too much fun that I didn't notice where he was or if it's him having too much fun he completely disappeared for 30 minutes.

There is also a karaoke room, which after checking out, I never bothered looking into again. That's because this woman hogged it all throughout our stay at Kidzoona. She had her bags in there and her jacket all over the sofas. She was there for 3 whole hours! I wanted to kick her out but was too afraid she'd stick around and watch me sing. That would be too awkward.

Don't tell my husband I posted this. He'll think he's famous.

3 HOURS of FUN! . . .  ?
We thought that an hour and a half would be too short for an excited toddler in a really big place like Kidzoona. We figured he'd want to explore every corner and experience every little piece of toy he could find. He did, boy did he.

His favorite: This wooden train set.

You'd think a kid would get used to all of this in about an hour or so, but 3 hours didn't feel like enough. At least that's what I saw in my son's eyes before we left. Even though he was tired enough he still kept looking over at EVERYTHING.

So yeah, in 3 hours our son set up a burger business. Put lettuce in the cashier box and charged me "Wanti-nine" pesos for it. And my tray wasn't even proper, I had buns and some tomatoes and lettuce but no patties, plate or tissue. This job is not for him.

 iNext up he taught his dad to drive; how to maneuver when in a hurry and when to floor it (apparently always). This was actually a great father-son bonding time. I know dads will love it here, sea of balls alone drove me mad.

He also decided to be a fireman. Or you know, pretend to be one while hanging at the back of the truck, because to be honest, he's just to short to hang on to the water gun.

Since we paid extra parent 100 php and we ARE allowed inside, we decided to make the most of it. And even if it isn't allowed, we still would probably keep sneaking in to have fun.

The big air-filled mountain above is one of my favorite tambayans. There's a small hole in the middle with air pressure coming out. We kept putting a ball there to make it float magically. Oh and that's the spot where my husband decided to take on some kids and started a ball fight. See him at the side? Yeah....I brought two kids after all.

We literally left our son to himself, roaming around on his own, since the place is in complete lock-down and there are attendants in each area. This is my favorite play place, hahaha! Get inside and ask your companion to roll you silly. Had a headache after but it was totally worth it!

We also kept jumping here. I mean I did, like most of the time. Now that I think about it, we should have gotten several jumpshots because I bounced crazy high on this. We got the cylinder on here but the attendants asked us to put it back. Boooo! Probably because we aren't kids, hmp!

And this! Can't say anything more, just Classic!

We were prepared enough to bring a 1.5 liter bottle of water. Snacks are not allowed inside so we ate before going in. What we didn't prepare for was US; our hunger, our thirst, our boredom. After just an hour of running around and diving in the sea of balls my husband and I were already beat. Gahd I feel old. We found our own ways of resting every now and then.

We agreed taking turns going out and getting a breather from the playground. Mt hubby took his sweet time drinking coffee and i took my time peeing in the bathroom, washing my hands and window shopping. I never thought I'd get tired so easily.

Socks are required. For the sake of fun, we got colorful.

By the end of the 3rd hour, our son had his fill of fun. So when we told him it was time to go... voila, he came with us without any complaints. And by the time we got downstairs he was asking me to carry him. In under 2 minutes he fell asleep in my arms.

So...the next time you are thinking of letting your kid roam free and deplete his energy, think of Kidzoona. Your little one will surely get knocked out, this little guy did. Have fun!